WFILTU Chapter 244 – Past III

“Let’s go for a snack then?” Xue Jiao turned her head, her voice a little excited.

Ever since she became Gu Xuejiao, she hasn’t eaten any snacks!

Every day, if she was not eating in the canteen, then she would be eating at home. Even if the family came out to dine together, they had also never eaten snacks together.

“Snacks?” Lin Zhihua was stunned for a moment.

Xue Jiao raised her hand and pointed to the corner near the front——

“It’s that street……”

She was a little embarrassed, with a slight blush on her cheek. She pointed to the front and looked at him eagerly.

Lin Zhihua’s heart softened and he nodded, helplessly saying, “Alright.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes sparkled, her steps light and she even beckoned——

“Come on, come on! There must be a lot of people! “

In order to meet her today, Lin Zhihua specially changed out of his suit and came to see her in casual clothes.

This was what the assistant looked for someone to pick, it was said that……it let him look younger.

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His hairstyle was not serious, some bangs covering slightly over his forehead, so that his sharp eyes were a little less indifferent.

In addition, ever since he saw Xue Jiao his face had carried a smile. While standing besides Xue Jiao, he actually didn’t look out of place.

The snack street was very lively for Xue Jiao. She worked in the snack street in her last life, and she has not tasted it for a long time, which made her entire person fall into a kind of excitement.

But for Lin Zhihua——

His brow was wrinkled, and his eyes were full of pain and resistance.

Lin Zhihua has never been to such a place. Crowded places make him feel very uncomfortable, so much that ever since Lin Zhihua has a memory, he doesn’t want outsiders anywhere he goes.

After taking over Lin Shi, many places he went to were cleared.

Even in the company, he has his own elevator and parking lot. Except for the manager and other senior managers, other employees can’t see him unless they have special circumstances.

Lin Zhihua, who excluded human contact……

Snack street……it was really his first time here……

His brows were tight. The people coming and going around, especially in summer, mixed with the smell of sweat and strong body odors, made Lin Zhihua feel suffocated.

In addition, most of the girls who came and went next to him seemed to be only one finger away from him.

Lin Zhihua’s forehead began to sweat, and there was an impulse to turn around and leave.

“Ah! Is that a chicken wing bun? ” Xue Jiao’s eyes were shining while staring in front of her, and an excited finger pulled on Lin Zhihua’s sleeve.

He seemed to be able to smell the faint fragrance of her and isolated all the pain around him.

Lin Zhihua tilted his head and inhaled deeply on her head, finally suppressing his physiological aversion.

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