WFILTU Chapter 82 – Puppy Love I

[Lin Zhihua: I don’t know how to court.】

After a while, another message came——

[Of course, I also cannot have children.】

Xue Jiao:”……”

She was silent for a moment and then replied——

[You are so perfect, yet you can’t even fall in love?】

Lin Zhihua continues to reply——

[Ya Tou*, stop asking about this, shouldn’t you head to bed?】

*Ya Tou- girl, however, it’s a different kind of sassy from calling out girl like in English

Xue Jiao was taken aback for a moment, then, as if she had been hit by something, she still has to attend class tomorrow! It’s already ten minutes past her bedtime!!

【Ah ah ah ah ah! Good night!】

[Lin Zhihua: Good night.jpg】

It was still the familiar old-styled gif package…… 

Xue Jiao laughed, thought about the competition, then thought about studying, then thought about how she wished she could split time into two, for one each, and almost quickly fell into a dream.

The things that bothered her, after just chatting with Lin Zhihua, were all left behind and never remembered.


Ever since that day, Li Sitong has become strange and has an extraordinary enthusiasm towards Xue Jiao.

This let Xue Jiao be a little at a loss.

Relaxing the relationship is not an easy matter. Xue Jiao can treat her with courtesy and politeness, but she can never find the thought of family affection that she tried to find in her before.

Besides, she is still seizing the time to study and setting aside time to wait for the arrival of the competition.

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Another Monday.

“Hey bookworm, I want to go out and play basketball for a while!” Yi Tianyu obviously can jump out of the table by himself, but she doesn’t know why he always has to ask the girl next to him.

Is he really under control?

Xue Jiao tilted her head and said seriously: “I think you studying right now is better. You have been playing for a long time at noon today. If you go to do more strenuous exercise, then it’s just wasting time. Moreover, you will be sleepy at night, and the effect of late self-study is not good and it is not cost-effective.”

Her eyes were blinking, her eyelashes were thick and beautiful as if teasing something out of ripples. Yi Tianyu didn’t dare to look more and quickly looked away.


He feels that he is not like himself now. After all, how could he, Yi Tianyu be so obedient?!

But in reality……he is just so obedient now.

Yi Tianyu collapsed again and continued to do problems.

It took another half an hour, the time approaching the late-night self-study.


“Wei, Brother Yu, are you participating in the basketball game?” Xi Junyang sat in front of Xue Jiao, looked at Yi Tianyu, and asked excitedly.

It happened that Cheng Mingjiao came back at this time and pushed Xi Junyang: “Give way.”

She sat in the seat on the inside, Xi Junyang didn’t even look at it, stood up and gave up the seat.

Cheng Mingjiao glanced at the three of them, raised her chin, walked in to sit on her own seat. She did not even take a book, and only sat quietly and raising her ears.

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