WFILTU Chapter 62 – Captivating II

“Ok…… “Yi Tianyu responded, obediently.

He didn’t know why he was so obedient. In fact, even if he didn’t pass the exam, the old man was accustomed to it. At most, he will scold him and then confiscate some pocket money, but wouldn’t do much to him…… 

So whether he reviews or not, it’s not a big deal.

Just like when the old man Yi* used to hire tutors for him, he has always ignored those around him. No matter whether the tutor is present or not, he takes care of himself and plays by himself.

*referring to his father 

So the old man Yi no longer hires tutors for him.

However, when Xue Jiao gave a lecture and handed over homework, he unexpectedly listened and also recorded it down.

In the evening, Yi Family.

Mother Yi rushed into the room in horror: “Old Yi, Old Yi!”

Yi Dafa has been half-dreaming and awake, and said angrily: “What is it, I just fell asleep, and am exhausted to death!”

Mother Yi didn’t care, and grabbed the quilt on one hand, while slapping him awake on the other: “Son! Our son! Big trouble has occurred!”

Yi Dafa immediately sat up and raised his voice:”What matter did this bastard cause this late at night?!”

Mother Yi covered his mouth on one hand, while on the other, she said in amazement: “Our son is studying!”

Yi Dafa looked dazed: “What?”

After a moment.

“Is he truly studying?” Yi Dafa had an entire face of shock and was currently lying with Mother Yi at the doorway, holding the door and watching carefully.

“En…”Mother Yi crazily nodded.

“Is this really our son?”

“A replacement is guaranteed if he’s fake.”

“Is there any way he’s reading an extracurricular book?” Yi Dafa still doubts his life.

Mother Yi slaps his body: “Be quieter!”

Then lowered her voice: “No! No! I saw it when I sent supper in before. It was a physics book!”

Yi Dafa’s eyes widened, then he grinned.

“Go go go, let’s not affect our son!” He dragged Mother Yi away quietly.


Tuesday, the classroom.

“Brother Yu, let’s go, let’s play basketball. Hu Zi and them took the field!” Xi Junyang ran over and sat in Xue Jiao’s seat, with one hand hooked onto Yi Tianyu and whispered.

Although Yin Fang didn’t make a clear statement, but they were not allowed to bring a basketball in. But she clearly told them that she won’t allow them to waste time playing basketball.

So even if they were such hopeless students like Yi Tianyu and Xi Junyang, they also have to tone down their basketball playing.

Yi Tianyu shook and shook himself away from Xi Junyang.

“If you want to go, go yourself, don’t bother me!”

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He spoke impatiently, obviously annoyed and perplexed.

Anyone who doesn’t like studying knows the pain of studying a question they don’t understand.

Yi Tianyu is now irritable to the point that he wants to hit people. He can’t understand the role of learning these messy things, nor can he understand the use of the conservation of charge and what exactly is the use of Coulomb’s law?

This makes him very agitated.

Xi Junyang looked at the table almost in shock, stuttering: “Brother Yu, are you studying? !”

“Don’t disturb me!”

“Today…The sun came out from the west? Brother Yu, didn’t you always rather die than study? What kind of stimulation did you receive?” The stimulation Xi Junyang received is also not small.


“Do your parents not give you pocket money anymore?”


“Or are you turning crazy?”

“Beat it——”

At this time, Xue Jiao, who finished eating, came in.

She was wearing Qi Zhong’s school uniform, her long hair coiled into a bun, and although she had a clean face, it still let people feel amazement.


Xi Junyang was a little embarrassed, he dared not put his eyes on her.

“Class leader, I just saw Teacher Yin, she might……” Xue Jiao slightly smiles.

Suddenly, Xi Junyang jumped: “I’ll go back to my seat first!”

Xue Jiao sat back in her seat and took out a pencil.

“There is a sample question in front of this question. The teacher said that the error rate was extremely high during the last monthly exam, so we cannot rule out the possibility of it appearing on the exam this month. You see this rationale question, which was tested last month and then later you use Coulomb’s Law…”

She outlines with the pencil while talking seriously.

The voice is low, although slightly chilly, but it sounded pleasant enough to take your life.

Yi Tianyu’s ears tremble slightly, his heart pounds, and his originally irritable heart is calmed down. He is only slightly flustered, and everything about playing basketball is left behind in his back brain.

He doesn’t want to play basketball right now, he just wants to know Coulomb!

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