SOOEW Chapter 186- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXVI

The audience rating of 《Cheng Emperor》 fell below everyone’s glasses. As soon as it was launched, the audience rating broke 1, which was a good start. However, after the gratifying start, the audience rating of the later series gradually declined, which exceeded people’s imagination. In addition to ratings, network broadcast volume and discussion are also one of the evaluation criteria in today’s era. However, the same thing, compared with the previous mighty propaganda and fight, when the time of the official broadcast came, the Weibo discussion was crushed by other dramas, and it couldn’t even lift water flowers.

“Brother Sen’s new play is well shaped and full of vicissitudes……do I feel that way alone?”

“Mememe! I also think it’s good when I look at the make-up photos. Maybe it was embellished? It really is a bit disheartening[Face con is lost.JPG] “

“The plot is tasteless and dull. The revenge of exterminating the family is a very tense foreshadowing, but I have no patience to watch the plot pulling around in Jianghu!”

“If the total score is five, just forcefully give it two. One to Yang Sen, the acting skill of the movie emperor is still good. 0.5 to the costumes and props, and 0.5 for sympathy.”

There were so many similar comments, but this situation continues until the sixth episode, when suddenly there was a surprising change.

A new character——the treacherous minister, had appeared.

The hero was still in Jianghu to avoid pursuit, but in order to pave the way for his future situation, the picture finally changed from his perspective to the political struggle in the court. First, there was a scene in the main hall, where the two parties criticized each other, ignoring the existence of the young emperor, and they quarreled endlessly. In the next shot, the night was dark and the wind was blowing. A man in black entered  the minister’s house and cut the master’s throat behind the screen, splashing blood on the screen.

Finally, the picture was fixed in front of the window of the master bedroom of the treacherous minister’s mansion.

The bamboo leaves rustle, reflecting the situation in the house. The man in black knelt outside the window to reply. The treacherous minister turned his back to the window and listened to the dead man’s report. He didn’t smile until he heard the news he wanted. Inside the window frame, he slightly tilted his head to reveal his chin and nose. Under the shadow of the yellow light, the side of his face was extremely fierce and gloomy, but the corners of his lips were full of beautiful feelings.

“Well done.”

A husky, magnetic voice came from his mouth.

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This scene appeared in the last scene of the sixth episode. It wasn’t until the end of the episode that the audience returned from their intoxication. At present, someone posted a screenshot on The official Weibo of 《Cheng Emperor》, excitedly asking who it was. In a short night, the treacherous minister who only exposed half his face has become the face of the play. He has been on the hot search, and many passers-by are competing to ask.

On the second day, the audience rating of 《Cheng Emperor》 just like a backwater rose slightly, which immediately attracted the attention of the film, and pushed heavily as the relevant content for network publicity.

It wasn’t until this time that many people were surprised to find that this treacherous minister was the second male who had been criticized for nothing some time ago, the one who entered through hidden rule!

At the beginning, the audience who knew the truth had an emotional rebound, saying “With such a good face, no wonder it can be hidden!”

“Ai, originally I could have expected that he would be a character with both beauty and acting skills, but I didn’t expect that it would be him……”

But such comments were only temporary. On the third day, the fourth day, and the fifth day……as the plot of the treacherous minister unfolded, Zhou Zhou’s performance became even more amazing. Even if the treacherous minister killed the good minister, coveted the Empress Dowager and attempted to usurp the throne, the brain-damaged powder still knelt down under his beautiful robes and vowed to join the treacherous party!

The confrontation between Yang Sen and him in the Empress Dowager’s palace made the audience’s ratings rise significantly, with one evil and one positive, and the two people who were competing with each other’s acting skills made the audience feel great. However, the content of the miserable childhood of the treacherous minister and the meaning of “little older sister” to him was released, which immediately caused a hot discussion on Weibo.

“The treacherous minister is such a good character. His steadfast cruelty didn’t come to be without a reason, only for the sister who helped him in his childhood, and he remembered it till now……”

“I don’t think he forced the little elder sister, otherwise how could he give up the entanglement just because the hero stopped him once? His strength comes from their different identities. There is a natural gap between them. If he doesn’t show courage, how can he get the person he likes? “

“Ah, the blue sky above the head of Yangzhou! Loving and killing each other, don’t burn too much! “

The treacherous official and the dowager empress, and the treacherous official with the male leads CP were both on fire. Both the BG party and the BL party have found their own space. Many people find that the main and supporting roles in this play are quite attractive. After seeing the widely circulated screenshots of the series, everyone jumped into the pit one after another and dug out what they wanted to see from the original plot.

Almost overnight, Zhou Zhou’s name was known by people, and it attracted wide attention in the entertainment circle. Although the audience’s comments on Zhou Zhou, the actor of the treacherous minister, were polarized due to the disturbance of some time ago, the negative news would be suppressed as soon as the director and screenwriter of the play came forward to clarify.

Yang Sen also sent a message on Weibo: “Zhou Zhou is a rarely seen good actor. I don’t need to say more. His acting will let you understand.”

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