SOOEW Chapter 66 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXVII

Wang Deyong has already retired, and only Wen Ying and Wei Lingheng are left in the main tent.

Wen Ying’s hand was still held by him. He made small talk with her. After that moment of worry, she converged and became taciturn again. She noted the time and helped him change his wet towel once.

“Didn’t they say that Concubine Shu will attend to your Majesty?” She held a corner of the towel and gently covered his forehead, “Since your Majesty is fine, I should head back, and ask Wang Deyong to find her to come, okay?”

Her words are gentle and soft, but they are just not the words that Wei Lingheng wants to listen to.

He digressed and stroked her finger, the traces from the needle were faintly visible. “I heard you pierced your finger when you heard that I was injured……”

She paused, “At that time, I was truly very scared……” She pulled her hand out, but when he thought she was about to take it back, she stroked the hair on his temples. “You have become older by at least ten something years. I am very worried. Chang Feng is no longer young anymore, so how can you toss yourself about like before……”

Her recalling tone made him slightly startled, as if they had been together hand in hand for decades, and she was looking at him with a smile through the times.

For some reason, Wei Lingheng felt some soreness in his heart. Chang Feng only lived in Peipei’s teenage years. After marrying, her dream was shattered, so there was no longer a knight named Chang Feng in her dreams.

And he can neither enter her dream again nor change the past to prevent her from marrying Song Zheng.

“How is he treating you?” He asked her for the first time.

He looked at her with warm eyes. He was no longer an ordinary person who the lofty emperor struggled to pretend to be, but rather, just an old person who simply cared about her. He cares about her past and looks forward to her future.


This is her Chang Feng.

She looked at him with dazed eyes, slightly smiled and nodded.

Wei Lingheng remembered how sorrowfully sad she cried that time in the side hall. If she led a good life, then why would she cry?

“Although I am older by ten years, I am still your Chang Feng……when you’ve been wronged before, you will tell me everything……” He paused and asked again, “Does he really treat our Pei Pei well?”

The tone was so gentle and affectionate that she couldn’t control it at once, and turned her face away with tears in her eyes. Then she turned back slowly, looking down at his hand that was carefully hooking her pinkie finger.

Hence, she shook her head.

He laughed, “Ok, he is not good to Pei Pei, I will go beat him up.”

She shook the fingers that were linked, and said nothing.

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The place where the camp was set up was full of lights. From afar it looked like lanterns. Song Zheng walked to his tent, there was no light inside, and the outside looked grey, as if no one was there.

Sun Taifu’s words have been lingering in his mind. Chang Feng is the name of his Majesty, and in the letter she wrote a month ago, there were the two words, “Chang Feng”, which was completely different from her typical graceful handwriting.

This handwriting style is indeed more in line with free and unrestrained men than women.

But this thought flashed by, and was waved away by him, which made him feel very absurd. Wen Ying lives in the back house*. Besides social intercourse, she never left the big door, and wasn’t far from the second door. His Majesty has also lived in the Forbidden Palace for a long time, so it’s impossible for the two to be in a relationship. He actually grasped this coincidence and made blind and disorderly conjectures about it.

*not a literal back house, but rather, she’s a married woman, and doesn’t head out much, so she should not have interactions with the Emperor

Song Zheng shook his head lightly and walked into the tent.

“Pei Pei?”

He called out softly and didn’t see a response for a long time. It wasn’t until he became dubious, that he heard a “en?” in response, like a person who was awoken from amidst sleep, humming softly from her nose.

He walked to the bed, his eyes adjusted to the darkness, only to see the moonlight shining on her peaceful face. She showed a puzzled look.

His eyebrows eased, and he whispered:”It’s nothing, go to sleep.”


Something happened to the Emperor, and this time, the hunting trip was very hasty. After Wei Lingheng recovered, he soon returned to the palace.

Since they are in the villa, Wen Ying and Wei Lingheng have greatly reduced their possibility of interaction, except for being able to take a glance during the dinner parties.

Wen Ying could restrain her disposition. If the moving distance on the light source map could represent the Emperor’s favor for her, he had already stepped into her camp with one foot. After all, there is a difference in identities between the two. In the future, if they want to continue to meet, he needs to take the initiative to plan.

Without mentioning the progress here, she found that Song Xi and the Third Prince have also been getting along more frequently recently. She is happy to see her success. She wanted to increase the favorability of the Third Prince before, and she did it smoothly. One more friendly person to her is better than one more enemy.

Unexpectedly, on this day, someone suddenly came from the palace, and bequeath the order of Concubine Shu to send her into the palace.

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