SOOEW Chapter 187- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXVII

Even if his sense of existence in the play was reduced, his reputation and character were still in the hearts of ordinary audiences, including the Sen fans who stirred up the most trouble. They all shut up after he spoke.

The ordinary audiences could all see Zhou Zhou’s performance. If such a wonderful performance can’t be selected by the director, then that would be the real hidden rules. It’s not his fault that he hasn’t been in a play. On the contrary, it shows that he has great talent and was more likable.

《Cheng Emperor》 could be said to be the model of the role of the actor becomes famous, the role becomes famous, but the drama is not famous. After all, the work itself did not get a good score, but the scenes and plot of the treacherous official were well appraised. After increasing the popularity of Ning Xiao and Zhou Zhou consecutively, Wen Ying was finally highly valued in Huandi.

After being praised at the company’s regular meeting, she readily accepted the complicated eyes, and the sincere or false congratulations. People who have compliments know about the competition between her and Liu Yi, so they tell her: “I heard that once Xing Chen knew that there was a chance to sign in to Zhou Zhou, and it was Liu Yi who failed in the competition with you that made him come to our Huandi, in addition to the film that she chose for Yang Sen which didn’t sell well, and when he came back to act in a TV drama, he was also robbed of the limelight by a male number two, she was scolded miserably, and the directors over there are all questioning whether she has the ability to lead a big shot. If you want me to speak, Xing Chen must regret that they didn’t keep you at that time. For an embroidered pillow, they lost a great general! “

This person was right. Liu Yi was really in a mess. At the beginning, she didn’t think that this Zhou Zhou was that Zhou Zhou. When she knew this, she was in a very complicated mood, as if she had eaten a fly and couldn’t swallow it or spit it out.

Over the years, she has never failed in her means of operating young men, but she has been caught in the hands of the fat man under Wen Ying. But on second thought, if it wasn’t for

Wen Ying causing trouble, Zhou Zhou would have been signed under her own name!

She was not reconciled. After she tried to contact Zhou Zhou again, she was hung up on without the other party even attempting to ask a question. In a rage, she asked people to put pictures out of Zhou Zhou’s obese period on the Internet, trying to arouse the disgust of those face cons. She didn’t expect that when she put out the photos, she received a lot of #Before, I was also a fatty.# ranking the first in the hot search, and it didn’t leave the hot search for a long time.

The fans chanted: “Every fatty is a potential stock!”

“My treacherous official, you obviously could rely on your talent, but you just have to become thin and handsome! Blinding! You! People!”

“I was fat before, but now I’m thin and beautiful. What an inspirational model!! I’m so proud of this idol!”

When Jiang Ke and Yang Sen spoke on the phone,  he almost went crazy from laughter.

“No way, she really had the picture put up?”

On Yang Sen’s end, he let out an “en”. Jiang Ke himself could even think of his appearance of holding his forehead. Jiang Ke ridiculed: “The fans are really different from the fans before. The amount they can accept is a lot wider. What is losing weight, it’s not like that is cosmetic surgery. Even if it was cosmetic surgery, aren’t those who should be popular still popular. Liu Yi used to seem good, but she was a little out of proportion when up against her……”

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Just mentioning the person in profile, Jiang Ke felt his heart beat but he forcibly suppressed it back down.

He only heard the man on the other end of the phone whisper: “After all, not everyone is like her.”

Both knew who the word “she” meant.

“……you think so highly of her, why didn’t you refute the above decision at the beginning?”

Yang Sen was silent.

“Alright, I’m too lazy to care about the things between you two——”

Jiang Ke didn’t finish his sentence, and only heard him say, “One day, I saw her and another man come out of the hotel……”

Jiang Ke’s heart suddenly jumped up until he heard the next sentence.

“It was another artist in her hand when he was with her at Xing Chen”

Jiang Ke’s mood suddenly became complicated, and he murmured: “How can there be another one?”

Yang Sen didn’t notice the oddity when he said this sentence. After all, it’s well known that the news about Wen Ying’s flowery ways has spread. It was not wrong for Jiang Ke to say that.

“In fact, I learned afterwards that she just brought the artist to a dinner party, but I felt a little out of control between me and her. ” Yang Sen said, “She is my agent, I am her actor, this is the relationship that we both agreed on. She has a dinner appointment with people, even if they had really opened a room, I should not have any emotion. But at that time……I didn’t feel happy. “

After all, the two men didn’t talk too much on the topic of emotion. Yang Sen just let out his emotion inadvertently, but Jiang Ke felt guilty and didn’t dare to ask anything, so he changed the topic hastily.

But for Wen Ying, Jiang Ke suddenly had a new idea.

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