SOOEW Chapter 184- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXIV

It is very important to show a trace of humanity while exposing great evil.

The scene that was about to be shot was the confrontation between the hero and the treacherous minister. This was the moment when the treacherous minister was the most powerful, and the hero had become the bodyguard of the young emperor. Not long ago, when he followed the young emperor to the Empress Dowager’s palace, he ran into the treacherous minister who wanted to “plot against the Empress Dowager”, and the two immediately broke out in conflict.

Accustomed to the harsh requirements of the big screen director, the small screen was very easy for Yang Sen to control. He was even worried about decreasing his pressure for the play, and did not use all his energy to act.

This time was the same. Next to him were the masses that did not dare to go up under the authority of the treacherous minister. The hero, under the Empress Dowager’s scream, blocked in front of the treacherous minister.

Today’s leading actor was not only shrewd and changeable, but also knowledgeable and polite. His back was straight and unyielding, but his vision fell down on the nose of the treacherous minister. He was neither too offensive nor too weak. This was a really good performance of the hero’s characteristics.


Zhou Zhou’s treacherous official was a big surprise for everyone.

According to the script, at this time, after a smile, he will ask his subordinates to arrest the person. Zhou Zhou did not. He approached Yang Sen, his eyes gloomy and full of unhappiness. The atmosphere moved slowly and rhythmically with him, falling into a state of depression and silence, and the eyes of the whole audience turned to him.

Yang Sen felt as if his heart had been pinched, beating slowly and heavily. He became ready to follow the pace of the other party.

In the next second, the treacherous minister laughed, he even laughed with a bit of gloom, unprovoked but causing discomfort, then his eyes swept to the side. He did not need to read lines, his attendant had an epiphany, and immediately ordered people to catch Yang Sen!

——It’s like it was rehearsed.

How could Yang Sen stretch out his neck to wait for the executor? Because of the play’s involvement in the martial world, martial arts plays also accounted for a part of the play, which was convenient for the audience to change their minds when they were tired of watching the political struggle.

With a few moves, he broke away the binds on himself. It seemed he was about to pounce on the treacherous official.

“Very good.”

The treacherous minister spat out this sentence slowly and deeply. He didn’t seem to have any idea that he was going to be in danger. He squinted slightly and turned his eyes to the young emperor when he was approaching.

As soon as he turned around, Yang Sen, as a bodyguard, immediately felt cold all over and his hair stood up. This was the reaction of the characters in the play. Outside the play, Yang Sen was also in a cold sweat behind his back. When he read through the script, he didn’t understand how to make his character feel strong unease with the treacherous minister’s “very good” phrase?

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It wasn’t until Zhou Zhou passed him to see the young emperor, as if he would make a move to cause national unrest, that the protagonist suddenly woke up. His rash action did not only affect his safety, but also made his hair stand on end, even if it was only for a moment.

Only after a few rounds of acting, whether it’s the understanding and interpretation of the characters, the rhythm of the performance, or even the ability of the opponent, Zhou Zhou’s performance surprised Yang Sen. After a moment, he seemed to sense the gap that his elder felt on the set when he faced him. This——was a natural sense for acting interpretation.

Now he knows why Wen Ying signed this man, and this recognition made him feel the subtle emotional gap for the first time in such a long time after she left.

He didn’t seem happy that she could sign in such a good actor.

Wen Ying didn’t stay with Zhou Zhou at the beginning of the filming, which shows her confidence in him. Later, because of the increased noise on the Internet, she came with the nanny car. On this day, the play between Yang Sen and Zhou Zhou ended almost at the same time, and the two arrived at the underground garage one after another.

Just in front of the nanny car, Wen Ying found that there were sneaky figures beside the car. As soon as she saw them, they immediately threw down an iron can and ran away. Even if Wen Ying immediately lets people chase, they still probably couldn’t catch up.

After a close look, the nanny car was heavily painted with vicious words. From the front glass to the front hood, the big words read: Shameless Zhou Zhou, your whole family should die!

Zhou Zhou’s face changed slightly, staring at these words.

Wen Ying thought of his childhood. His parents who left a gambling debt, the paint that had been splashed in front of his house all day and the words that have been written enlarged. The picture in front of him will undoubtedly remind him of that experience. Just then, under his dim vision, a flash came from a certain direction.

Wen Ying was apprehensive and immediately pulled Zhou Zhou behind her.

When Yang Sen was about to get into the car, he suddenly heard the noise coming from over there. He went around to the car and saw the man who should the bodyguard beside Wen Ying. It was unknown when she had confronted the paparazzi. Zhou Zhou was called into the car by her and left her alone to deal with the paparazzi.

The paparazzi pestered nonstop, saying “I only took one picture. It’s very dark and you can’t see clearly” refusing to hand over the camera, but she was tough on deleting this one.

“Are you f****** annoying or not, I’ve already said……” The paparazzi’s upset words were just spoken to half, when he suddenly saw her skillfully take out the camera’s memory card when the bodyguard clamped him down. He watched as his card was simply broken from the middle. “Holy sh**, I fuc****——”

Wen Ying took out a few big bills from her wallet and put them in the other’s pocket, “No need for change.”

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