WFILTU Chapter 241 – One Cut V

The other end of the phone was suddenly quiet. After a while, she said, “I still want to finish my studies. I can’t go back to school any more if I return. I can only get a foreign degree.”

She paused, then quietly spoke: “As for the tuition……I still have some myself.”

“You have?” Gu Jingxu doubted. Although he gave her a lot of money when she left abroad, it was not enough for her to study continuously!

The school she chose to attend required sky high tuition fees every year.

Gu Shiyun was quiet for a moment, then said, “I sold the shares under my name.”

“What?” Gu Jingxu jumped up in shock.

The shares she spoke about were obviously those of his company!

A long time ago, Gu Shiyun had asked him for some shares. She was still underage, so they were placed under the name of Wu Wanjun.

“When did you sell it?” Gu Jingxu’s eyes widened and his eyes reddened.

“Before the bankruptcy and liquidation of the company, I asked the agent to find my mother to sign and sold a sum of money.” Gu Shiyun also told the truth.

There was nothing to hide. Gu Shiyun doesn’t think she did anything wrong. It’s impossible for the company to stay. She only took the money out in time.

If she didn’t get rid of it in time, she would not even be able to study abroad!

“Well done! Gu Shiyun, you are truly so good! ” Gu Jingxu was so angry that his forehead became blue again.

He knew that Gu Shiyun had a deep heart. When she was calculating Xue Jiao before, although he was angry, he was still a little excited. He was glad that the other party was so smart.

But this was when the share of smarts was used on others, but when the smarts were used on themselves, it did not feel so good!

He was lying on the hospital bed, and had no time to see who threw stones into the well, who stuck to the end with the company……

But his daughter, who held a little of his shares, was also throwing stones down the well!

This well in the eyes of others, was it not that the Gu Family has even given up themselves?

No wonder the back fell so fast that it collapsed in a flash.

It turned out that their own people gave information to others!

It was true that she was guaranteed to get some money immediately if she made a move, but similarly, she will become the hand that would prevent the company from turning around!

“Bang——” Gu Jingxu smashed his phone, his eyes flushing.

He swiftly backhanded Wu Wanjun in the face, clenching his teeth: “You are really good!”

His breathing became heavy, he gasped desperately, his palm on his heart.

The daughter he protected, personally gave him a knife! Ruthlessly sticking it in his heart!

On the other end of the phone, Gu Shiyun looked at the phone, slightly stunned.

She was not wrong. Even if Gu Jingxu was angry, she still has to sell it. Otherwise, the money can’t reach her. If she can keep it, it will only be in Gu Jingxu’s place. Besides……she can’t keep it at all!

She still needed to study. She must not be soft hearted!

Thinking of this, Gu Shiyun frowned slightly.

Gu Xuejiao asked her to keep a record and study abroad, but as soon as she came out, Gu Jingxu quickly went bankrupt……

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Was there any insider who had something to do with it?

No! Impossible! Gu Xuejiao and her stepfather don’t have such great strength!

Who was it?

It really doesn’t matter?

No! There must be a connection! Otherwise, how could Li Sitong, who wanted to die with her the first day, be relieved the next day?

Gu Shiyun suddenly felt as if she had stepped into a big net……

She tightened her clothes and was suddenly afraid.


Before the final exam, the first exam to come was the monthly exam. The monthly exam was moved to June 5, finishing on June 6, and then the college entrance examination was on June 7 and 8.

Although Xue Jiao did her best to prepare for the exam, the incident of Gu Shiyun still had a little influence on her life.

The subtle gap between her and Chu Sheng, caused her to be very easily affected.

Xueba, unless they had an extremely talented brain, most of them still squeezed out every minute for learning.

On the day of the test, Uncle Xing brought Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao to take a taxi over. After all, tomorrow was the college entrance examination, and Cheng Mingze was the most important person in their family these two days.

Xue Jiao was also careful every day for fear of affecting Cheng Mingze.

She walked out of the gate of Qizhong School with her head down, thinking about the gains and losses on her monthly exam and her learning situation during this period.

“Dududu——” a horn sounded from the side.

Xue Jiao looked up and the car window rolled down slowly.

A delicate face appeared in her eyes. The corners of the other party’s mouth rose slightly. He looked to be in a good mood. His eyes were as black as ink, like a whirlpool.

Xue Jiao’s eyes brightened.


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Lin Zhihua: Rabbit, can’t you let me have a word???

Rabbit: I had even let you show your face, what else do you want?!

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