WFILTU Chapter 93 – Good-Looking III

“Jiao Jiao, quickly clean up, we will go to view the play tonight at six o’clock.” Li Sitong placed a glass of water next to Xue Jiao who “wielded her pen furiously”, and Cheng Shuo, who came in with her laughed and said.

Xue Jiao pulled her thoughts away from the math problem and looked up at them. Her expression was dull. Her big eyes were at first apathetic, and then the black slowly gathered.

Watching a play?!

Xue Jiao seemed to return to her senses suddenly, her eyes widened and her face seemed unbelievable.

The white and tender face was dull, silly, and……cute.

Li Sitong couldn’t help it. She stretched out her hand and rubbed her head: “Jiao Jiao, we’ve determined this last week. We will go to watch the play this week.”

Last week…… 

Oh right, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong gave her and Cheng Mingze gifts for the mid-term exam for the whole family to watch the play.

Thinking up to this, Xue Jiao’s little bun face bulged.

“Can……” Can we not go…… 

Cheng Shuo was humored: “Not possible. Jiao Jiao, this is a family activity, and you cannot be absent regardless of its significance.”

“Oh……” Xue Jiao was depressed.

“Hurry up and pack so we can go.”

“Ok.” Xue Jiao’s voice was very low, and she looked very reluctantly at the desk towards the question she completed half of. “Then let me finish this question first!”

“This girl……” Li Sitong shook her head.

Cheng Shuo said with a laugh: “Sitong, bring the clothes you bought for Jiao Jiao. Today, when we’re heading out, let’s dress her up prettily!”



Xue Jiao looked at the girl in the mirror blankly. She was wearing a long-sleeved chiffon shirt on the upper body and long slender high-waisted trousers on the lower body. The contrast between white and black provided the ultimate contrast.

Li Sitong stretched out her hand to adjust the bun when she was still wearing the school uniform, and the originally neat bun became loose and lazy.

“Looks good!” Li Sitong couldn’t help but smile and said, “My daughter is so beautiful.”

This is an experience that Li Sitong has never had before. Xue Jiao always dressed herself up in a mess before. Li Sitong didn’t even have enough time to teach Xue Jiao,  nevermind dressing her up personally.

Currently, Xue Jiao has become obedient and sensible, and she is unexpectedly serious and hardworking in her studies, and she has also achieved enviable results. Looking at the school uniforms that the other party changes into all day long, she can’t wait to dress her like a little princess and take her out every day.

She, Li Sitong can finally say proudly, “this is my daughter”, this phrase!

Li Sitong blinked and looked at the amazingly beautiful girl in front of her, her eyes a little moist.

The fresh flower’s charm of the young girl’s is just in bud. On her lips is just a little lipstick, her face is dazzling enough.

Xue Jiao pulled the corners of her clothes, somewhat unaccustomed:”Will it……is it too thin?”

“It’s not!” Li Sitong smiled and fixed her collar. “The temperature in the theater is quite high. You will bring that white coat later, and wear it if you want to go outside.”

Xue Jiao avoided Li Sitong’s hand uncomfortably: “I will do it myself!”

Li Sitong’s hands stiffened slightly, and her eyes were a bit dim.

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“Haven’t they come down yet?” Cheng Mingze gnawed at the apple and said boringly.

Cheng Shuo placed down the newspaper and looked at him with a laugh: “Young people, you have to have patience to wait for young ladies. This is the basic etiquette of a gentleman.”

Cheng Mingze curled his lips: “A lady will not let a gentleman wait too long.”

“You brat!” Cheng Shuo glared.

At this time, there are footsteps upstairs.

Cheng Shuo had a smile in his eyes again: “The women in our family, are all ladies.”

Cheng Mingze didn’t speak, only curled his lips, moved his eyes to the top of the stairs, and was stunned.

He couldn’t explain that feeling. It’s like the flowerpot he often passes by has a flower bud. Before this flowerpot always runs in front of him and blocks his way, so that he gets bored when he sees it, and he won’t look at it carefully. Hence, he can’t see the beauty of that flower.


But one day, this potted flower will no longer stand in the way, but will be far away from him, quietly opening…… 

The feeling carries a little bit of inexplicableness and a bit of absent-mindedness.

Cheng Mingze can’t describe this feeling in detail at this time, but one day, when he finally sees the beauty of this flower, he will find that this flower has long been held in the palm of another person’s hand.

The heartache at that time is not enough to describe in words.

“My daughter is so beautiful!” Cheng Shuo couldn’t help but utter in a loud voice, proud and pleased.

Xue Jiao uncomfortably touched the loose bun on her head that seemed to fall apart. Her face was filled with embarrassment.

Cheng Shuo’s smile became more lovingly: “Jiao Jiao, I didn’t lie. Mingze, do you think your sister looks good today?”

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  1. Not really digging the message this is portraying…be smart, studious, pretty and obedient and then your family will love you…

      • Aaah… The hiden ruler in most of asian family. As an asian child I know how hard it was to be like this. It’s really lucky I fall in love with book, math and science so I am actually enjoy the prosses, eventhought I become an introvert thank to this, lol.

    • Actually, her stepdad loves her however she is. Her older brother probably prefers women who are quiet and elegant—I’m not saying that it’s her fault that the old her isn’t like that, I’m saying that he’s shallow. He never really cared about her as a person before. Same with her insecure mother who never thought to actually get to know her own child.

      So…being smart, studious and pretty would get shallow people to like you? Sure, that’s a solid conclusion to take.

  2. Hahah… mingze, you’re going to have a bad thoughts soon with your ‘sister’ LoLs… Anyway,you’re not blood related so…but your parents are married..sooo…. 😅😅

  3. Hahah that’s right keep engaging with that other sister and stay with her…

    And yeah not digging the idea of studying and everyone loves you.. still haven’t forgiven the mother 😕

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