SOOEW Chapter 185- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXV

After she got on the car, the paparazzi still scolded her, but he didn’t see any changes on her face, as if she had adapted to this situation.

Looking at her car, Yang Sen thought of the past.

She was not aggressive from the moment when she entered society. Of course, she was always a tough person. At first, she didn’t know how to deal with paparazzi and couldn’t afford to hire bodyguards. She could only swallow her anger to communicate with paparazzi. However, it turned out that she couldn’t offer any good opportunities and the others didn’t buy it. In a rage, she smashed the other’s camera and refused to apologize, causing a bad impact. She was once besieged by the paparazzi.

At that time, his career was just starting, and was influenced by her. She probably felt sorry in her heart, but she didn’t talk to him much, so she worked overtime day and night to get better resources for him.

The agents are just such a role. Not only do they have to give up their body but they also have to be able to give up their face, and also when the actors have sang red, they have to play a white face to block the attacks from the outside.

“What’s the matter?”

Liu Yi saw that he didn’t get in the car. She couldn’t help coming down to ask him. Seeing that he looked in the direction and didn’t say a word, she said, “Sister Wen Ying’s attitude has always been so tough. In fact, she’s not very nice to the actors either. In the end, the paparazzis are human beings too. If you are polite, they would give you some face.”

Yang Sen looked at it for a while, then turned back to the car. His low voice was mixed with unknown emotions, “Sometimes, being weak will only be bullied. Only the tough can protect the actor.”

Wen Ying knows that being tough is all because she has the strength to use it in the right place, but don’t use it in the wrong place.

After the ” Cheng Emperor’s” trailer was released, Zhou Zhou’s play was reduced to only two or three scenes, all of which flashed by, leaving no impression. For this reason, the people who pinched him didn’t give up. Only a small number of people thought that their demands had been met. However, the vast majority of people thought that Zhou Zhou’s performance was unsatisfactory when they saw the film. Otherwise, why were there so few scenes? In this case, the crew refused to change actors, which shows the depth of his background. This has further aroused their rebellious mentality.

In the office, the producer saw Wen Ying’s gift and said with a smile, “I’ve read all the rumors about Zhou Zhou on the Internet, but you can rest assured that with such a good actor, we won’t give up just because one or two people are noisy.”

“I know.” Wen Ying wore a white silhouette jacket and wide-leg suit pants of the same color, exposing her smart and capable side. At the moment, she held a cup of tea but didn’t drink it. She says, “The male leading role gives you a lot of pressure, and it’s not easy for you guys either.”

The producer didn’t expect that she was so well-informed, so he could not help but feel a thump in his heart, but he was not afraid of her making a scene. After all, Zhou Zhou being able to join the group was already a special treat for her.

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Yet, he heard her say, “I can fully cooperate with their arrangement, you can rest assured, this is all for the popularity of this drama.”

The producer nodded frequently: “It’s good that you can understand.”

“But I believe that no matter how generous you are, you will not want a failed work to prove yourself, would you?” She changed her words and smiled at him, “I don’t care if the crew connives at the people who spill dirty water, and I can also ignore the flowers. But if you want to get a perfect work, then you should ensure its integrity, and it won’t be arbitrarily deleted. I think this should be a necessary premise, and it should also be the consensus of us.”

The producer was silent, and there was a slight movement in his heart.

Liu Yi’s practice in this regard has long aroused people’s dissatisfaction, but because of their consideration for her background, they tolerated her means.

Just as he was thinking, Wen Ying handed a few photos to the other. The picture was the nanny car sprayed with paint. The shocking words made him stunned.

This was what Wen Ying ordered to be shot later. It was taken from a frightening angle.

“Some people’s means are too much. If you cooperate with such people, you may not have good results in the future.” In fact, Liu Yi may not have asked people to do this, but in the process of negotiation, it can become a bargaining chip.

After a pause, she followed up with, “But our Zhou Zhou is different. Whether it’s a screenwriter or a director, or you, yourself, when you first chose him, didn’t you feel moved by his performance?” She chuckled, “To be honest, I brought them both out. I have the most speaking rights. The highest award Yang Sen can get is the Golden Horn award, but Zhou Zhou——”

The producer looked at her and his heart beat a few times faster.

“The direction I set for him is international.”

Under the intense discussion on the Internet, “Cheng Emperor” began to broadcast. On the day of its launch, Yang Sen’s Mi fans gathered in front of the TV and computer, hoping to see the image of their film emperor.

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