SOOEW Chapter 188- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXVIII

If it were said that Ning Xiao regained his fame because of his solid foundation and potential popularity, and as long as he can make a popular play, those potential popularity can be brought back, then the appearance of Zhou Zhou undoubtedly proves Wen Ying’s ability. She can hold Yang Sen to the throne of Movie Emperor all the way, pull Ning Xiao out of the mire, and make Zhou Zhou popular with the chance of a role. It can be seen that this woman’s wrist was really getting more and more powerful

However, he, who has been standing still for many years, needed an agent with sharp means.

When Wen Ying learned that the company had transferred Jiang Ke to her name, Ning Xiao was next to her. She hung up the phone and raised her brows at Ning Xiao, who pretended to not have been eavesdropping. Then, she saw him sit back and wait for the make-up artist to draw on his make-up.

“I’m going back to the company. Don’t call me if you have nothing to do.” She exhorted.

Ning Xiao: “When do I call you arbitrarily!”

“You didn’t call me arbitrarily, but you harassed my assistant every day.” She put the phone into her bag. “Yun Ou has complained to me many times, but in the end, it was still my time that was delayed.”

“Who made you ignore me recently? You know that fatty is more popular than me now. Hng!”

She glanced at him and knew that he had a bad temper. She would not indulge him time and time again. She only said, “If it’s because of fame, then when Jiang Ke comes, you’ll all have to retreat back.”

“Jiang Ke?” Ning Xiao doesn’t understand, “What does he come for? He’s going to hire you as an agent, too? “

“That’s right.”

Ning Xiao’s heart rang in alarm. He hasn’t even forgotten about the situation with the key chain last time. This Jiang Ke, does not cause less trouble than fatty Zhou!

Right from the start, Wen Ying made the appointment with Jiang Ke for an interview in the company. After all, whether to accept him or not depends on her wishes. The three parties need an opportunity to discuss. Unexpectedly, before the car arrived at the company, she heard Jiang Ke’s assistant call her, saying that Jiang Ke was entangled by a woman in the gym. It just happened that the original agent’s wife was giving birth, so they had to ask her for help.

Normally, Jiang Ke lives in a high-end villa area, and even the gym was not open to the public. However, this woman had a different identity. She was Jiang Ke’s ex-girlfriend, so no one stopped her when she came in.

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Wen Ying asked her assistant to pass the woman’s information to her. She finished sweeping the information on the car ride and rushed to the scene.

When she arrived at the place, she saw that the person was still there. The woman pulling on Jiang Ke and chattering endlessly. Jiang Ke was frowning and very impatient.

The information showed that the two had broken up half a year ago, but she has been harassing Jiang Ke by telephone and other means in an attempt to get back together again. Jiang Ke confessed that he has made it very clear that he would not talk to her any more and handed it over to his agent. But obviously, the result of the treatment is not satisfactory. This time, she went to the place where he lived and learned that he came to the gym to block the person after he finished exercising.

“You came.” Jiang Ke saw Wen Ying and felt a little relieved.

The woman suddenly changed her expression. She pointed to Wen Ying and asked, “It’s her, isn’t it? You broke up with me because of her! “

Jiang Ke raised both hands to surrender, “You’d better ask her.”

Wen Ying stepped on her high-heeled shoes, her steps seemingly faster, adding momentum. Before the woman spoke again, she preempted: “Miss Xiang Chen, right?”

The woman nodded.

“Hello, I am Jiang Ke’s new agent.” She nodded, “I heard that you have evidence of Jiang Ke’s violent tendencies. If Jiang Ke refuses to get back together with you, you will expose this part of his negative news on the Internet.”

The woman glanced at Jiang Ke and said, “It’s not like this……if Ah Ke is with me, I won’t say anything.”

“Evidence of my violence?” Jiang Ke had no idea.

Wen Ying exposed the information on the paper in her hand. This was the information that the woman sent to the original agent, including some false injury certificates and the evidence that his words hurt her. In short, with the help of the public’s curiosity about the privacy of stars, she uses the information that seems to be of no importance to ordinary people, but has a certain impact on stars.

“I really won’t release this information!” The woman was a little aggrieved, “I just want to get back together.”

In short, if you don’t want to get back together, she would “blow up the news”.

“To tell you the truth, it’s a waste of time for you to do this to him.” Wen Ying looked at Jiang Ke, as if she was seriously suspicious of the other party’s taste. Then she said aggressively, “You are 26 years old now, and you have a bright and long future, but if you are impulsive in this matter, it may not be the same. I’m not his original agent. I’m not so easy to talk about. After knowing your existence, I’ve already started to prepare black materials about you. Think for yourself, once your black information is revealed in the fan circle, I will ask the water army to send a draft in advance to complain for Jiang Ke, and put a dose of preventive injection on all the contents of your “disclosure”. How many fans does Jiang Ke have? How many brain powders? How many core fans are there? You’ve also seen a lot of weibo gossip in the entertainment industry. In order to protect their idols, it’s hard for fans to be rational. They will rush to your weibo, flesh out your information, dig out your deeper privacy, complain about all your shortcomings, even pester your family, and go to your home to chase and intercept……”

The woman shook subconsciously because of her words, “If you threaten me like this, I can sue you! I’ve recorded what you just said. I’ll……”

Her words were not finished yet, but Wen Ying had already felt from her waist pocket to her jeans pocket to her thighs and all the way down to her feet. The technique was very skilled, and the woman started to blush.

Under Jiang Ke’s surprised expression, she said: “Did you forget to bring it? Don’t worry. I’ve prepared one and recorded what I just said, including your admission that the materials you prepared are all false accusations against Jiang Ke, and it was just for asking him to get back together. “

Did she admit to it?

The woman tried hard to recall, but found that she can’t recall anything at all.

After several rounds, she was tired of dealing with it. At last, under Wen Ying’s bullet like speech, she fully gave up the thought of reuniting and angrily left. Just before she left, she let off steam and hit Wen Ying with her shoulder, then left angrily.

Wen Ying’s heels were high today. Her bump twisted her body and sprained her feet. Her high heels also left her feet.

Jiang Ke quickly came forward to hold her and put her on the equipment chair.

A long-time problem was solved. A big stone within his heart fell to the ground and he felt a lot more lighthearted. He couldn’t help feeling grateful to Wen Ying.

Wen Ying rubbed her lower ankle and did not forget to say to him, “Don’t forget to properly take a good look at others in the future. Her personality is simple and stupid. It’s no use trying to reason with her. She is indecisive and thinks that she can try again. Even after a long time, she will come up with extreme plans. It’s necessary to cut the mess quickly with this type of personality……”

Jiang Ke picked up her shoes and squatted in front of her. He looked up at her with his charming narrow eyes. “Yes yes yes, I understand. Your Majesty, please lift your feet.”

She paused, she had just lifted her toes when it was caught into the palm of his hand. Immediately, there seemed to be an electric current.

The two people subconsciously looked at each other.

At this time, they heard a personal trainer greet the client who had just entered the door, “Brother Sen, you are sure early today……”

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