WFILTU Chapter 80 – Remind Gently IV

“Brother Mingze, sister…Xue Jiao, goodbye.” Gu Shiyun charmingly smiled, as if she and Xue Jiao had no sordidness between them.

When she left, Cheng Mingze said softly: “Do you really dislike her so much?”

Xue Jiao looked up in surprise: “What do you ask this for?”

She was surprised. What did Cheng Mingze, who had a bad relationship with her, ask her this for? Perhaps, he wants to support Gu Shiyun?

Her attitude seems like it’s saying that it has nothing to do with him, and her eyes are suspicious, as if she is sure he will speak for Gu Shiyun.

Cheng Mingze was a little angry for a while, and after a period, he exhaled: “Ok, it has nothing to do with me.”

He pulled the car door, stretched out his hand, and motioned for Xue Jiao to enter.

After waiting for her to sit down, only then did Cheng Mingze sit in. At this time Cheng Shuo was talking on the phone.

“Yes yes, I picked them up already, and I will be back in 15 minutes!”

“Ok ok ok, I will pay attention to safety.”

“Ok, bye.”

Cheng Shuo hung up the phone and turned to look at them with a smile: “In order to celebrate your good results, your mother prepared some delicious food tonight. Let’s celebrate together! However, we can’t celebrate for too long as you guys have to attend class tomorrow……”


Xue Jiao was slightly taken aback.


“You’re back! Come on, I made what you guys like to eat, hurry up to the table, eat something and then rest.” Li Sitong stretched out her hand to help take Xue Jiao’s bag while laughing.

After the conversation with Li Sitong today, Xue Jiao thought that they would not get along harmoniously anymore. How would she know that Li Sitong would seem like nothing had happened and even treated her enthusiastically.

Xue Jiao was a little rigid, so she didn’t say anything.

Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo met each other’s gaze. The former noticed the encouragement in the latter’s eyes, and then regained her energy, and led Xue Jiao to the dining table.

They all had dinner, so there is no staple food on the table. There was only a handmade cake, and some handmade desserts.

These are obviously made by Li Sitong herself, and mainly for Xue Jiao.

After all……Cheng Mingze doesn’t like to eat desserts.

“Come come come, sit down and have a taste!” Li Sitong pulled Xue Jiao, and Cheng Shuo patted Cheng Mingze.

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Cheng Mingze, who has never liked desserts: “……”

He glanced at Cheng Shuo, the other side gave him a look. Cheng Mingze sat on the dining table speechlessly.

Li Sitong began to cut the cake, one piece per person, and then brought out the champagne: “Come come come, let us congratulate our Mingze and Jiao Jiao for both obtaining first place!”

Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze both received milk, and they held it speechlessly.

“Yes, I hope that our Jiao Jiao and Mingze will make persistent efforts and continue to hold onto first place!”

After Cheng Shuo finished speaking, he took out two pieces of paper, one for Cheng Mingze and the other for Xue Jiao: “This is the gift mother and I picked for you both.”

The two received it, and took a look. They were tickets for the stage play for next weekend.


“This is?” Cheng Mingze swallowed the sweet cake with difficulty and asked.

“Let’s go to watch this stage play as a family next weekend! Your Aunt Wang said it is very good, and at that time, your father will also make time, so the whole family can be together.” Li Sitong laughingly said. After seeing Cheng Mingze had finished eating, she wanted to pass him the last piece of cake on the table.

Cheng Mingze’s face was distorted for a moment, and he immediately stood up: “Good good good! Let’s go next week! I’m done eating, so I’ll head upstairs first to rest!”

After he finished speaking, he picked up his school bag and walked directly upstairs.

Li Sitong was stunned for a moment, still holding the piece of cake in her hand, then turned to look at Xue Jiao: “Jiao……”

“I’m done eating! Is it next weekend? Ok!” After Xue Jiao finished speaking, she also lifted her school bag in the exact same posture and ran.

Li Sitong was even more confused while holding the cake, and looked towards Cheng Shuo.

Cheng Shuo twitched the corner of his mouth, took it stiffly, but never delivered it to his mouth.

Li Sitong looked forlorn: “A Shuo, I don’t think Jiao Jiao has any reaction, she won’t forgive me anymore……”

Cheng Shuo placed the cake on the table and patted Li Sitong on her back: “Jiao Jiao, this child is sad, and it takes time to warm up. Don’t be discouraged. Even if her heart is frozen, you are her mother, as long as you are sincere, you can warm her. However……”

*I can see that he didn’t forget to dispose of the cake 


“Sitong, you have to reflect on yourself. If you hurt Jiao Jiao again next time, I’m afraid it will be hard to recover.”

“I won’t anymore!” Li Sitong said it like so.

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  1. What a great dad is Cheng Shou is..all Dads should be like that 😅..

    Anyway…what’s with the cake? Is it deadly 😂??

  2. You guys should really tell her that her cooking sucks or she’s just gonna waste more ingredients.

    • I think it’s kind of cringe that people write so often that a kitchen disaster is completely oblivious to how bad they are with cooking. Like, unless they are completely tasteblind, they should themselves check how it tastes before serving. Or whoever taught them to cook should correct them. 😐

  3. I guess her husband didn’t want to give her too many blows by revealing she also can’t cook. We can see he totally loves her and maybe we’ll see what he loves too.

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