WFILTU Chapter 240 – One Cut IV

Without those precious things, what would she usually eat? What would she wear for clothing? What accessories would she wear?!

How can she go shopping with her little sister? How could she keep her temperament?

Gu Jingxu stared at her and suddenly didn’t know what he married such a woman for!

Although Li Sitong has a bad temper and would not coax him, Li Sitong was a woman who can share wealth and woe with him.

At that time, Li Sitong’s father didn’t agree with them. Li Sitong eloped with him. They also had a hard time.

Although Li Sitong would cry, she always accompanied him and sold all the things she brought out. She was such a proud woman who would accompany him to bear hardships together.

And Wu Wanjun?

He just let her sell some luxury goods, but she doesn’t even want to!

This was all bought using his money!

“If you can’t afford to eat, what are you going to use luxury goods for?” Gu Jingxu was angry.

Now that he had no source of income, there was no way to turn over. Wu Wanjun’s luxuries and jewelry are also worth a lot of money!

Of course, Gu Jingxu doesn’t know how much pressure real life was.

Wu Wanjun nodded: “Sell sell sell!”

This was her old habit, she did not dare disobey Gu Jingxu.

But what she thought in her heart……only she knew……

Gu Jingxu breathed a sigh of relief, looked at her and comforted her with a few words: “Let’s go to the school district house first, and wait for things to be bought. I’ll see if I can do some business again. One day, I will have everything I lost again!”

Wu Wanjun looked at him and said nothing.

When Gu Jingxu went to the bathroom, Wu Wanjun ran out with a bag.

She called Gu Shiyun while running——

“Shiyun! Your dad is really over. He even cared about my jewelry! What good days can I have with him in the future? !”

Her voice was flustered. Without waiting for the person on the opposite side to speak, Wu Wanjun continued: “I can’t stay any longer besides your father. I will certainly live a hard life with your father if I continue to live here!”

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At the other end of the phone, a shocked female voice said, “Mom, do you want to run away with jewelry and money? !”

Wu Wanjun lowered her voice: “Mom will come to find you with money!”

Was she crazy to continue to live with Gu Jingxu? She has lived a hard life since she was a child, and she was afraid of it. In this life she never wanted to live a hard life again!

If she could live a hard life, how could she have followed Gu Jingxu for so many years?

Gu Shiyun inhaled deeply and suppressed her temper.

“Mom! You can’t leave my dad! “

“What?” She didn’t expect that her daughter would disagree. Wu Wanjun was stunned.

Gu Shiyun’s voice was angry and helpless: “you just think it’s hard to live with my father, but how long can you live with your money? My father will make money anyway. You can bear it for a while. If my father makes money again, you can live a good life again! “

Gu Shiyun knows her mother too well. Now her mother’s wasteful mentality has turned into a habit. She’s also older, even if she were to be a Xiao San, no one would want her!

Her mother thought that she would have to depend all on her in the future!

Gu Shiyun didn’t even figure out what to do in the future. How could Wu Wanjun drag her down?

Therefore, she can only persuade her to stay with Gu Jingxu!

“Ah?” Wu Wanjun was stunned.

If she thought about it carefully, it’s true that Gu Shiyun was still studying. She can’t support her. She doesn’t have the ability to make money. Even if she sells all her jewelry, she can’t live a lifetime like this…..:

She thought, gritting her teeth and walking back.

“Where are you going?” Gu Jingxu was a little angry. He didn’t find anyone when he came out of

the bathroom!

Wu Wanjun stammered: “Shiyun called back……”

She just wanted to run. At this moment, her eyes were a little guilty. Fortunately, Gu Jingxu didn’t pay attention to her.

Gu Jingxu raised his brows, a haggard and gloomy face finally exposing a little smile: “I’ll also say a few words to Shiyun.”

Wu Wanjun nodded in a hurry, dialed the phone and handed it to him.

“Hey, Shiyun, you should know about Dad……”

The voice on the other end of the phone was soft, comforting him: “I know, Dad, it’s a foregone conclusion. We can only start again.”

Listening to her voice without resentment, Gu Jingxu was relieved and said, “Don’t worry, Dad won’t be discouraged!”

After being hit hard for such a long time, only others’ encouragement and trust can give him support again.

“I believe you, Dad.” Gu Shiyun continued to say good things.

Gu Jingxu seemed to think of something and asked: “Shiyun, your tuition is so expensive……dad may not be able to take it out anymore……how about you come back and help me instead……”

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