SOOEW Chapter 62 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXIII

Before long, an eunuch attendant went to urge Song Zheng, saying: “Your Majesty said that Lord Song is a good player. He didn’t see Lord Song from the left or the right, so he immediately called this slave to invite you!”

The Emperor’s order must not be violated. Song Zheng asked him to wait a while before hearing Wen Ying laughingly say: “The things in the tent have not been cleaned up, so you can bring Xi’er first. Fortunately, I have found the clothes for you.”

Song Zheng nodded and changed into the hunting suit. He then brought Song Xi and left, leaving Wen Ying alone in the tent to continue packing.

Wen Ying sorted the items on one hand, and on the other, continued to think. She felt a little conscious about the Emperor’s actions ever since the list came down. But when she waited until she was here, no one came, so she thought that the other party’s heart might not be so calm.

She deliberately left Song Zheng for a while, hoping to achieve her goal.

Suddenly, the tent curtain was lifted up, and a light slanted onto the ground.

Wen Ying was folding the clothes with her back to the door. Although her heart moved, her mouth instead asked: “Is the Lord back again?”

The visitor didn’t speak for a long period of time, and he couldn’t tell how long he hadn’t seen her. He seldom even dreamed of her again. He thought he would gradually forget her, but now, just looking at her delicate figure, his heartbeat suddenly became faster. That portion of his desire to hold her in his arms made him restrained and stopped his footsteps.

When there was no movement for a long time, her hand slowed down, and then she asked again: “Did the Lord leave behind something?”

The steady and powerful footsteps finally sounded, getting closer and closer to her, and then someone leaned over, with a soft sigh, and took her hand that was placed on the brocade: “He left you behind.”

His breath flicked between her neck. Wen Ying only felt a tremor all over her body, and she turned her head suddenly!

It really is Wei Lingheng!


He has thick eyebrows flying diagonally into his temples, a high nose and thin lips, and his facial features are sharp, giving him a domineering appearance. At this moment, his actions are full of oppressive feelings, as if being stimulated by something, and was no longer like the previous cautiousness.

“Why is your Majesty here?” She pulled her hand out in a panic.”Didn’t the palace eunuch come to pass along your will, telling the Lord to head to the hunting grounds…… did someone fake an imperial edict?

A worried look suddenly appeared on her face, as if she was afraid that someone would be against Song Zheng.

Wei Lingheng thought of the previous official’s words, and his heart felt as if he had been stabbed by a needle. “Didn’t you tell me that you didn’t like him, so why are you worried for him?”

Wen Ying’s expression was slightly stiff, and she lowered her head hastily, and clenched the newly folded clothes, which was the one that Song Zheng had changed out of. She let go, smoothing the lines of the wrinkles, and said gently and slowly: “Since I am married to him, I belong to the Song family, so naturally I have to toil for him…… “

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“Oh?”He hurriedly pulled the person, blocking her waist with a powerful arm, not letting her leave, “I didn’t hear clearly, whose family did you say you belong to?”

The cloth wasn’t gripped on tightly and fell to the floor. Wen Ying didn’t catch it in time, so she could only place her hand on his chest, and create a distance with effort, “Why does your Majesty have to be like this? There are three thousand beauties in the harem, and I am just a married woman, “

“Let me see.”

The more she wanted to escape, the more he seemed to let go of all his scruples and insist on dominating her, not letting go of her.

He lifted her chin, rubbed his fingers, and laughed softly: “Peipei has a beautiful face and a clear temperament. If this married woman’s hair bun is removed, who would treat you as a married woman? It is not an exaggeration to say that you are like a young girl who has not yet married.”

Wen Ying’s face suddenly flushed and she turned her head away.


“I also ask that your Majesty please have some respect. If people were to see this, it will be seen as an hindrance to the monarchy.”

“Unexpectedly, Peipei would also worry about my prestige.” He deliberately misinterpreted her meaning, “It’s okay if people see it. If they see it, it will be perfect, and can be explained clearly to Song Zheng, and I can admit you into the palace…… “

“No way!” She grabbed his shirt abruptly, her hands trembling slightly, much more sincere than her appearance just now when she was worrying about Song Zheng.”This, this is the work of a fatuous and self- indulgent emperor, your Majesty can’t…… “

Wei Lingheng only felt his blood boil hot, and his heart seemed to have melted away.

He lowered his head, his breath approaching her pink lips, and his voice became lower .”Then don’t say those things to make me angry, okay? Peipei, you don’t know how difficult it is for me to see you once…… “

The man’s unique aura enveloped her, Wen Ying’s breathing was slightly stagnant, as if she was shocked by his attempt, and she couldn’t react for a while, and she even forgot to struggle.

Just as the two were getting closer and closer, there was suddenly the sound of “Qiuse’s” voice coming from outside the tent: “This maidservant greets the Third Prince——”

“Is this Song Zheng’s tent? I came to find Song Xi.”

“I will bother the Third Prince to stop your steps as the Eldest Young Mistress is not here.”

“Oh, is Lord Song here, I can also look for him……” As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his hand and opened the tent without waiting for the maid to reply.


The author has something to say:

Wei Lingheng (nervous): Where should I hide? Under the bed? The cabinet? Whoa, whoa, whoa, the first to steal / love* is so nervous and exciting!

-Third Prince (indifference): Ok royal father, I can hear your uproar.

*steal love- to carry on a clandestine love affair 

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