WFILTU Chapter 204 – Dream III

He didn’t know why, Yi Tianyu felt that this look was very similar to his usual look towards Xi Junyang, just like saying——

Look, this fool!

“En, what’s the matter?” Yi Tianyu asked tentatively, with a cautious voice.

Xue Jiao looked at him, her little red lips opened——

“Tianyu, did you forget about the mid-term exam on Thursday and Friday? Next Monday is the parent-teacher meeting. “

Yi Tianyu: “……” ? ? ?

He was suddenly struck by a thunder falling from the sky.

A bolt from the blue!


Preparing for the mid-term exam on Thursday and Friday, no matter whether it was Xue Jiao or Yi Tianyu, it was no easy feat.

Yi Tianyu had a basketball game on Saturday. He needed to practice basketball for an hour at noon every day, and then he had to prepare for the midterm exam.

“What to do? What shall I do? ” Yi Tianyu was a little flustered.

This month, he spent more time preparing for the basketball match, and the time spent on studying was greatly reduced!

Could it be that……this mid-term exam will slap him back into his original form?

Shaking his head, Yi Tianyu forced himself to put his energy on the math paper in front of him, then took out the draft paper and began to calculate.

By the side, several notebooks were handed over.

The notebook with black and white checkers was the same color as the book cover of Xue Jiao.

Yi Tianyu blinked, looked at Xue Jiao and then back at the notebook.


Of course he recognized it!

This was Xue Jiao’s classroom notebook. It’s usually her treasure!

“Use it. The most important ones are highlighted. The probability of red is the highest, followed by blue and finally green. Pay attention to the common black font. After all, I can’t guess the specific test points.” Xue Jiao’s voice was light. She finished speaking, lowered her head and continued to brush a test paper.

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“Nerd……” Yi Tianyu opened his mouth.

Xue Jiao’s pen paused slightly, and then she said: “I also delayed a few days this time, so I can’t help you review, you take a look at it yourself.”

Xue Jiao also felt a lot of pressure. Ever since Chu Sheng from next door lost on the math competition, he seemed to study like he was grasping at a straw.

She doesn’t want to be pushed down since she has always been sitting at the top.

With that, she bowed her head and wrote hard. All her energy was put on the paper in front of her.

Yi Tianyu looked at the notebook in front of him, with all kinds of colors crossed, neat handwriting and clear color boundaries. The information was particularly clear.

He blinked and stammered for a long time: “Nerd……thank you……”

At this moment, his heart was thumping, as if something rushed out, uncontrollably running away, and soon rushed back to the heart, a deer collision.

On Wednesday, Xue Jiao and Yi Tianyu were all busy reviewing. The classroom of class one seemed very quiet. Everyone was preparing for the oncoming exam.

All of a sudden, the intercom made a sound——

“Dear teachers, dear students, here is a piece of good news.”

Suddenly, everyone in the classroom stopped writing, and looked up at the radio, confused.

Xue Jiao’s pen also stopped, but her sight didn’t rise.

Just a little confused, at this time……what’s the good news?

“Congratulations on Shen Yikun’s recommendation to Nankai University and Qiu Yue’s recommendation to Fudan University. Congratulations……”

For the moment, the classroom was quiet, and almost everyone looked up at the radio.

“Finally, congratulations to Cheng Mingze, senior three, who was recommended to the Mathematics Department of Tsinghua University! Dear students, let’s congratulate the above students! At the same time, the college entrance examination is coming. I hope the seniors of year three will continue to work hard and achieve good results. Thank you everyone!”

“Boom——” In one moment, the classroom seemed to explode.

“Oh my God——” almost everyone exclaimed.

Many of them are very good at their studies, but in the increasingly fierce battlefield of the college entrance examination, the probability of being recommended to Tsinghua University was not high.

Plus even if there were usually good results, there was also the possibility of disorder.

No one dared to say the sentence of steadily attending Qingbei.

Cheng Mingze being recommended to Tsinghua, means that he does not have to go to the dangerous single wood bridge, nor go to the battlefield without smoke.

“Cheng Mingze! Is really just too awesome! “

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! How envious! “

“He was originally very strong, even if directly took the test, he will still be able to get in.”

“That’s not the same, My God, I adore him too much!”

“Male god, male god!”

“Yingyingying, I’m sour!” 1 *sour=jealous


Xue Jiao pinched the pen tightly, and thousands of thoughts were pouring in her heart.

Originally, Cheng Mingze in the original book can have such a brilliant life and such achievements.

God let her live for Gu Xuejiao once, was it to let her complete her own regret, but also……to return to Cheng Mingze, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong a new life?

Tsinghua University……

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