SOOEW Chapter 68 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXVIV

When Song Xi first obtained the news that her stepmother was having an affair with the current Emperor, she was astonished.

Although her father did treat her mediocrely, at least they kept her well fed and well clothed. How could she do such a thing and actually betray her father?!

At the same time, she desperately recalled, was this the case in her previous life? Was her stepmother backed by the Emperor?

However, no matter how she thinks, she can’t find any trace of symmetry. Or maybe, she died too early and didn’t see the results of her stepmother in the end.

An inconceivable thought crossed her mind, what if this life is different from her last life…… that time with the robbers, her stepmother obviously didn’t arrange it, rather she was the one who arranged someone to capture her stepmother. She thought that she was one who remembered the wrong date, but after that, there was no scene like the one she remembered.

However, as soon as she thought up here this part, she shook her head again. No matter the case, that time, when she fell into the water right after she was reborn, must have been arranged by her stepmother. Her stepmother’s maliciousness to her was not false. 

Also, her stepmother has misconducted, and she must not continue to watch her stepmother deceiving her father!

She has just made up her mind, but she heard someone report that a small eunuch has come at the orders of the Third Prince to find her.

Song Xi had a good impression of Wei Xuan, and she couldn’t help but blush when she heard it. She thought that the other party had sent her some new and interesting things, so she went to see the small eunuch in the main hall.

*not a hall, but a room that receives visitors and is typically used to hold meetings

The little eunuch did bring her something, and when he stuffed the gift into her hand, he lowered his voice and said: “Madam Song, his Royal Highness asked me to give you a message. You don’t have to do what you originally planned.”

“What?” Song Xi was taken aback.

The original plan was that she quietly asked someone to pass a note to her father. Even if her father didn’t believe it, he would still want to find out who was causing ghosts. When he reaches the part where her stepmother smashes through the wall in order to conduct love affairs, he will naturally have to believe it.


However, nowWei Xuan wants her to suspend the plan, which means that he won’t let her pass the note?

“Did the Third Prince mention why?”

“His Highness only said that he had other plans. Young Miss Song can just wait for the news.”

Such a good opportunity——

Song Xi said reluctantly: “However, I have already asked people to go, and now I am afraid it is too late to stop it.”

“You can always give it a try.” The small eunuch was reverent and respectful, “Young Miss Song only needs to describe the person you ordered and the route he will take to this slave, and you don’t need to bother about other things.”

He was determined to obtain the note back.

Song Xi was puzzled and gritted her teeth secretly, and could only provide him with the information.

The small eunuch had his own way and successfully intercepted the person. Although the other party refused to hand over the note to him, once he personally saw that the note was destroyed, he considered his job done.

Once the job was done, he heaved a sigh of relief and decided to return and report on the completion of the job to the Third Prince.

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Wen Ying doesn’t look at the light diagram easily, because once she sees things that are not compatible with this world, she will lose her character’s frame of mind. But this time, after seeing it a month later, the light spot representing the Third Prince has actually entered her camp. When he was in the palace before, the other party also mocked her severely, revealing that he already knew about the matter regarding his Royal Father’s and her.

However, just when she was worried that he would have a negative image of her, he suddenly changed his attitude. Just as she could not understand the inexplicable dislike of the Third Prince towards her, this time she also could not understand the inexplicable goodwill the other expressed towards her.

However, no matter what, it is still better for him to have greater affections towards her than the fallen envoy. Following this momentum, she will be able to end the mission of this world soon.

Z942121 has already said that good feelings do not only refer to the pure love between men and women. Wei Xuan lost his mother when he was young. If her care brought him the feeling of motherhood, it would be justified to have good feelings.

In the private room of the restaurant, Fu Bao drew her attention back with a sweet meow. Wen Ying scratched its neck, watched it fall down comfortably there, and immediately laughed.


Wei Lingheng supported his chin and watched her movements, feeling that he was doing the right thing to suggest that she send the cat into the palace.

She originally didn’t agree to send Fu Bao into the palace, but Song Zheng’s son was a little overlord, and she was a stepmother. She couldn’t scold him just for a cat, so he found a reason, saying that he was worried about Fu Bao being bullied in the future. Lame and unable to escape, he is an authority in the palace, who dares to do anything towards his pet?

She treats Fu Bao wholeheartedly, naturally, she will do whatever makes it comfortable, so she agreed.

Wang Deyong looked at the two people next to him, one teasing a cat and the other watching a person. They haven’t even said anything, yet his teeth were so sour.

Is it now naturally impossible for him to look forward to his Majesty awakening on his own. Wang Deyong coughed slightly.”……Lord, it’s not a thing to stay in the restaurant all the time, didn’t you come to inspect? I also think that the lady would want to go shopping?”

“Do you want to see it?” Wei Lingheng asked her.

“En.” She nodded. “Speaking seriously, when I was a child, I borrowed the light of my eldest sister to go out together. After I got married, I got involved with affairs and didn’t go out to shop anymore.”

How is she troubled by affairs? It was obvious that it was not good for a woman to head out alone onto a street. Song Zheng has never brought up the subject of accompanying her to leave, and she didn’t dare to mention it.

He felt tender and protective and said: “Then let’s go shopping. Tell Wang Deyong to bring more money, I can still afford to raise a Pei Pei.”

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