WFILTU Chapter 79 – Remind Gently III

At this time, Li Sitong, who left Xue Jiao, walked out of the school in a daze and was taken into someone’s arms when she was approaching the school gate.

“Sitong, what’s wrong with you?”

Li Sitong looked up blankly at the person in front of her, it was her husband—— Cheng Shuo.

“A Shuo……”

“I’m here, I’m here, what’s wrong?” Cheng Shuo asked worriedly.

Li Sitong suddenly cried: “A Shuo, am I wrong? I seem to have disappointed Jiao Jiao…… “

“What happened? What’s the matter?” Cheng Shuo looked concerned.

Li Sitong blankly described the entire dialogue from beginning to end between herself and Xue Jiao, and then looked at Cheng Shuo with hope: “Jiao Jiao is just letting out words of anger, right?”

Cheng Shuo didn’t speak for a while. After a moment, he said: “Let’s talk about this in the car.”

He helped Li Sitong who was in a trance into the car and then sat in the driver’s seat without starting the car.

“A Shuo……” Li Sitong is a little scared.

Cheng Shuo sighed slightly, looked at Li Sitong, and said seriously: “Sitong, you are indeed in the wrong.”

Li Sitong looked at him with a blank and panicked expression.

“Jiao Jiao is a good child, and is also working hard to make you proud……”

As soon as Cheng Shuo’s words fell, Li Sitong thought of herself sitting on the sofa that day. Xue Jiao was squatting in front of her, her eyes were full of stars and she said:”I will become your glory……”

That scene is still vivid, but in a blink of an eye, Xue Jiao said—— however, you always let me down.

Cheng Shuo enwrapped her into his arms and patted her head lightly: “In the past, Jiao Jiao had a violent and rebellious character, and her entire person was in the rebellious period. Whatever parent figures would say, she had to work against it. At that time you were very strict with her, and I didn’t think there was any problem. Just watching her makes you uncomfortable and makes you unable to sleep well all night. I think you were forced to be strict with her and should be like so.”

He looked at Li Sitong who was still at a loss and continued:”But after Jiao Jiao and Mingjiao made a bet, she came out of her rebellious period. She became sensible and considerate of you, and she would insist on working hard because of your encouragement…… later, I discovered that all the problems that were not there before were exposed.”

“What……problem?” Li Sitong’s voice is hoarse, looking up towards him.

“You don’t trust Jiao Jiao. As long as something goes wrong, you will subconsciously feel that Jiao Jiao has made a mistake. Before, Jiao Jiao was really ignorant and made a lot of mistakes. At that time, you criticized her and it seemed okay, but now she is sensible, you still don’t trust her in the first place. Suspicions from close relatives will sadden her the most.”


Li Sitong’s tears were streaming down, even though she didn’t want to admit it before, it’s true——she doesn’t trust her.

“Sitong, you always think that Jiao Jiao is the person you are most familiar with. She has been by your side since she was born. You care about her, but it is actually the easiest for you to neglect her.”

Others have a likelihood to leave her, only Xue Jiao is her own daughter, so she has no fear. Care about this, be careful with that, please this one, be gentle with that one……only Xue Jiao, her own daughter, is the one she cares the most about but also cares the least about.

“In fact, Sitong, Jiao Jiao will also leave you. She is now in her second year in high school, about to be in her third year of high school, and then she will attend university. In the future, she will get married and have children and start her own family……you and Jiao Jiao are not connected forever. She is still young, there are other ways, she has countless possibilities to leave you far far away, and even never see you again.”

As soon as Cheng Shuo finished speaking, Li Sitong grabbed the corner of his clothes and looked scared.

She has experienced a failed marriage, her father who loved her has left, and her husband who always respected her like “guests” has betrayed her, and only her daughter is always by her side.

“Hence, Sitong, Jiao Jiao is a completely independent individual from the moment she leaves your body. She has her own emotions and temper. She will be happy and sad. You are her most important person, so you can become the person who can hurt her the most. Because she cares, so she will feel sad.”

What Cheng Shuo said made Li Sitong burst into tears. She knew that she could no longer blame others this time.

It was her, Li Sitong, who was wrong!

When she thought that Xue Jiao would leave her, when she thought of the girl who she raised from a tantrum-throwing baby to the current gracefully erected girl, she wanted to go back and kill the self who beat her and didn’t trust in her!

“I’m wrong! It is my fault——” Li Sitong howled and cried.

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In the evening, Xue Jiao finished attending her night study class.

When she walked out of the school building, she happened to see two people standing together very obviously under the street lights.

A gentle and jade-like young man, tall, a gentle and generous girl, just tall enough to reach his shoulders, standing together, a perfect match.

The two of them were talking together, the girl pursed her lips and laughed.

Xue Jiao stopped her steps and sighed slightly.

Sure enough, the male lead and the female lead look extremely right together.

Did she want to head out first, and wait for Cheng Mingze in Cheng Shuo’s car?

She just thought up to here, but Cheng Mingze saw her and stretched out his hand and waved: “Right here.”

Xue Jiao was helpless and could only approach two people.

Gu Shiyun’s face was unhappy for a moment, but soon she laughed.


“Sister……” She called very lightly, with two points of shyness, plus the distance between the two, it is easy to let people think crookedly.

“I said before, don’t call me sister.”

Gu Shiyun bit her lower lip and her face was aggrieved for a moment.

The two people’s attitudes towards each other are clearly contrasted.

Xue Jiao remembered the original text. The heroine of this book was never a kind person. When she first came, she couldn’t tell the plot, but after a long time, after she actually came into contact with Gu Shiyun, she was able to determine that Gu Shiyun was not as harmless as she made out to be.

Cheng Mingze looked at Gu Shiyun who was wronged next to him and at Xue Jiao who was always indifferent.

“Let’s go.” He only said this in the end.

Xue Jiao nodded and followed his footsteps.

Gu Shiyun was stunned for a moment and then had a natural attitude, keeping a proper distance from them and walking towards the school gate.

Her disposition is also far beyond that of ordinary people.

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  1. Thank you for translating this novel, the issues in the relationship between daughter and mother here made me realize i have endured so much, just because it was my family, and i thought i should endure just because it was like that, well i don’t know what i am gonna do but realizing i am free and i am my own person made me feel so secure, thank you for this

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