WFILTU Chapter 243 – Past II

Xue Jiao nodded heavily, she will be tested into Beijing in the future. She doesn’t say that she eats delicious food every day, but occasionally she can follow Lin Zhihua with a thick face to have a meal……

Lin Zhihua took a look at her and pretended to be careless: “You’re going to enter year three very soon. In the past two years, the score line of college entrance examination is getting higher and higher, and there are only more and more students with good academic performance. There is only one year left. You can’t relax for a moment.”

Xue Jiao always felt that Lin Zhihua was like her teacher, and she respected him like a teacher.

These words from Lin Zhihua’s mouth, were like a teacher’s earnest instruction.

Xue Jiao was a little moved. His warning was his care for her.

She lived over again, but not everyone in the world has the chance to do it all over again. She still doesn’t understand why was born again, but it doesn’t prevent her from knowing——this was the chance she must seize!

Xue Jiao nodded heavily again, which was not only a promise to Lin Zhihua, but also a promise to herself——

“I will! I will definitely cherish my new chance again!”

Lin Zhihua turned his head to look at her.

Xue Jiao froze slightly. She just said something she shouldn’t have said……

She had a moment’s panic and immediately remedied: “I mean I didn’t work hard before, this is a new opportunity!”

Lin Zhihua nodded, as if he didn’t notice her confusion.

He was just satisfied with a smile, and then whispered: “I believe you, I hope my eyes will not be wrong.”

Xue Jiao scratched her head and was relieved.

He definitely didn’t notice his specious words!

After all, who could be associated with such bizarre events as being attached to others?

The car slowly came to the place Xue Jiao pointed out. It stopped in front at first. The two people walked over side by side.

“Right over……” Xue Jiao, because she noticed that the shop was closed.

Her voice suddenly rose, with surprise: “Yi? Is it closed? “

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Lin Zhihua took a look at the store. It looked very ordinary. There was a hung sign at the door——

Long established brand.

He shrugged, “Are they not open today?”

Xue Jiao was also at a loss. She took another look, scratched her head and said, “I don’t know why, they aren’t open today……”

“Then let’s switch to another restaurant?”


Xue Jiao felt a little embarrassed. She had especially brought Lin Zhihua, but they just happened to run into a time when the restaurant hadn’t opened yet, and came for nothing.

Lin Zhihua shook his head and said with a smile, “What else do you recommend?”

He didn’t care at all. After all, he only came to see her, not to eat.

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  1. Ah he came to “see her” and “not to eat”… so when will be the day you’ll come to see her and to eat…. her? 😉 oh man I’m being too aggressive in their slow burning romance hahahaha

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  3. I wonder if Lin Zhihua is also a transmigrator? Xue Jiao said Lin Shi isn’t mentioned in the original. Is it possible?

    • I think the assassination attempt succeeded since none pulled him out of the car so Lin Shi fell apart without him. The business world would only start getting described when Mingze took over Pengcheng so Lin Shi could have been long gone by then.

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