SOOEW Chapter 61 – The emperor who tried to seize his wife XXII

As for why Xiao Shi was sent to besides her, why he wants to know her words and deeds through this way…… 

Wei Lingheng suddenly didn’t want to think about it anymore.

Wang Deyong’s emotions followed Xiao Shi’s description up and down. He admired Madam Song’s sharpness and alertnessness for a while, and was also frightened by the sudden appearance of Lord Song. Then, he heard that the words she wrote down were consistent with his Majesty’s handwriting and he couldn’t help but freeze in place, turning his eyes to the emperor: “Your Majesty, this…… “

Let’s not talk about why she could do it, imitating the handwriting of the emperor, if one can’t do it well, then they will lose their head!

Wei Lingheng was also stunned. After a while, he smirked, the haze in his heart swept away, like a feather floating in his heart, soft and soft, scratching at his heart.

It’s not surprising that she can write his style, because he taught her in the dream.

Since he was a child, he has learned more than one type of script. In his dream, his identity is that of a knight, so he chose the most free and easy one, which is a far different style from those memorials of the past. He is not afraid that Song Zheng will detect anything.

What he didn’t expect was that, even though it was just a dream, she could actually use the memory in the dream to practice until now, so that even Song Zheng could not see the difference.

In Wei Lingheng’s life, he had never felt such a pure style of liking. Peipei doesn’t know his true identity, and even after she knows, she tries to avoid all kinds of taboos. She always only wanted Chang Feng, and not the Emperor.


The weather gradually became hot, the splendid spring sweaters were replaced with thin summer clothes, and the cicadas screamed on the branches, reminding people noisily.

On this day, a list of officials was placed in the palace. His Majesty ordered the entourage to head to the Summer Palace for vacation. He allowed them to bring their family members, and Song Zheng was also on the list.

At this time, he usually came alone, or brought Song Xi with him, and left Wen Ying in the manor to watch Song Xun.

This time, Wen Ying took the initiative to mention it to him. Only then did he realize that she had not been able to accompany him even once even after marrying him for so many years.

“Just leaving Xun’er alone in the manor……” He hesitated.

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Wen Ying answered: “There are maids and servants for food and clothing. I told the housekeeper to watch out for all the major things, but Xun’er is still young…… how about, I not go and stay to take care of him.”

Her emotions seemed a little lost, even with a smile on her face, he still realized that the pair of dimples on her cheeks could not bloom.

Song Zheng paused, realizing that he has paid more and more attention to her recently. “Seven years old is not too young, since you have arranged it, let’s just go together.”


The Emperor stayed in the palace, and the local officials arranged accommodation for the accompanying officials. A few days after the rectification, the Emperor ordered them to go to the royal hunting ground to hunt.

In the camp, Wei Lingheng paced back and forth, as if trapped by something.

Wang Deyong guessed his Majesty’s thoughts and reported with a smile: “Lord Song is a second-grade official. His camp is not far from the main tent, and Madam Song is there……if your Majesty wants to see someone immediately, this servant will arrange it……”

Wei Lingheng, however, shook his head, “No need.”

Wang Deyong’s proposal was rejected suddenly. He was deeply surprised, and didn’t gather his spirits for a long time.

This year’s summer vacation is earlier than previous years. Although there are different opinions in the palace, Wang Deyong always feels that this is his Majesty’s wish to see the Madam.

It sounds too unbelievable, but to be honest, he accompanied his Majesty since he was a child child, and has always seen him as firm and resolute. Now because of ethics, he can’t take it, and also can’t place it down. This is the first time Wang Deyong has seen this.

Since the itinerary has been changed for her, how come now that the time has come, he doesn’t want to meet again?

Accompanied by the princes and ministers, Wei Lingheng had a small hunt. When he came back on the horse, he suddenly found that Song Zheng was not seen in his team. He couldn’t help asking: “Why don’t I see Minister Song?”

One of the officials came out from the crowd, taking advantage of his tone, and laughingly responded: “Your Majesty doesn’t know, Master Song has his feet hindered by Madam Song. When this minister came, I just saw Madam Song picking clothes for him for the hunt.”

The atmosphere of hunting is relaxed. It originally was just for the fun of the monarchs and the ministers, so the officials are not as serious as they usually are. Once they catch a topic, they will start to tease.

Other officials heard and laughed: “Lord Song has always been decisive and straightforward. He can actually let his wife pick and choose, wasting half an hour for nothing? It truly is the love between a wife and husband.”

“I heard that Madam Song is beautiful, and Lord Song is more than ten years older than Madam Song. It is naturally more affectionate since his wife is pampered and young.”

Some people shook their heads and sighed, “If you want me to say, Lord Song has such a proper and caring wife, it is really enviable. Changed to the one in my house, tsk tsk, let’s not mention it!”

Everyone joined the conversation creating a lively atmosphere. They didn’t notice that there was a sudden rush of murderous air.

But the official who responded first found that his Majesty’s eyes were piercing like an arrow, as if to penetrate him, and a drop of sweat fell on his back.

What did he say wrong?

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