WFILTU Chapter 242 – Past I

“Lin Zhihua!” Xue Jiao’s voice sounded surprised.

Her eyes lit up slightly, first in surprise, then with a smile, her eyebrows curving.

Her plain face carried a glistening smile. Just by looking at her smile, it would make people feel soft, as if something had melted, soft and warm.

Lin Zhihua’s smile could not be controlled, and his eyes were also full of smiles.

“Jiao Jiao.”

When he saw her, he felt that it was worthwhile for him to come back after a short nap due to finishing the company matters all night.

It was very worth it.

Seeing her face, it was worth the effort.

“Why are you here!” Xue Jiao’s tone was also colored by surprise. It could be seen that seeing Lin Zhihua made her very happy.

Lin Zhihua got out of the car, opened the car door for her, and said, “I came here for something important. It just happened that you said that W City also had some delicious food so I came to find you.”

With that, he nodded his head and motioned for Xue Jiao to get on the car.

Xue Jiao nodded, went around to the shotgun seat and got on the car, saying with a smile, “Then that’s just perfect. I haven’t eaten yet. I’ll take you!”

“All right.” Lin Zhihua smiled, took back the hand protecting her, returned to the driver’s seat and started the car.

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Xue Jiao wanted to take him to that shop that Cheng Shuo brought them to before. In fact, she doesn’t know how to taste delicious food, but the taste of that shop was really good. It was also a small shop, but it’s been passed down for several decades.

“It’s just ahead, to the left.” Xue Jiao commandeered.

Lin Zhihua looked at her with a smile and said, “So you actually really like to eat……”

Xue Jiao blushed, coughed and said with embarrassment, “It’s not……it’s just that I wrote it down……I can eat it when I have a chance……”

Lin Zhihua chuckled, and his voice that carried a slight oscillation in his throat made Xue Jiao feel even more embarrassed.

“Then I will often ask you to bring me out to eat. I seldom know where to eat. I only eat in one shop.”

One shop?

Xue Jiao’s eyes brightened, her pair of bright eyes staring straight at Lin Zhihua: “Is it that shop at Wu Lou Alley?”

Lin Zhihua nodded.

Xue Jiao in her heart “tears covering her face”, and grievously said: “That shop…… I can eat for a lifetime……”

That smell!!

She’s finished!

Lin Zhihua’s smile never disappeared after he saw her.

“Study hard and come to Beijing as soon as possible.”

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