SOOEW Chapter 63 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXIV

The Third Prince Wei Xuan had only just raised the curtain, and he hadn’t even stepped inside, yet he already met the Wen Ying inside.

He smiled in contempt, “So it was actually Madam Song……”

A child around 16 or 17 years old. In modern times, he would still be attending high school, but according to ancient times, he could already marry a wife. He hasn’t grown to be as tall as his father, but he is tall enough to look down at Wen Ying.

Wen Ying seemed like she didn’t see his face full of prejudices, and conducted the full etiquette while wearing a smile: “Husband and Xi’er went hunting together, and if your Royal Highness wants to find them, you can go to the hunting ground.”

She happened to be blocking the door, making him unable to enter even if he wanted to. Wei Xuan glanced in casually, the tent was empty and tidy.

He precisely was thinking like this. Wen Ying took another step forward, he couldn’t help but let go of the curtain and step back, separating a certain distance from her.

“What is Madam Song doing this for?”

“Currently, I am the only in the in the tent, so I am afraid that it’s not convenient to entertain the Third Prince.”

He sneered, “All right, since Madam Song is not welcoming, I won’t stay here asking for an insult, so I will leave first.”

“Wait a minute……” Wen Ying watched him take two steps, and then suddenly stopped him.


Wei Xuan hadn’t gone far, and it seemed impolite to ignore her, so he had to look back. “What do you want?” He looked at her impatiently, but he saw the person in front of him pursing her lips and chuckling. Her facial features were exquisite and her pair of eyes carried a smile, which is especially gentle and beautiful.

“Is your Highness being teased by someone?” She walked behind him and peeled off a note from there. It had a pig head that was pulling a face.

Wei Xuan only felt soft fingers touch his back, touch, and go. His thoughts were still stuck on his back, but she has already passed the paper over.

He subconsciously stretched out his hand to take it. At this look, he immediately became embarrassed and gritted his teeth: “It must have been done by Second Brother, he loves to tease me!”

“It seems that you brothers have a good relationship.” Wen Ying smiled and said, “If your Royal Highness goes to the hunting ground, please be careful. The arrow has no eyes, don’t be hurt.”

He was startled,”How are you……”

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He has been on several hunting trips. He has only heard these types of words from Concubine Shu. However, they weren’t directed towards him but rather towards his Second Brother.

He often thinks that if his mother were not dead, he would be the same as his Second Brother. He won’t have to bother striving to win the attention of his father. As long as his mother took care of it, it was enough to just live wantonly. 

Wen Ying smiled naturally: “I heard that your Royal Highness is familiar with Xi’er. Since you are a good friend of Xi’er, I couldn’t help but say a little bit more. Your Highness shouldn’t think I’m being long-winded.”

Wei Xuan thought of what she had done to Song Xi, and wanted to say that she’s pretentious, but he couldn’t say anything under her gentle smile, so he could only give her a complicated look and left.

After he left, Wen Ying turned around and returned to the tent.

The “Qiuse” played by Xiao Shi finally placed down her handing heart but was also curious. Was it that His Majesty was not in the tent? How did the Third Prince not discover it?

Wen Ying placed down the curtain, and the tent returned to a semi-dark hue. She turned her head to look at Wei Lingheng: “Your Majesty is still not leaving? It would be interesting if you let your son catch you.”

It turned out that Wei Lingheng was standing by the curtain!


He was sticking to the felt wall of the tent. The Third Prince could only see the center at a glance. There were blind spots on the left and right sides. In addition, Wen Ying was standing at the door, narrowing his field of vision. Even though his father was close at hand, he did not discover him.

Wei Lingheng looked at her uncomfortably. “You were so gentle with that kid, how come you deliberately change the way you treat me?”

“His Majesty has acted without restraint……is it possible for me to accept it?” She turned her face away.

The previous atmosphere was obviously very good. Wei Lingheng was aware of her softened attitude. On the contrary, when Wei Xuan came, she seemed to be suddenly reminded. In this world, besides the two of them, there are actually other people, and the ethical guidelines they have to worry about.

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