WFILTU Chapter 76 – Change Seats V

Yi Tianyu licked his lips and smiled. He used pressure in his hands, and his entire person jumped in from the desk.

Xue Jiao was taken aback and turned to stare at him.

“Yi Tianyu! Keep yourself in check! !”Yin Fang exploded.

“Yes sir*!”Yi Tianyu blinked and laughed wildly.

*originally in English 

“Alright, alright, everyone be quiet. The class representative should head to the office to obtain the exams papers, and you should all see what kind of things you guys are doing! I have something to do. The class monitor will take care of discipline!”

“Ok!” Xi Junyang answered.

Xi Junyang is still the monitor of their class. Yin Fang, this person, has a different thought process from the others. Other teachers look for students with good grades to be the class monitor. Only Yin Fang feels that being a class monitor is actually a delay towards studying, so she lets those with poor grades become the class monitor.

As soon as Yin Fang left, Yi Tianyu turned his head to gaze at Xue Jiao: “Bookworm, are you pleasantly surprised? Is it unexpected?”

Xue Jiao looked at him and blinked her eyes: “How did you do it?”

You have to know that Yin Fang, this person is meritorious, and Yi Tianyu’s grades only provide him with the life of that in the last row. How can she take pains to choose such a position for him?.

Yi Tianyu is tall and if he sits in the front row, he can only sit near the windows to not block others.

Yin Fang really took great pains to choose this position for him.

Yi Tianyu raised his chin slightly, revealing a proud expression: “You are such a bookworm that only I can tolerate you as a deskmate!”

“I sure have to thank you then!” Xue Jiao gnashed her teeth.

Yi Tianyu showed off even more: “The Buddha said, if I don’t go to hell, then who goes to hell?”

Xue Jiao: “……”


After the principal finished speaking, all the parents came to the classroom again, and then chatted with Yin Fang before going home..

“Boy, your Laozi* sure took plenty of pains to let you sit with Classmate Gu Xuejiao, so you better be more obedient for Laozi!”Yi Dafa slapped Yi Tianyu’s arm.

*Laozi- your father, I

“I know already la. People racked their brains, and even took plenty of pains……” Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes.

Yi Dafa glared at him fiercely: “Your Laozi is just uneducated, so I hope you that you are more educated. You be obedient for Laozi! I don’t expect you to be like classmate Gu Xuejiao, but you should at least learn to be a little like them, ok?”

“Okokok! Got it, you should leave first!” Yi Tianyu pushed him away.

On this side, Li Sitong is also explaining to Xue Jiao——

“Your Uncle Xing hasn’t come back yet. In the evening, your Uncle Cheng will pick you up. You should come back together with your brother. Don’t run around. A girl around alone at night is not safe.” Xue Jiao has earned enough face for her today. Li Sitong is in a good mood, and her gaze towards Xue Jiao is particularly affectionate.

“En……” Xue Jiao gave an en in response, then stopped talking.

Li Sitong frowned slightly and continued to speak: “Jiao Jiao, mom was in the wrong. Mom shouldn’t have not believed in you. It won’t happen in the future, so you should stop being aggrieved!”

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Xue Jiao raised her head slightly: “You said the same thing last time……”

“En?”Li Sitong was taken aback.

“After you* hit me last time, you said you wouldn’t do it anymore, and wouldn’t distrust me in the future.” Xue Jiao said calmly, there was no emotion in her eyes, but it made Li Sitong even more ashamed.

*you – polite form

“How do you talk! I am your mother! What do you want me to do in the end? I apologized, admitted my mistake, and promised that I won’t do it again!”

Li Sitong became anxious and began to speak fiercely again.

Xue Jiao did not speak, but bowed her head slightly.

Li Sitong looked at the girl with her head down. She lowered her head and didn’t confront her, and neither quarreled with her or stared at her like before…… 

But this is a silent resistance!

Li Sitong can feel the indifference and alienation on Xue Jiao’s body.


This girl……is at odds with her from the heart…… 

Li Sitong shook, and only felt that the sky was spinning, and her eyes were a little red.

“Gu Xuejiao! I am your mother, you were born after I was pregnant for 10 months. You are a piece of flesh that fell from my body!” She raised her voice slightly, “I was wrong, I admit, but is this how you treat me? Emotional abuse? !”

Li Sitong was gasping for breath. Ever since she slapped her angrily last time, Xue Jiao has never seriously spoken with her.

But she was not noisy and fussy like before. Instead, she was silent, and indifferent. Even Cheng Shuo felt it, and asked if the mother and daughter had reconciled yet.

Xue Jiao still didn’t speak.

Li Sitong was a little unsteady with anger, leaning on the wall with one hand to support: “Gu Xuejiao! I’m your biological mother, is this how you treat me? ! You are angry and I apologized to you, what more do you want? ! Can’t you be considerate and caring of me? Do you know how much of a quandary I am in? You shouldn’t have this attitude where this has nothing to do with you, ok? Do you still consider me your mother? !”

Xue Jiao closed her eyes slightly, exhaled, then opened them quickly.

“You are my mother, in the future, I will do my duty as a daughter as much as I can.”

“What?”Li Sitong shook, her voice trembling slightly,”What do you mean? ! I just make you this unhappy? Gu Xuejiao, did you forget who gave birth to you? ! This is how you treat someone who loves you? !”

Li Sitong’s sharp words made Xue Jiao, who had originally made up her mind to remain silent, raise her head, and stare at Li Sitong with her dark eyes.

“I originally also wanted to be your glory, I also had expectations of you before and wanted to treat you good.” Xue Jiao blinked and swallowed down the astringent taste. “But you always let me down.”

“Mom, I’m timid……my outstretched hand was wounded……and does not dare reach out anymore……”

Xue Jiao looked at her but didn’t let the tears flow down.

It’s not that Li Sitong doesn’t love her, but she still doesn’t understand that the daughter is not a mother’s private property, nor was it the so called used to hurt people. 

Some people, they use their meekness and softness to face all the other people, but direct their sharp blades inwards, wantonly hurting their relatives who they think they have an unbreakable relationship with. 

*有些人,他们把温顺柔软的一面对着外面的人,却把犀利的刀口向内,肆意伤害自认为有割舍不断联系的亲人omg this part is so well-spoken, and honestly, I don’t think my translation does it justice. I don’t know about others, but in some Asian families, this is so, so relevant and evident.

They love but they are also the hurter. 

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  1. Yes!! Finally!! Li Sitong seriously needs to understand that her actions as a mother impacts her child and she can’t just change things around now because her daughter has suddenly changed and is finally doing good for herself.

    I hope this gives a chance for character development in Li Sitong’s part.

  2. So true about the last part. I think it is something true in almost all Asian cultures including my own. How many times scenes like this have played in my home!

  3. This argument between mother and daughter feel so real, I also don’t remember how many time my mother had spout things like that to me when I was a teen…the result is I am living happily very far away from her now.

  4. This is so fucking relevant it HURTS RIGHT IN THE CHEST.

  5. Kinda agree with that one. the one who hurts you the most is your blood related one.

  6. *sigh* This is so true and author is really good for capturing this in the novel. THANK YOU TL-SAN FOR THE HARD WORK!

  7. I feel like this is true of everyone, most of us have probably taken someone for granted and usually that person is related to us cause we know that won’t ever change. I’d say talk it out now and don’t regret it since none of us will live forever and people always seem to regret what they didn’t say before someone died, well I know I sure did.

  8. I’m so impressed of the author’s ability to write the relationship between mother and daughter so realistically. Thanks so much for translating this!!!

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