SOOEW Chapter 65 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXVI

Wen Ying didn’t seem to hear him clearly, her heart only concerned about Wei Lingheng’s injury, and she quickly walked beside the bed and stretched out her hand to feel the emperor’s temperature.

It was indeed hot, she asked quickly: “Has he taken the medicine? The quilt was covered with sweat, and it would not be good to not to wipe the sweat. Why isn’t there a towel applied to the forehead to act as an ice compress? Surely it couldn’t be said that the imperial doctor didn’t order……” As she said this, she seemed to become angry and glared at Wang Deyong.

Wang Deyong bowed his head ashamedly, calling out in his heart, that this momentum is really not worse than that of Concubine Shu’s!

The one who His Majesty admires is truly extraordinary.

“We were waiting for you to bring some ideas.” He unconsciously lowered his waist by two points, and in accordance with her words, he offered the things up one by one.

Wei Lingheng’s eyes were closed, and his entire person did not wake up. Wen Ying could only take a long tube, and carefully place the medicine into his mouth, and fold a soaked towel to place on his forehead.

When she wiped the sweat, she couldn’t help looking at Wang Deyong.

Wang Deyong stood motionless, like a monk in concentration. She couldn’t help gritting her teeth, but she still picked up the soft cloth towel that wipes the body, unbuttoned the emperor’s neckline, and wiped his neck.

However, when she wiped halfway, she was suddenly gripped by his hands.

“Peipei……” He seemed to wake up, subconsciously calling out, his voice hoarse.

She heard him call her like this, so her nose soured, and a tear came down.”Chang Feng.”


Wei Lingheng turned his head, but saw that her appearance was like the little girl he knew first, lying on the bedside, looking at him anxiously, very worried.

He took her hand and kissed it, and she did not resist. He laughed hoarsely: “It turned out that Peipei was willing to treat me tenderly only if I fell ill. Seems like I have to look forward to falling sick everyday……”

Her eyes became watery. She immediately held back when she heard his words and glared at him. “If you get sick every day, see if I will care if you die!”

That blunt anger revealed a lot of worry.

Wei Lingheng couldn’t help but tremble in his chest and laughed lowly.

His Peipei has always had such a temperament, but the Song and Wen family have polished away the edges and corners, causing him to feel distressed.

She suddenly became alert,”……Are you really sick?”

As soon as he woke up, he was sane, his eyes gleamed, and he was still in the mood to tease her. No matter which side was viewed, he was unlike a patient who was burned bewildered. When she wiped his body, she also found that although the body temperature was hot, it was not boiling hot.

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Wei Lingheng and Wang Deyong looked at each other, and he threw a warning look at Wang Deyong. When Wen Ying saw it she exposed an even more suspicious look.

Wei Lingheng was afraid that she would not believe it, so he coughed hard and said to her seriously: “I’m really sick, very serious, and I need Peipei’s care to get better……”

*lmao so shameless


In Sun Taifu’s tent, Sun Taifu and Song Zheng discussed ways to rectify the military disorder on one hand, while laying down black and white chess pieces to play a game on the other hand.

*Taifu- imperial preceptor

The political affairs discussion was almost finished, yet the game of chess was not finished yet, so they started chatting.

Sun Taifu looked at the sky outside and joked: “I heard that Lord Song has a young, and sweet wife in his family. Will you be punished if you have not returned at this hour? It is better to admit defeat and return.”

In the past when his colleagues talked about his wife, Song Zheng’s mind was filled with his original wife, but today, when Sun Taifu mentioned this, he couldn’t help but think of the appearance of Wen Ying embroidering under the lamp light. Her beautiful face turned slightly, focusing on the rise and fall of every stitch in her hand, quiet and beautiful.

Hence, contrary to Sun Taifu’s expectation, the Minister of War, Lord Song, who has always been persistent in winning or losing, dropped his chess piece and stood up and said: “That’s also fine.”

He disrespectfully towards the elderly rubbed his ears, and expressed his surprise. Then, he twisted his beard and muttered: “This old man should also go see how Chang Feng’s injury has healed…… “

Song Zheng’s gesture of placing away the chess pieces paused, “Changfeng?”

Sun Taifu saw that he was puzzled, and suddenly recalled that he said the wrong name just now, but this was not a taboo, so he explained this puzzle: “Lord Song does not know, but back then, when His Majesty was still the Crown Prince, I served as the Crown Prince’s Imperial Preceptor, and taught His Majesty. At that time, I helped name His Majesty, Chang Feng.”


The author has something to say:

Wei Lingheng (Cool): Taifu, you talk too much.

Wang Deyong (keeps up): If you know too much, you will die.

Wei Lingheng (turning head): It seems that you are the one who knows the most of Zhen’s* secrets?

*Zhen – royal We

Wang Deyong: QAQ

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