WFILTU Chapter 85- Parents I

The two of them were taken aback for a moment and looked at Yin Fang sillily.

Xue Jiao was stunned: ” I was teaching him the topics…… “

Yin Fang looked at the boy and girl in front of her. One was the rank one and looked extremely good-looking. When she, who was very old, looked at this face, even she felt that this face was extremely beautiful.

Then she looked at Yi Tianyu’s handsome face again. A boy and a girl stood in front of her at this moment, and they were extremely well paired.


Boys and girls in this grade level are the most likely to go astray.

The pressure of studying is too great, and the more the teacher opposes it, the more prone they are to the juvenile’s entangled emotions.

Yin Fang bitterly said: ” Gu Xuejiao, you did take first place last month, but we all know that there is a coincidence factor. Since the next door Chu Sheng has been pushed to the second place, he has been studying all this time, you need to hurry up too. Studying is the most important thing. You make progress quickly. Next time, you must work hard and try to stay at the forefront of the grade! I shouldn’t need to talk about the dangers of puppy love right? If you already graduated, I won’t say this at all. You can do whatever you want! “

She looked at Yi Tianyu again, and her attitude was not so friendly: “Yi Tianyu! What did you say last time?! You said that if I let you play basketball, you will study hard. What you promised yourself, you can’t achieve? Even if you don’t study, don’t influence others, Ok?! ”

Yin Fang looked very angry, her eyes widened as if the person in front of her had done something that angered the gods and made the people resentful.

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“Teacher, we really don’t have a puppy love!” Xue Jiao said solemnly, “Although I don’t know who made the report, I must say that this is slander!”

Her eyes were very sincere, and Yin Fang was a little shaken unconsciously, plus Xue Jiao’s recent performance …… 

“Really? “

“Really. ” Still firmly replying.

Yin Fang slightly let go of her heart and continued to be bitter: “Gu Xuejiao, you must spend all your time studying. You can’t be complacent just because you were the first last time. It’s a coincidence that you can get rank first on the exam this month. If you want to get rank first on the exam this time, it’s not so lucky! You have to work hard. If you can’t be the first next time, try to stay in the top three as much as possible.”

Her words were almost certain that Xue Jiao would not place first in the next monthly exam. Xue Jiao lowered her head and said nothing.


“Okay, you can head back first. I’ll change seats for you next Monday.” Yin Fang was dubious.

“Based on what?! ” Yi Tianyu, who didn’t speak, blew up.

“Based on I’m your head teacher! ” Yin Fang’s eyes widened. Although she is shorter than Yi Tianyu, she does not lose out on momentum at all.

“No way! I don’t agree! ” Yi Tianyu’s face suddenly became ugly.

Yin Fang panted with anger. She was always stern, so she was rarely directly confronted by students.

“You have to agree even if you disagree! Puppy love, I have seen it a lot. Which couple has really headed to the end?! If you fail on the college exams, don’t talk about feelings, it’s good if you don’t blame each other! Even if you have puppy love now, I also bet you will not make it to the end! There can be no future! “

As soon as her words fell, Yi Tianyu squeezed his fists, creak creak creak sounded, and he gritted his teeth with a fierce look.

He didn’t know where the anger rising in his heart came from, he just felt like a fire ignited himself.

Yin Fang saw his clenched fists and braved forehead, and stepped back subconsciously. Then, he was furious: ” Call your parents! Call your parents!!! “

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  1. She’s not going to get any help from Yi Tianyu’s parent and this will probably start another round for Xuejiao’s mom to be a terrible mother…

  2. Lols, I think their teacher, Yin Fang, experienced it first hand 😂 the way she describe the ‘puppy love’ 😅..hahah.. Don’t just believe random rumor without evidence 😂’s only one-sided puppy love 😂.. As if, the one who reported it isn’t jealous 😂 because her crush doesn’t crush-back to her 😂😂😂 lols

    Thansk for the chapter 😘

  3. Woaahh… what’s with the title hmm~? Will we get another round of “parent-child” moment, still talking about the same problem, again? Are we going to see Xuejiao’s mom finally trusting her daughter better now that she will probably hear about her daughter’s puppy love?

    Thank you for the chapter~

  4. Damn, the teachers there are so uptight. My teachers are way too different, sometimes they actually decide the seating arrangement based on who they ship with who jsjsjdjkd the faculty knows most of the gossip between students. They only meddle in the relationship if they notice it negatively affecting the students’ studies or health. Or if the couple is found behaving too indecently within school grounds.

  5. Setting the source of her information and the oddity of butting into teenage feelings aside, if the teacher would spend a second to think she’d be able to figure out that this (one-sided) puppy love is actually turning Tianyu into a more diligent student. 🤦

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