WFILTU Chapter 81 – Remind Gently V

Xue Jiao went back to her room and did her homework for a while before going to bed. She lied on the bed and flipped around for a while, thinking of Li Sitong, a little sleepless.

She reached out, took the phone placed on the cabinet, and looked at it. There were a few WeChat messages on it, besides the advertisement, there was also another——

【Lin Zhihua: Congratulations on the first place.】

Xue Jiao picked up the phone and replied——

【You really know everything.】

The other party responded quickly——

【Lin Zhihua: Of course, I not know only that you got first place, but also that you are in a bad mood.】

Xue Jiao was dumbfounded.

【How did you know? ? ?】

【Lin Zhihua: Because when you are in a good mood, you will go to bed on time. Only when you are in a complicated mood and can’t sleep will you glance at the phone.】

Xue Jiao was stunned and squeezed the phone.

It seems that ever since the first time Lin Zhihua left a message to comfort herself because of the annoying situation, he met her again when she was crying outside, and she was in conflict with Cheng Mingjiao…… ever since then, she seems to be used to looking at her phone when she has troubles.

In the end…… she wanted to talk to him?

Just as she thought until this, the other party sent another message——

【Lin Zhihua: Let me guess again, is it because of your mother? If you get first place in the exam, you will have trouble with your mother. So, did she question your grades?】

Xue Jiao was really dumbfounded, and she was stunned for a while before replying——

【Really……I can’t hide anything from you……】


This time there is no reply for a long time, the interface of the phone keeps showing that it is typing, but there is no message coming.

Xue Jiao was puzzled, so she sent another——

【Are you still there?】

After a while, the phone brightened.

【Lin Zhihua: I will share one thing with you.】

Then, a link from the other side was sent, and Xue Jiao subconsciously clicked on it.

Soon, she sat up with wide eyes——

#National High School Student Math League is about to start#

She scanned it quickly and got even more excited as she continued reading.

After reading it quickly, she only exited the interface after calming down her emotions. At this time, Lin Zhihua’s message was sent over again——

【Lin Zhihua: I think that instead of thinking about the contradiction with your mother in high school, it is better to do something meaningful. You are already rank one and you can try something new.】

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Xue Jiao’s brain is very clear at this moment, her eyes are round, and her excitement is at its extreme.

What she regretted in her last life was that in high school, she squeezed a lot of time out for work and to earn money, and she had never participated in such competitions.

Last life, she didn’t even have enough time to prepare for the college entrance examination and definitely didn’t have time to take part in these. In this life, she’s in year two, and the time is perfect.

【Lin Zhihua!! Thank you! You pointed me out the path to awakening!】

Where does she have so much time to entangle here and there, with this time, it is better to do something meaningful!

This kind of competition is something she wants to participate in but she has never had the opportunity to participate!

The other quickly responds——

【The content of this competition is quite high, you can participate. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me.】

Xue Jiao was taken aback. Ask him?


She dumbly responded——

【You participated before?】

Lin Zhihua, who was on the other side, raised his eyebrows. There were too many things stored in the box. He didn’t care about it before, but now…… 

【Lin Zhihua: En, I participated freshman year.】

After sending this message, he paused. Like a primary school student eager to show off, he pretended to be calm, but his fingers quickly sent——

【Not only mathematics, but I also participated in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. In chemistry, and mathematics, I received the gold medal, and in physics, I received a special prize.】

Xue Jiao was struck dumb, and after a moment, her face flushed with excitement——

【All ranked first? ! !】

Lin Zhihua’s legs trembled slightly unsightly, carrying some energy to show off. However, he still had the same blank face, and replied calmly——


Xue Jiao almost jumped up——

【Why are you so powerful! ! ! ! ! !】

Lin Zhihua’s mouth twitched, and his legs shook twice, even his typing speeded up——

【It’s okay.】

Xue Jiao vomits blood, is this just okay?!

That’s math! Physics! Chemistry! Gold Award!! Rank first! !!

She replied in shock——

【Is there anything you can’t do?】

This time the opposite party still showed that it was typing. After half a minute, the other party responded with only five words.

Seeing his answer, Xue Jiao’s eyes widened.

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  1. She is very emotionally sensitive to people that aren’t even really her family…

    • I think because she was given false hope in this life…in her past life, she obv wanted a family and thought finally given (even pointed mistakes of OG owner for not seeing their goodness)… but disappointment hurts esp to people like her who thought she finally got love she been wanting.

  2. Hmm…
    Can’t fall in love easily … no not it
    Walk around in crowds easily … more likely
    Can’t eat spicy food well … where is this coming from?
    Survive a car crash solo … makes sense

    How did I do?

  3. The answer should be “I can’t making you mine”
    That’s five words

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