SOOEW Chapter 189- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXIX

Jiang Ke made his debut earlier than Yang Sen, but in addition to strength and backing, you also need to strive for luck in the entertainment industry. He was no better than Yang Sen in gaining a foothold in the film industry. After his popularity in TV dramas, he has also made many films, but he has not made any outstanding achievements in acting or the box office, and was in a lukewarm position. Even so, he was the best actor in the same period. With years of accumulation of wealth, he has bought a villa.

Because of the excellent security measures, the villa area where the two people live is the first choice for the popular stars in the city. If paparazzi can come in and stay, it can be said that they could catch two or three big news every day, just like the incident of Jiang Ke’s ex-girlfriend.

Hence, it’s very common to meet another star in the gym. Male stars have private instructors in the gym. From this point of view, they were not inferior to actresses in their efforts to keep fit.

The gymnasium covered a large area and had many kinds of equipment. Jiang Ke and Wen Ying were on the side where the equipment was for training arm strength, while Yang Sen went to the area where the treadmill is located first to warm up.

They actually didn’t bump into each other at that moment.

Over here, Jiang Ke was still wearing shoes for Wen Ying. His thinly cocooned finger was pasted on her warm feet. He felt it was familiar for a moment, just like recovering his memory of that night. His heart was swaying and his mind was not at rest.

Wen Ying’s toe kicked him, but his strong arm hurt her toes instead. She squinted at him, “Where are my shoes?”

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Jiang Ke was kicked back to his spirits by her and put on her shoes in a hurry. If there was a camera shooting his expression from the bottom up at this time, they would find that he has a slightly embarrassed expression. He changed the topic: “You wait for me to take a shower, and we’ll go back to the company and sign the contract together.”

“Sign?” Wen Ying sat on the equipment chair, not in a hurry, and slowly shook her legs, “I haven’t decided to sign you on.”

Jiang Ke paused, “You don’t want to sign me on?”

She held her chin, measured him up and down, then said, “I’ve read your information. En, how to say……Mister Jiang is very attractive. He has a large number of fans and strong cohesion. He is easily unshakable. He has a certain position and a good reputation in the industry. Although there is endless gossip, the directors or producers who have worked with him all have a good evaluation of him. Unexpectedly, he is a dedicated actor. “

“A very objective evaluation.” Jiang Ke ignored her joking description of “accident” and exposed his masculine charm, “What else are you dissatisfied with?”

“You’ve been standing still.”

Wen Ying did not continue tactfully and chose to hit the target spot on.

Her straightforwardness also made Jiang Ke rescind his smiley face. Because he was criticized face to face, his expression was a little unnatural, but soon he adjusted his mood, “Tell me about it?”

After making this request, he knew that their positions had changed. If he asked her to deal with his ex girlfriend with the nature of trialing her, and wanted to see her ability before signing the contract, now it was her turn to evaluate him.

“When you finished the spy war drama of the Republic of China the year before last, you had already reached the peak of your popularity. After that, you began to make movies. However, it was strange that you didn’t give full play to the advantage of high popularity. Instead, you took on some supporting roles in blockbusters, pretending to be ugly and old, trying to highlight your acting skills.” She said, ” Just like Yang Sen now. In《Cheng Emperor》, the role of the second male lead is obviously the easiest to move, compared to him, Zhou Zhou’s age is actually not suitable. He is too young, and he has no more room and story in characterization. If it were for me to arrange, I would exchange the role between them. The young and energetic swordsman will continue to run into the wall in the political struggle, along with the growth of the dead bones under the struggle and sacrifice, both the story line and the character setting will be much more interesting, but it’s a pity……”

It’s a pity that the script was set like this, and the position of the male lead couldn’t fall onto Zhou Zhou.

Jiang Ke simulated in his mind according to the setting she described, and was surprised to find that her thinking really aroused his desire, “Did you guess that the person would become popular and that the film won’t a long time ago? You……can also write scripts? “

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