WFILTU Chapter 74 – Change Seats III

Li Sitong took Xue Jiao towards the gate, where Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze were already waiting for them.

“Jiao Jiao, what do you want to eat for lunch?” Cheng Shuo asked her with a smile.

“Anything’s fine.” Xue Jiao returned a slight smile.

“How about Sitong?” Cheng Shuo then asked Li Sitong.

“The principal will give a speech in the afternoon so let’s eat a little nearby.”

“Okay, then let’s go to the hotel over there and grab a bite.” Cheng Shuo opened the car door when he finished speaking. As for the results, he said nothing.

Xue Jiao knew that her stepfather was actually a very good father. He thought she had bad grades, so he would definitely not ask about her grades in public.

“Jiao Jiao——” Not far away, a male voice rang out.

When the group looked over, their complexions soured——Gu Jingxu.

Wu Wanjun and Gu Shiyun were standing next to him, and their faces became ugly with his shout.

Li Sitong shook slightly. Cheng Shuo hurriedly assisted her, holding her in his arms, and silently supported her.

“Gu Jingxu, what do you want?” Cheng Shuo frowned.

Gu Jingxu’s eyes swept over his arms around Li Sitong, and he brought Wu Wanjun and Gu Shiyun closer.

“Jiao Jiao, would you like to eat lunch with your father at noon? Dad will bring you to eat some good food!”


Xue Jiao sometimes finds Gu Jingxu strange. Why does he have so much confidence that he will show up in front of her with his current wife and daughter in a grand manner? Is it because the original Gu Xuejiao was blind, and like Wu Wanjun’s “tenderness”?

Does this scumbag have any self-consciousness?

“No need, I will eat with Uncle Cheng and them.” Xue Jiao’s tone is calm and firm.

“Jiao Jiao, are you still angry with dad?” While saying this, he took out a key, “Take a look at what this is! This is the key to Shiyun’s house. You can go to rest with Shiyun at noon every day, and you can also let Shiyun help you with your homework.”

As soon as the words fell, Wu Wanjun and Gu Shiyun’s faces became extremely ugly.

“Let’s forget it, Jiao Jiao is ranked first, and your family’s is ranked fourth. There is a lot of difference in the scores.”

Li Sitong can suddenly understand why Liu Yazhen loves to show off Cheng Mingjiao’s grades so much. The feeling of stepping on someone who she doesn’t like is really delightful!

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Didn’t you, Wu Wanjun, also think that your daughter has good grades and always uses this point to stimulate herself?

However, now, the achievements of Jiao Jiao have suppressed Gu Shiyun! This gave Li Sitong the sense of pleasure of pressing Wu Wanjun down.

As soon as Li Sitong’s words fell, Gu Jingxu’s eyes widened.

“What? ! Jiao Jiao tested better than Shiyun? !  How is this possible? !”

Li Sitong lifted her chin: “Why is it impossible? Aren’t the results still posted? What? Didn’t your wife tell you?”

With a smile on her mouth, and the indistinct feeling of victory, she turned around: “Jiao Jiao, let’s go, let’s eat something delicious!”

Xue Jiao didn’t speak, but followed along.


Compared to Li Sitong, she is even more reluctant to eat with Gu Jingxu.

After they entered the car, Gu Jingxu glared at Wu Wanjun:”Didn’t you say that Shiyun tested as well as before? ! Can the second and fourth place be the same?”

Wu Wanjun pulled out a forced smile: “Xue Jiao…… obtained the first rank…Shiyun’s score is lower than hers…… “

Gu Jingxu frowned:”What do you mean?”

Wu Wanjun stepped forward to hold him and said worriedly:”You know Shiyun’s hard work towards learning, but she still obtained a lower score than Xue Jiao. Xue Jiao’s score this time is close to full marks. Jingxu, should you find a chance to talk to her? It’s okay to have poor grades, and studying isn’t the only path, but she shouldn’t go onto any crooked paths!”

Gu Jingxu frowned, apparently forgetting Gu Shiyun’s drop in rankings. After all, fluctuating grades is of little importance compared to cheating.

He snorted heavily: “She’s really becoming worse and worse!”

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    • It’s ok we still have daddy Cheng he’s not as enthusiastic as daddy Yi but a good and sensible dad.

  1. Let the male lead appear and beat these family members senseless! Better yet, let XueJiao do it! I believe that she can do it a thousand times better! ψ(`∇´)ψ

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  4. Aaaaaand bam, birthing woman card aquired. She can only hold the fact that she birthed her as the only card against GXJ. That’s all she’s going to be from now on.

  5. I mean I totally understand that Sitong wanted to hit back now that she got ammunition and the other side deserves the slap but please remember that your daughter got first place despite your lack of care not thanks to it.

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