WFILTU Chapter 245 – Past IV

But Xue Jiao suddenly turned her head——

“Chicken wings stuffed with rice, want one?”

Even if his body was resisting, when she smiled,  he couldn’t help it.

He involuntarily nodded. Xue Jiao walked directly over, “Two please!”

Xue Jiao said this as she turned out her cute purse, taking out money.

Lin Zhihua looked at the two girls standing beside her and frowned again.

After a long time, he walked to the other side of Xue Jiao, next to her, but far away from the crowd.

The two girls were waiting in front of Xue Jiao. They kept turning their heads and glancing at Xue Jiao and then at Lin Zhihua.

Some words could still be heard vaguely——

“……heavens……too beautiful……”

“The guy……so handsome……”

The two thought their staring was hidden, instead to Lin Zhihua and Xue Jiao, it was very obvious.

After a moment, the two got their things, but they didn’t leave. Lin Zhihua looked up and frowned. His eyes were sharp and piercing.

The two paused, then immediately pushed and bustled about to leave.

“Two chicken wings stuffed with rice! Beauty, be careful and don’t hurt your hands!” The shopkeeper said with a smile.

“Thank you!” As soon as Xue Jiao reached out, a big hand with distinct joints came from the side, receiving the items.

“Yi? Do you want to eat it already? There are too many people here. Shall we eat by the lake later? ” Xue Jiao thought that Lin Zhihua was hungry.

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The other side just nodded stiffly.

Xue Jiao continued to move forward, and did not go far before stopping, “Let’s also buy a serving of potatoes and squid?”

“Alright……” Lin Zhihua still couldn’t refuse her.

There were more people in front of this stall than the one just before. Lin Zhihua stood far away and did not dare to get close to it.

It wasn’t until Xue Jiao came over with something that he was slightly relieved, and his frown loosened a little.

“I bought two servings! I haven’t eaten it for a long time. I’ve forgotten the taste! ” She smiled, looking very happy, and full of memories.

It’s just a little snack, but it made her so happy…..:

Lin Zhihua’s heart became even more soft. Experiencing an emotion that he had never experienced, over and over again.

Next to him, a man riding an electric bike drove over. He seemed to be looking at something, causing him to be distracted and drive towards Xue Jiao.

Lin Zhihua’s pupil shrank and he held Xue Jiao in his arms. There were people behind him. There was no way to retreat.

He put his foot on the electric bike coming over, and the other side fell down.

Xue Jiao’s cheek bumped into Lin Zhihua’s arms, and the fragrance of the light clothes transferred over. She was slightly stunned.

Lin Zhihua was different from the boys she knows. Yi Tianyu also liked to be clean, but because he often played ball, he occasionally smelled of sweat.

Cheng Mingze was also like this. He would never have his body smelling like that of dried sweat.

“Are you all right?” Lin Zhihua doesn’t look at the person riding the bike, but looked anxiously at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao came out of his arms and shook her head: “I’m fine.”

“What are you doing?” The man picked up the electric bike and rushed over in anger.

From behind, a woman just happened to be passing, and hit Lin Zhihua’s body.

He held back his disgust, his irritability was a little uncontrollable, and his voice was cold——

“You almost ran into someone.”

The man was still angry——

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