SOOEW Chapter 67 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXVIII

The first thing Wen Ying thought of was that Wei Lingheng had exposed a flaw, allowing Concubine to see it. Concubine Shu’s attitude towards her was indeed not friendly, you have to know, at the concubine selection feast, Concubine Shu treated her very friendly.

But this time, as soon as she came, she was asked to wait for more than half an hour in the side hall before being led to the small garden behind the palace. 

Concubine Shu was standing alone playing the pitch-pot-game. She glimpsed her coming and indifferently delivered, “Madam Song has come?”

According to her attitude just now, she will probably have air as a meal. Wen Ying did not delay her effort, and asked her straightforwardly: “I’m not sure why Niangniang has ordered me to come?”

“I can’t see at all that Madam Song actually has an impatient temperament.” She conveniently threw the arrow in her hands away, and the maid wiped her fingers while talking to Wen Ying, “No matter, I originally wanted to speak tactfully so as to take care of the face of the little girl’s face. This matter is not too big, but it is related to Xuan’er’s life event*.”

*life event- marriage

Wen Ying immediately understood it was Song Xi’s business.

“I always thought that Madam Song’s upbringing isn’t too bad, but the daughter she has taught is……” She sighed. “My family’s Xuan’er also doesn’t save me many worries. He also has settled his engagement with others, yet he still mixes unclearly with the daughter of the Song family. He doesn’t even stop and think about how unpleasant this would be if it spreads out?”

Wen Ying subdued her smile and did not answer.

Concubine Shu only really frowned now: “In the future, I ask Madam Song to exercise more discipline, and don’t let her entangle with Xuan’er again……”

Just as Wen Ying wanted to speak, she heard the slaves pass notice saying that his Majesty had arrived, and then she saw a long figure walking up.

Concubine Shu’s face was happy and she immediately greeted him: “How come your Majesty has come……”

Wei Lingheng didn’t look at her, his gaze immediately fell on Wen Ying. Seeing her kneeling and saluting, he frowned and said first, “hurry and stand”,  and then proceeded to ask Concubine Shu: “Who is this?”

“This is the wife of the Ministry of War, Lord Song.” Concubine Shu’s eyebrows are full of anger, “I was looking for her to talk about Xuan’er. I saw that Wen family’s wench was pretty good, however, it’s a pity that Wen Family’s Madam didn’t come. The two of them are relatives in-laws, so I wanted to find Madam Song to ask first.”


Before she finished speaking, Wei Lingheng knew that she had told a lie, because he saw Wen Ying absentmindedly turn her head to gaze at the pond of pink lotuses.

When she couldn’t refute the Madam before but was also dismissive of the Madam’s words, she was just like this.

Seeing it again, he couldn’t help showing a knowing smile.

Concubine Shu thought he meant to agree with his smile, and was about to proudly tell Wen Ying to retreat so that she could talk to the Emperor alone, but heard Wei Lingheng nod and say: “I think Song Xi from the Song family is pretty good, doesn’t Xuan’er like her?”

Concubine Shu’s smile immediately couldn’t hold on anymore, “I’ve also seen her, however, she’s not better than Wen Family’s wench……”

“Oh?” Wei Lingheng raised his eyebrows and looked at Wen Ying. “I think Madam Song’s demeanor is extraordinary. If the girl she has brought up can be as good as half of her, she will not be bad for our Xuan’er.”

Concubine Shu was taken aback, suspicious that she just heard wrong.

How can anyone step on their own son to praise a married woman?

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Just as she was having doubts, Wen Ying took the chance when she wasn’t paying attention to narrow her eyes and glared at Wei Lingheng, warning him to not mess around.

Wei Lingheng twitched the corner of his mouth and smiled without speaking.

“Yi*?” They suddenly heard the voice of a young man from not far away, “why is Father Emperor here today?”

*Yi- the sound of surprise

It was Wei Xuan, the Third Prince.

In addition to himself, he also brought in a person. The person walked out from behind him, and bowed to the emperor.

“I heard that Lord Song came to find his wife, so I brought him here.” Wei Xuan raising his eyebrows was exactly like Wei Lingheng, only smiling lazily at the corner of his mouth. When he saw his father, his smile suddenly became strange.

His eyes moved from his father’s body onto Wen Ying’s, and finally to Song Zheng’s.

Song Zheng walked out from behind him, and first thanked him, then said:”This minister heard that Concubine Shu had announced for this minister’s wife to enter the palace, and it just happened that this minister was about to leave the palace, so this minister wanted to return to the manor with her. This minister wonders if Niang Niang will let us pass?”

As soon as Concubine Shu’s “ok” hit the tip of her tongue, she heard Wei Lingheng say: “What is beloved Minister Song so anxious about? After discussing things for a day, I sat until I was stiff. It just so happens that Concubine Shu has set up a pitch-pot-game here. Why don’t you play two rounds with Zhen?”


Song Zheng paused. For some reason, he couldn’t help but think of that absurd idea again.

He glanced at Wen Ying and said to the Emperor: “This minister does not dare disobey.”

Concubine Shu was very cooperative ever since the Emperor came. It was not that such a thing did not happen in the past, but it’s just that it was a bit strange today. The minister’s family members were all watching on the side. She is not good at making people wait, so she invited Wen Ying to go to the side hall to rest for a while.

Before Wen Ying left, she glanced at the minister and the monarch who were harmonious together, but also seemed to be condensing the breath of wind and rain.

The side hall was quiet. Only the maid brought tea and then retired. Wen Ying was free to look at the paintings on the wall, but she did not notice anyone coming in.

It wasn’t until the voice of the Third Prince came, faintly sarcastic, “Madam Song sure has the mood to enjoy, even appreciating the paintings.”

Wen Ying turned her head in surprise, and when she saw him, she smiled again. Then she walked towards him and slowly approached him.

Wei Xuan watched her get closer, the smile hanging on his lips slowly narrowing, “What is Madam Song doing this for?”

The disgust in his heart deepened and yet, he just stood still until she picked a flying insect from his shoulder.

Wen Ying released the bug and blinked at him.”What does your Highness think I am going to do?” His attitude made her seem a little enlightened, and then smiled, “Some things may not be true on the surface, just as your Highness mistakenly thought that I was malicious, thinking that my actions had any purpose, but it was just a simple matter.”

“A simple matter?”

He watched her silently for a long while, and asked nonchalantly: “If it’s said like that, Madam Song didn’t deliberately seduce my Father Emperor?”


The author has something to say:

Wei Lingheng shopping with Wen Ying.

Wei Lingheng: Peipei, do you think this is pretty?

Wen Ying: Pretty!

Wei Lingheng: Do you think that is pretty?

Wen Ying: Pretty!

Wei Lingheng: Look at this again……Ai (suddenly became Song Zheng’s hand)

-Song Zheng: (indifferent) Your Majesty, do you think my wife is pretty?

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