WFILTU Chapter 75 – Change Seats IV

On this side, the four members, the Cheng family father and son, Li Sitong, and Xue Jiao have gotten into the car.

Cheng Shuo turned his head with an entire face of surprise:”Xue Jiao placed first this time? !”

Li Sitong laughed: “Yes, Jiao Jiao ranked first with 739 points. All the teachers are complimenting and praising her. They said that she usually works hard, and her performance in the last monthly exam had a great jump. This time even more as she directly took first. She is talented in learning!”

Cheng Shuo laughed happily, looking at her from the rearview mirror: “Jiao Jiao, you did so well on the test this time. What gift do you want? Uncle will buy it for you! But you have to promise uncle, don’t become arrogant, and keep working hard!”

Xue Jiao exposed a smile. It was funny, as, in the entire Cheng Family, the only warmth and affection she experienced were from her stepfather.

Just like the life the original experienced. After Li Sitong died, Cheng Shuo spoiled her to the sky, allowing her to continue to live in an unfamiliar family.

Xue Jiao is grateful to him.

“No need, uncle, I have everything.”

Cheng Shuo was helpless: “This child, why are you polite with your uncle!”

He changed his voice, carrying a little pride: “The best high school in our city, Qi Zhong, and my pair of children occupy the first place in the second and third years of high school! Hahaha!”

Li Sitong also laughed, but the corner of her eye noticed the quiet Xue Jiao and her face carried some embarrassment again.

Cheng Mingze has been looking at Xue Jiao strangely.


He didn’t think Xue Jiao cheated, just that he was shocked by her achievements.

This girl…… progressed so fast?

Xue Jiao noticed that Cheng Mingze had been looking at herself. She originally didn’t want to pay attention, but she sighed slightly when she saw the cheerful stepfather in front of her.

“Brother, what’s wrong?”

Cheng Mingze froze, then shook his head.

After another pause, he said: “Keep going.”

“Okay, thank you, brother.”

Cheng Shuo smiled more happily. “This is what brothers and sisters are, and in the future, you have to continue to encourage each other and get along well!”

“Yes, Jiao Jiao, did you hear?” Li Sitong turned back and looked at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao nodded and said softly: “Ok…… “

Cheng Mingze could see her indifference, his lips slightly pursing. He responded, a little annoyed: “Understood.”

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After lunch, the parents went to the auditorium to listen to the principal’s speech, and Xue Jiao and the students stayed in the classroom.

Yin Fang stepped on her high heels and dan dan dan, walked in.

“We’ll discuss the questions on this time’s exam later. Now I will adjust your seats. If you guys feel unsatisfied, you will be eligible to raise objections if you are successful on the exam next time!”

As soon as she finished speaking, some students were happy, some were anxious, and more still only looked at her without any ups or downs.

“Gu Xuejiao, you will sit at the second position in the fourth row!”Yin Fang arranges the location of Xue Jiao first.

She knew that her seat would be changed. When she was still a “bad student” in the eyes of Yin Fang, she was not pleasing to Yin Fang’s eyes no matter how Yin Fang looked.

When she becomes a “top student” in Yin Fang’s eyes, Yin Fang is naturally more willing to provide her with more power.

Even if Li Sitong does mention the topic of changing seats today, Yin Fang will still definitely not let her sit in the last row.


Xue Jiao obediently walked over. To change seats, all the students will be placed first, and then, after all the seats were arranged, they will start moving their things.

“Cheng Mingjiao, you are in the third row by the window, Yu Fangfang, the third row by the door!” Yinfang changed the two people who were sitting next to each other to the other sides of the classroom, letting them sit extremely far away.

“Teacher……I…… “Cheng Mingjiao opened her mouth.

Yin Fang interrupted her: “Take a look at your declining grades and Yu Fangfang’s. You two should keep away from each other. It’s okay to do less inexplicable things and study harder!”

Cheng Mingjiao gritted her teeth and rushed away in anger towards the third row by the window.

Her position is right in front of Gu Xuejiao, right in front of Xue Jiao’s table.

As soon as she sat down, she turned her head and glared at Xue Jiao, as if Xue Jiao had done something maddening!

Xue Jiao: “……”

The classmates’ seats were arranged one by one. Xi Junyang sat in Xuejiao’s original position, but Xuejiao’s tablemate has not been decided yet.

“Yi Tianyu, the fourth row by the window.” When Yinfang said this, her face was a little unhappy.

The corner of Yi Tianyu’s mouth raised, and he swaggered to the side of Gu Xuejiao, placing one hand on her table.

“Hello, let’s get to know each other. I am your new deskmate——Yi Tianyu.”

Xue Jiao: “……” Blowing what wind*?

*抽什么风- are you insane?

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  1. …she is asking for trouble putting the two cousins together

  2. Yin Fang is the second worst character. Obvious favoritism, deliberately stirring trouble, ignoring weak students instead of guiding them. She should be fired.

    • the obvious favoritism wouldn’t be seen that way in most of these types of schools—they’re grade based, after all, instead of family-background-based (even if those two correlates somewhat). Ignoring weak students is also something too many mediocre teachers do.

      The sad fact is, she’s just an average teacher, which is more of an indictment on the average quality of teachers than anything else.

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