SOOEW Chapter 157 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXIX

After leaving the classroom, Jiang Tianye went directly to the library.

It was a coincidence that Li Shu was there. He immediately made an exaggerated expression and said, “I can’t see that young master actually studies so hard.”

“How did you come?”

“I’ve come to urge young master to go to dinner. I called n times yet you didn’t answer. Was your soul wandering?”

“Something happened.”

He didn’t want to say much, and Li Shu didn’t ask much.

In fact, after the ending of “the wind of the last world”, It was unknown whether Qingniao’s ending was death or falling into an eternal deep sleep, which made the students (especially the boys) on campus cry and howl, all in a strange state. Li Shu, who said “the ending was good” before, almost didn’t cry and fainted after reading it seriously. It was rare for him to boldly put forward his own idea that Jiang Tianye should bring his little girlfriend to show him the yearning between lovers——to cheat himself into thinking that Qingniao was still alive.

Jiang Tianye’s reaction was quite different. He seemed to have quieted down. In the past, he used to be the type to be lazy and could spend an afternoon in his bedroom. But at that time, he could read comics and play games. He was never empty. Now he is in a daze everywhere, feeling a little at a loss, and he was in his own world.

There was a pair of colored pens on the long desk of the library. He doesn’t know who left them here. Jiang Tianye thought of the colored paper and shook his mind. He sat next to Li Shu.

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Fang Ran’s words did not fall into his heart.

She thought that he does not believe in the existence of supernatural events, but in fact, Qingniao was a manga character. The appearance of manga characters in the real world itself was a supernatural phenomenon. As a person who has witnessed this many times, he has long accepted the existence of supernatural events. Fang Ran’s so-called “harmony” may be due to the abnormality of Qingniao. What he had to worry about was to find someone to keep an eye on Fang Ran, so that she would not spread such words around.

Even if Qingniao may never come back……

In Fang Ran’s words, what really made his blood flow backward and his heart beat faster was her absurd guess: Qingniao and Wen Ying were the same person!

This was the first time that someone raised this conjecture in front of him, after he had brushed this idea countless times.

It turned out that other than him, someone else was also aware of it. It’s like telling him that his idea was not so unreasonable, that it may be true!


Jiang Tianye shook his head, but, how could it be?

Just like what he told himself every time he makes such a guess, Qingniao was just a manga character, while Wen Ying was a living person. This was the essential difference between the two.

When he fell into his own thoughts, he unconsciously drew a simple outline on the book.

Qingniao’s body shape, eyebrows and eyes were vividly revealed on the paper, but there were subtle differences.

When she was in good spirits, she liked to tie up her ponytail high, and was greedy for leisure, so she braids her hair and drops it to her chest. However, the long hair on the painting is scattered at will and hangs down to her waist, gentle and beautiful.

This is what she said before. She wanted to try the feeling of releasing her hair.

And the clothes on the picture, which matched her long hair, were what she liked when she was shopping, but she didn’t buy them. She always wore T-shirts and shorts not because she liked them, but because of the environment. That’s the best way to fight, but girls love beauty, and she also liked long skirts.

Jiang Tianye was not a painting major. He could only draw because he read many mangas and has intentionally copied it a couple of times. But this time, he started to draw very smoothly, as if he just thought about it in his mind and the pen fell naturally.

After painting, he took a look at the colored pen. Before he said anything, there was an exclamation.

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