WFILTU Chapter 77 – Remind Gently I

Li Sitong’s entire body shook as if she had some sense knocked in. Her lips trembled, but she didn’t know what to say.

Say sorry?

She seems to have said it many times.

Say how can you speak like that?

She is unable to speak it out.

She only slightly trembles, unable to say a word.

Xue Jiao took a deep breath: “Mom, you should head back, I’m going to study.”

After speaking, she turned and left. Her sight met Yi Tianyu, whose head was poking out the window.

The eyes of the two meet mid-air.


The other party seems like he did something bad and was caught. He immediately turned around and placed his head back.

Xue Jiao’s footsteps gave a slight pause, and then she moved on, leaving Li Sitong behind.

The parents have just been sent away, and the teacher has not yet returned. Even if it was the experimental class, it is still unavoidable that it became noisy. The noise was centered on the grades, the new arranged seats, and parents…creating a heated discussion.

Xue Jiao returned to her seat and took out the physics book without saying a word.

She encountered a problem when she learned about electromagnetism in her last life. Her error rate on questions about electromagnetism was extremely high..

Starting over again, Xue Jiao didn’t dare to become arrogant. She made up her mind to  earnestly listen to the lessons and learn again. This time, she must make up for her shortcomings.

Yi Tianyu’s gaze kept swept over, and after a while, he produced a small package of soda biscuits from the drawer.

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After he froze for a moment, Yi Tianyu thought to himself, why is there only such a broken biscuit?

He flipped through it again and made sure that there was nothing else but this soda biscuit. Then, he gently put the biscuit on his table, slowly pushed it across with his fingers, and pushed it in front of Xue Jiao.

“Hey, bookworm, do you want to eat?” His voice sounded like it was pretending to be careless.

Xue Jiao looked at the biscuit in a daze. After a moment, she moved her eyes from the biscuit to Yi Tianyu.

“No need, you can eat it……”

Yi Tianyu stuffed it towards her: “Eat something if you are in a bad mood!”


After he finished speaking, he looked at her expectantly.

Her scalp was numbed by his gaze. Xue Jiao looked at the biscuit, after a long time, she opened it and ate it slowly.

“How about it? Are you feeling better?”

Xue Jiao didn’t speak.

“No?” He froze.

Then he exaggerated several actions: “Let me tell you that some adults are just ignorant, you don’t need to care about them! Especially menopausal women,if you become angry with them, you are only angering yourself! Menopause is a period of madness! You are actually quite nice, my dad wanted to pick you up as a daughter ever since the first time he saw you!”

Xue Jiao looked at him, but didn’t speak.

Yi Tianyu’s movements were a little awkward, and he slowly retracted his hand. His voice lowered, and rather embarrassedly: “What I said is true……”

Xue Jiao still didn’t speak.

“Wei……Are you truly so sad that you don’t want to talk?” He said this trying to sound her out. His pair of eyes were cautious, a big tall man lying on the table, staring at her worriedly.

Xue Jiao was just in his line of sight, slowly opening her mouth, her voice a little hoarse: “Biscuits……too dry……can’t speak……words……”

Yi Tianyu:”……”

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  1. Even tho I think Yi Tianyu is not the ML….just hope that he’ll become her solid friend bc she needs person like him (+green flag family) to find peace in that world

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