SOOEW Chapter 64 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXV

The camp seemed deserted, and most people were at the hunting grounds to watch the excitement. Therefore, when Wei Lingheng wore a set of normal clothes and walked out, he seemed very inconspicuous. Even if a female family member occasionally saw a figure, no one recognized that this was the emperor who typically sits on the dragon chair.

Only Wei Xuan, standing in a hidden place between the tents, was shocked when he saw his father’s back hurrying away.

If he didn’t see it incorrectly, his father had just walked out of Song Zheng’s tent…… 

What did that woman say just now?

“I’m the only one in the tent right now”, What a good she’s all alone!

He knew that this woman’s words were not credible. If he hadn’t had a good nose and smelled the dragon’s ambergris fragrance only found in the palace, he would not have had any doubts and wanted to find out why there was that scent.

Because he was thinking about something in his heart, he was unprepared, and he bumped into someone head-on.


“Wei Xuan? What’s wrong with you?” That person’s voice was crisp and their tone was surprised.

When he looked up, he found that the person in front of him was the Song Xi he was looking for.

Ever since their last trip to the palace, the two have also socialized several times at various banquets held by each family. He was at the age of admiring young beauties, and he was very fond of the intelligent and mature Song Xi.

At this moment, Wei Xuan’s expression was very bad, and he subconsciously asked her: “Where is Lord Song?”

“Father and they went hunting in the forest. I couldn’t see it, so I wanted to go back and rest.” She asked caringly, “You seem to be in a bad condition. Did something happen?”


He perfunctorily spat out the word, and then suddenly, he thought of what Song Xi would do if she knew what her stepmother did?

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There would always be imperial doctors following the trip because there are always bumps when hunting.

However, this time, among the injured persons was the Emperor. They immediately alerted all the imperial physicians to go treat. It is said that when His Majesty hunted a fox, the horse was startled when the fox suddenly turned and jumped. He was injured while taming the startled horse.

It stands to reason that when the princes and nobles hunt, they will starve the fierce animals for several days, making them unable to compete with people. However, Wei Lingheng has never advocated this approach. He would rather release a few fewer prey, separating the areas, and spending a little more manpower. That way, people can choose prey according to their abilities, and he can distinguish the truly capable people.

So even though they were fully prepared, the fox’s near-death move still caused a little trouble..

When Wen Ying heard the news, her hand that was working on needlework made a mistake and it poked her finger, causing bleeding. This drew a suspicious look from Song Zheng.

“……Your Majesty, is he all right?” She asked.

Song Zheng replied: “The injury was not serious, and there was also the head physician from the imperial physicians who personally diagnosed and treated it, so there is no problem.”

“That’s good……” She looked a little distracted.


Song Zheng took one more look at her and said: “Concubine Shu came this time on this trip. She will take care of His Majesty, so don’t worry.” He only thought she was loyal to the Emperor and patriotic, hence why she was particularly worried about the Emperor’s injury.

Wen Ying reluctantly smiled and nodded. Yet Xiao Shi, who was standing to the side, remembered all these scenes in her heart.

Another day passed, and there was news that His Majesty’s injuries had deteriorated.

Xiao Shi saw that Wen Ying had been looking at the door with a nervous and worried expression, so she quietly persuaded in Wen Ying’s ear and said: “Is Madam going to see His Majesty?”

Wen Ying was startled and turned to look at her, looking hesitant.

Of course she wanted to see, she was just waiting for this moment. Xiao Shi was observing her every move for Wei Lingheng, so why not let Xiao Shi pass on her messages to him in turn?

Xiao Shi didn’t know, so he added on to the fire,”It just so happened that the official secret letter came from the capital, Master Song was discussing matters with Taifu Sun, and the eldest lady went hunting with the noble ladies again. It was just right! Don’t worry about other problems, Madam, just leave it to me to solve them.”

“Is His Majesty’s injury really bad?”

“I heard from the chief eunuch that he was feverish.” Xiao Shi paused and said, “The Madam should originally not be allowed to go, taking the risk for nothing. However, His Majesty became hot, and he is a little confused. He even called the Madam’s name inadvertently……the head eunuch’s meaning is that, it’s bad if it is discovered by others, so it’s better to let Madam appease him.”

Wen Ying clasped her hand tightly and nodded immediately.

Xiao Shi did not deceive people. Whether it was the journey to the main tent or after arriving at the main tent, she found that no one was by His Majesty’s side except for Wang Deyong. Everything was arranged properly.

Wang Deyong bowed to her, she leaned back and avoided it.

“Madam is finally here!” He looked at his savior and exhaled. “His Majesty called your name in front of Concubine Shu, terrifying this slave, and I could only pretend that this was the name of a cat.”

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