SOOEW Chapter 55 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XVI

But soon after Song Xi went away, the Empress finally appeared.

The Empress was born more on the frail side, and she also knew that she was not the leading role today, so she dressed more plainly. Her pale blue fairy skirt was simple and generous, and originally, it was very suitable. However, once she appeared, the hearts of everyone at the scene “dropped*” once.

*Ge Deng- sound of heart dropping

If they remembered correctly, the Song family’s miss who had just left was also wearing a pale blue fairy skirt. Except for the different details, at first glance they almost seemed to be the same. To clash clothes with a superior is a big taboo!

In this way, the ladies could not help but understand the intention of Madam Song. When they lay their heads together to whisper, they were full of praises.

They originally thought it was a disagreement between the mother and daughter, but now it seems that although she is a stepmother, she still has the intentions of a loving mother. In addition, receiving the news of the queen’s skirt, means that she has networks inside the palace, and it seems to be extraordinary, and so, is worth associating.


The Third Prince did not know of the law between women. If someone were to tell him that “in the world, there are two people who will pinch just because they wore the same color of clothes”, then he must be contemptuous of it.

He watched the play for a long time, saw that Wen Ying used an opportunity to converse with Shu Fei, and his ill feelings towards her deepened again.

Although Wen Ying appeared to be gossiping with Shu Fei, her heart is also a little worried. She just took a dangerous move, and with one misstep, she will be misunderstood by Song Zheng, as having a mind of hindrance towards her stepdaughter. However, she has no choice but to do so. Although the location of the concubine selection banquet was in the palace, they were not allowed to move about at will. Hence, she had to think of some method.

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Shu Fei still wanted to borrow the Third Prince’s concubine selection banquet to pull some assistance for her birth son. Once she remembered that Wen Ying was the wife of the Minister of War, her heart became more eager, and frequently advised her to drink some wine. They chatted warmly for a while.

Wen Ying absent-mindedly drank two cups, and suddenly, the palace maid who led Song Xi turned back and whispered to her, “Miss Song is a little inconvenient, so she ordered this maid to find Madam to go over.”

She heard it, and admitted guilt* to Shu Fei. Shu Fei didn’t block her again , and let her stand up.

*Admit guilt- to excuse oneself from a higher up

Wen Ying originally thought that Song Xi wanted to play a trick. Her current body was not suitable for drinking, and she has just been urged to drink some. At this time, the strength of the drink came up, her feet became erratic, and her heart became more alert.

But seeing the palace maid bringing her further and further away, and the path becoming deeper, she suddenly had another guess.


With just Song Xi, with the layout, there’s no way she would be in the deep palace. 

Another thought flashed through her mind, and the more she thought about it, the faster her heart beaten, one beat faster than another

They arrived at a side hall, and the maid drew back. She opened the door herself.

As soon as the door opened, she stepped over the threshold, and her foot softened. It seemed like the person was about to fall, but at that moment, she fell into the arms of a male with a strong aura.

In addition, the embrace also had the scent of ambergris, something only the emperor can use.

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