WFILTU Chapter 83 – Puppy Love II

“Basketball game? The Provincial Schools Students Basketball Game?” Yi Tianyu raises his eyebrows.

Xi Junyang approached, lowering his voice: “Yes, my dad said the news will be released soon.”

Xue Jiao paused while she was doing homework, and raised her head slightly.

Yi Tianyu frowned: “Isn’t that going to compete in an event?”

“That’s right, you can properly and justifiably not need to study! Let’s sign up and prepare for the competition, the old nun also will have nothing to say!” Xi Junyang smiled like a sneaky cat.

If Yi Tianyu from before heard this, he would immediately jump up and ask carefully for thorough details.

However, Xue Jiao has been taking time to teach Yi Tianyu recently, so much so that he hasn’t been to the school’s basketball team for a long time.

After hearing this, Yi Tianyu looked at Xue Jiao subconsciously.

“Brother Yu?” His reaction made Xi Junyang stunned for a while, his entire face shocked.

Yi Tianyu looked down at the topic Xue Jiao just sketched in front of him and scratched his head hard.

Although he wants to go……but will Xue Jiao become……disappointed?

He thought of the young girl’s star-like eyes, and shook his head vigorously: “Go for what! Study well!”

Xi Junyang widened his eyes, stretched out his hand, and touched Yi Tianyu’s forehead: “Wei! Brother Yu, do you have a fever?”


“What kind of fart!”

“So why are you beginning to speak nonsense?” Xi Junyang is confused.

Yi Tianyu gave him an eye roll and cursed: “Get the f*** out of here for me now!”

He is afraid that if Xi Junyang does not leave, his determination to learn from the bookworm will be shaken.

“Depression, actually, you can participate.” Xue Jiao suddenly spoke, shocking the two of them.

Bookworms support playing ball?!

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Yi Tianyu subconsciously felt that she was speaking ironically, and immediately raised his voice: “Do not worry! My heart of learning will not be shaken!”

Xue Jiao shook her head, looked at the two of them, and said seriously: “No, I mean really, your heart to learn can be unshakable, but this game can also be played.”

“Why?” Xi Junyang looked at her.

I remember that you are both on the school basketball team. If you guys can play as mains and our team can attain a good ranking in the province, then you can apply as second rank athletes. Later on, when you apply for college, you can apply as a special talent or be specially recruited. It seems that you can also obtain extra points on the college entrance examination. I’m not too clear on this subject, you can consult someone else more specifically on the  topic. “ Xiao Jiao recalled the information she gained in lieu when she was trying to research more about the math competition this weekend.

“I seem to remember there truly is such a situation, how come Yin Fang didn’t mention it at all?” Xi Junyang slapped his head.

Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes: “How could the nun care about this kind of thing? All the students she brings up take the route of the college entrance examination.”

“No way, no way, I have to go find out!” Xi Junyang couldn’t sit still, so he stood up and ran away.


After running two steps, he stopped, turned his head and approached Xue Jiao: “Jiao Jiao, are you especially worried about our Brother Yu?”

After he said that, he swiftly ran away.

Xue Jiao was stunned, looking towards Yi Tianyu, very confused.

“What does he mean?”

Yi Tianyu blushed, turned his head, and said flustered: “It’s nothing, it’s nothing! Bookworm, read your book!”

“Oh.” Xue Jiao nodded. She really didn’t understand what Xi Junyang meant, so she continued to read the book, and work on the questions.

Yi Tianyu’s ears became redder and redder, and after a long time, he stretched out his hand and pinched himself on his thigh.

Cheng Mingjiao in front hated her secretly. She heard everything, including Xi Junyang’s ridicule.

She ground her teeth harshly, almost gnashing her teeth: “Vixen! Vixen! Vixen——”

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  1. What, Mingjiao? You like Yi Tianyu huh?? Why not try to be better in personality? Don’t just blame others blindly, even you look more stupid than Tianyu! *oops, don’t mind me Tianyu

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