WFILTU Chapter 78 – Remind Gently II

Yi Tianyu held Xue Jiao’s small pink cup, his hands tightened, and after fountaining water, he carefully placed it on top of Xue Jiao’s table, and said: “Your broken cup is too small ok? Is the few sips even enough to drink?”

He usually likes to play basketball, so he has a high requirement for water intake, and has no patience to wait in line to receive water. He directly drinks one bottle of mineral water at a time, and after finishing it, he then changes to another bottle.

Therefore, when he looks at Xue Jiao’s cup, he only feels that it is small enough to doubt life.

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes first, and then said: “Thanks, but this cup is enough for me.”

She spoke and stood up: “I said that I’ll go add it myself, but you must grab the cup. After you finish adding the water, I still have to stand up to let you into your seat, requiring even more manpower, and energy.”

Yi Tianyu stared: “You are wronging a kind-hearted person, and not understanding kind intentions! If it weren’t for seeing you being angered by your mother, I wouldn’t even bother to run errands for you. Do you think I’m willing?”

Once he spoke of the word, “mom”, Xue Jiao’s mood was slightly lowered.

Yi Tianyu was taken aback for a moment, wishing to slap himself to death. Letting you pick which pot or not yet you open it!


After just a moment, Xue Jiao suddenly raised her spirits and shook her head, and her eyes widened: “Yi Tianyu, take out your exam papers.”

“Ah?” Yi Tianyu was dazed for a while, and then took it out stupidly.

Xue Jiao opened the papers and approached him with a pen.

“You shouldn’t have been wrong on this question. I mentioned it to you before the exam. This is a sample question for Unit 2. Look here……”

“Wait a minute!”Yi Tianyu interrupted her by raising his voice, “You’re going to give me a lecture? !”

Xue Jiao nodded seriously and frowned slightly: “Yi Tianyu, I’m going to look at my exam papers in a while, so hurry up and listen!”

She continued speaking as soon as her words hit the floor.

Yi Tianyu:”……”

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Forget it, he shouldn’t haggle with a woman who is in a bad mood. If she is in a bad mood, everything she does is right.

Yi Tianyu suppressed his discomfort with learning, and brought his head close to listen carefully.

Xue Jiao really wanted to bring him to study. She could feel that Yi Tianyu really regarded her as a friend and helped her several times.

She has nothing else to reciprocate, so she can only explain the topics to him and bring him to study.

The two were talking about the subjects. Cheng Mingjiao walked in from outside the classroom, and when she returned to her seat, she would walk in in front of Xue Jiao, and she was directly facing them.

Seeing the two heads close together, and the Yi Tianyu who was typically arrogant, listening honestly to Gu Xuejiao’s “criticism”, Cheng Mingjiao felt particularly unhappy.


“Humph——” Cheng Mingjiao snorted coldly, just in time for them to hear.

Xue Jiao’s pen paused, but before she had time to say anything.

Yi Tianyu already stared at Cheng Mingjiao and said angrily: “Are you a pig? Humphing and hnging!”

“You you you——” Cheng Mingjiao’s eyes widened and her face flushed.

“And is even a stammerer?”

“Yi Tianyu!”

“I know my name is nice, but I don’t want you to call my name, I’m afraid—— It will pollute my ears and pollute my name.” Yi Tianyu raised his eyebrows and sneered.    

Cheng Ming kicked his feet with anger, sat back in her seat, her appearance angry.

Yi Tianyu didn’t bother to pay any attention towards this kind of person. Looking at Xue Jiao, his voice became softer unconsciously: “Carry on.”

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