WFILTU Chapter 84 – Puppy Love III

Next day at noon.

Xi Junyang rushed over in sweat, sitting in front of Xue Jiao like the wind, breathing heavily: “Hu hu hu hu——I’ve inquired clearly!”

“What’s the situation? !”Yi Tianyu’s eyes lit up and he hated that he couldn’t grab his collar.

Even Xue Jiao stopped her pen’s motion and looked up at him.

Xi Junyang gasped and said excitedly: “It is true! Indeed it can be done. We didn’t receive wind of this before because there were a few special talents in the senior year who wanted this second-level athletes place. The coach didn’t think there was anything regarding us sophomores, and so didn’t bring it up.”

“Wang Meng and the others?” Yi Tianyu frowned.

“Yes, it is them. There are eight or nine main players who want to play. Brother Yu, you are okay, you can still grab it based on your strength. You have played the main force in the team, but I haven’t played yet, so I definitely can’t beat them. However, even if it was just a substitute, as long as I can participate, I will definitely try it!” Xi Junyang is not discouraged.

“Bookworm, what do you think?” Yi Tianyu suddenly looked towards Xue Jiao.

Xue Jia nodded and said seriously: “I think it’s a good opportunity, but it’s hard to get results. Once you fail, a long period of hard work will be wasted. If you have this mental preparation, you can try!”

“That’s it!”

Xue Jiao tilted her head and continued: “However, you must not lose your studies. In the future, you will be serious in class, not sleep or be distracted, and practice after class and on weekends. This arrangement is reasonable. After all, Teacher Yin will definitely not allow you to practice if you don’t attend class.”

“Damn mom, Jiao Jiao, you really care about us!” Xi Junyang made an exaggerated expression of being moved.


Yi Tianyu smiled, showing two new rows of teeth, like a child: “We’ll listen to you!”

“Yo yo yo, listen to you~” Xi Junyang’s expression is even more exaggerated, a face of ridicule.

This time even Xue Jiao heard Xi Junyang’s indecent tone. She gave him a stern look and lowered her head in annoyance to study.

“Step aside!” Cheng Mingjiao stood up suddenly, filled with anger.

The demeanor made Xi Junyang stand up subconsciously and give up his position. Then, he looked at Cheng Mingjiao’s appearance of being beside herself with rage, confused: “This person……you’re not crazy right?”

Yi Tianyu pouted: “Almost crazy, go go go, let’s go to practice basketball first, and then say hello to the coach!”

“Let’s go!” Xi Junyang looked excited.

Yi Tianyu held up his hand and jumped out directly from the table.

Under normal circumstances, he would not let Xue Jiao stand up and give him a place.

After all, that bookworm cherishes every minute and every second. If he lets her get up, she probably still feels distressed for ten seconds.

Yi Tianyu thought this way, but the corner of his mouth was smiling, and his eyes were full of smiles.

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When the class is about to start at noon on Thursday, the classroom is very quiet. The experimental class in the second year seems to feel the pressure of the college entrance examination. The temperature in the city in early winter is not too low, but the dense forest outside has already become bare.

The bleak early winter is mixed with the tense atmosphere of everyone in the experimental class bowing their heads, and even a slight upwards movement of the head makes people feel depressed.

“I’m exhausted!” Yi Tianyu ran into the classroom covered with a head of sweat, sat slumped in his seat, ignoring the depressing atmosphere around him.

“Bookworm, what’s the next class?”

Xue Jiao pointed to the class schedule: “Chemistry, take a look at yesterday’s content, Teacher Xie may ask questions!”

“What? !” Yi Tianyu hurriedly flipped through the book.

He has already persuaded Yin Fang to let him practice, but the other party has also asked him to not let it affect his study! If a teacher reports to her, she will not allow Yi Tianyu to practice ball.

Yin Fang’s various requirements for Yi Tianyu are actually only one in the final analysis——Don’t influence others.


Hence, Yi Tianyu, who was determined to play the game, attended class much more obediently than before.

“Damn, what does this mean?” Yi Tianyu handed the book over, his face anxious.

Xue Jiao took a pen and pointed: “This means……”

Everyone is studying. Xue Jiao lowered her voice for fear of affecting others.

“What did you say?”Yi Tianyu had just finished exercising. His heart was beating thunderously. He couldn’t hear clearly, so he approached Xue Jiao.

In order to hear clearly, they did not notice that their heads were very close at this time.

“Yi Tianyu, Gu Xuejiao, come out!” Yin Fang’s voice suddenly sounded, with a hint of anger.

Xue Jiao was stunned, then her gaze met with Yi Tianyu’s, and they walked out blankly.

The two followed Yin Fang towards the office and stood in front of Yin Fang.

She had a hideous expression and tapped a letter on the desk with her finger——

“Someone reported your puppy love.”

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