SOOEW Chapter 60 – The emperor who tried to seize his wife XXI

Song Zheng appeared suddenly, shocking the two people in the house.

Fortunately, Wen Ying reacted quickly and she consciously eased her facial lines, and then she bends her eyebrows.”Why did you suddenly return?”

Song Zheng walked in,”What are you guys doing?”

“I’m letting Qiu Se braid my hair. This girl, she must say that this hairpin doesn’t look nice, and is against me.” She reproachfully said, “You take a look, does it look good?”

“Qiu Se” had her heart hanging in her throat, this Madam must be crazy. There is an extra hairpin for no reason, is she not afraid of Master Song’s investigation?

If this window paper is torn, it will really break the sky!

However, it would be even stranger if she stepped forward to stop the Madam, so she could only watch as Wen Ying handed Wei Lingheng’s carefully selected hairpin to Song Zheng..

Song Zheng took a closer look, “It matches you very well.”

Wen Ying showed a look of surprise, the dimples on her cheeks were very sweet.

“Qiu Se” let out a sigh of relief in her heart, yet she couldn’t help but feel strange. Madam had confidence that Master Song wouldn’t know this hairpin?


Of course Wen Ying knew that with just the original owner and Song’s relationship where they wouldn’t even sleep together more than a couple times in a year, how would he remember what was in her jewelry box? She’s not worried about the jade hairpin but rather…… 

“Who do you want to send this letter to?” Sure enough, Song Zheng asked casually as he went to retrieve the official documents.

The hairpin and the letter were grasped in her hand, so he naturally glimpsed it.

In regards to his step-wife, he truly did not understand her very much. However, in her usual communication, he has never seen her write a letter, so he felt very puzzled.

“I brought here to practice my calligraphy.” Wen Ying said calmly, placing the letter on the dressing table, and sat on the embroidered stool. She looked at the mirror and placed the hairpin, as if she did not take this too seriously,.”I got up early, and the wind blew some inspiration, so suddenly, my hands were itchy and wanted to write, but I also didn’t want to write too much. It would be boring to bring the rice paper, hence, I told Qiu Se to bring this moire letter.”

“Chang Feng?” Song Zheng walked behind her, glanced attentively, and said quietly: “This word does not look like yours.”

“Qiu Se” who was standing on the side, and helping Wen Ying braid her hair, heard the words, and her hands trembled slightly, causing a few strands of the hair to drop.

Wen Ying looked at her in the mirror calmly, instead, giving Song Zheng a laugh. “I haven’t written before you, so you don’t recognize it.” She ignores “Qiu Se’s” frequent winks and asks Qiu Se to bring a brush and ink for herself.

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The letter originally had the two words, “Changfeng” in lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy, artistic, and smooth. She dipped the brush in the ink, and wrote the two words, “send letter” on the side. Although the two characters were different, the structure and the strokes were actually the exact same.

She finished writing in one breath, raised her head and laughingly asked him: “How is it?”

Song Zheng stared for a long while and nodded..

However, for some reason, this handwriting always gives him a sense of familiarity.

The nearby “Qiu Se” was also taken aback, not understanding how Madam could copy the words of his Majesty so much?

Of course, it doesn’t matter if she understands or not. She reported all these things to the Head Chief Eunuch Wang Deyong.

Wang Deyong sent a letter, and his Majesty secretly called her into the palace. She found a suitable opportunity in the night, extricated herself, entered the palace, and knelt on one knee on the floor tiles of the royal study room.


Wei Lingheng placed down the memorial, rubbed his forehead, and ordered: “Start.”

“Yes, Madam arised in the morning and immediately saw the hairpin given by your Majesty, and then…… “

She first narrated and when she started talking about Wen Ying’s dialogue and actions, her expression changed abruptly, imitating Wen Ying’s around three □□* points. Her every move, raising the hand, and lowering her eyebrows were reproduced, and her memory of the dialogue was not bad, even the tone is very similar.

*originally □□ in text

“Qiu Se” has no name, and only has the code name Ten. Everyone calls her Xiao Shi*. She told Wen Ying that she could change her appearance, but she actually lied to him**. This □□ was what someone else did for her, and her skill is actually imitating.

*Xiao Shi- Little Ten **Him in original text, but I believe it should be her, as in Wen Ying ***□□- □□ in original text

As long as Xiao Shi is following, Wei Lingheng will know all her performance.

Wei Lingheng didn’t say a word, quietly watching her recreate the original scene, listening to her “in this life, there is no fate”.  At this time, his eyes did not move, but seemed as dark as a bottomless pit.

In fact, he didn’t even know why he wanted to give her the hairpin. Maybe, also long as he repaid her for the broken hairpin, the relationship between the two can be broken clean as she wished.

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