WFILTU Chapter 239 – One Cut III

Although summer was quietly approaching, for students, no matter what kind of day it was, they still had to suffer and study hard.

After Yi Tianyu finished with basketball, he fell into a crazy review session with Xuejiao.

Cheng Mingze was also studying. Although he has been recommended, he could still take part in the college entrance examination.

He also wanted to take the exam once. If the score was enough, he doesn’t have to change his major in school. He could apply directly to study computer science with the school.

First class universities are not so unfriendly.

At this time, Gu Jingxu was ready to leave the hospital.

“Jingxu……we don’t have the money to pay for hospitalization expenses……” Wu Wanjun was aggrieved. She hasn’t lived such a life for a long time.She couldn’t buy what she wanted and she even had to take care of Gu Jingxu in the hospital.

Gu Jingxu heard this, and annoyance rose in his heart. He fiercely glared at her: “How much money could a hospitalization cost? ! I don’t believe you didn’t leave any private money! Hurry up! Go!”

Wu Wanjun was yelled at by him and immediately went to pay while trembling.

She still has some money, but if Gu Jingxu goes bankrupt, what could this money do?

She painfully paid for the hospitalization expenses, swearing while walking to the ward.

As soon as she approached, he saw a man in a suit and shoes and his secretary standing in front of Gu Jingxu.

Gu Jingxu’s voice was low and desperate: “Has the property been cleaned up? How much do I still owe? “

The man in the suit and shoes shook his head and sighed: “President Gu, the other party withdrew in time. Your debt is equal to all your property.”

“Withdrew in time?” Gu Jingxu had a self-mocking smile, “Should I also thank that person for letting me off the hook?”

As he said this, he became angry again and smashed everything next to his hand onto the floor.

“Who the hell was it!”

The lawyer has seen many such scenes. His manner was calm: “President Gu, you should still move out from the villa as soon as possible. That villa would probably enter into an auction.”

“Bang——” The things in Wh Wanjun’s hand fell to the ground.

She picked it up and ran to the room in a hurry. Her voice was worried and her tone was in a panic: “Jingxu! We can’t move! Where would we live? “

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Wu Wanjun looked at Gu Jingxu blankly, then at his secretary and lawyer.

On what basis should they let her move? That’s her house!

The lawyer didn’t care at all, only saying in a low voice: “President Gu, there can probably be one house left. The options are the school district house next to Qi Zhong school and the apartment in the city center. If you choose the city center, you may need about 500000 approximately. If you choose the school district house, you may even receive some money back. Specifically, it depends on the auction price of the other houses.”

Gu Jingxu opened his mouth and didn’t say anything. He couldn’t understand why he had become like this? He was a successful boss. How can he choose one of the two houses he used to buy to play around in to live forever?

What happened in the end……

And who did he offend?

“President Gu?” The lawyer’s voice asked again.

“School district house……” Gu Jingxu’s voice was hoarse, and he felt hopeless with the world seemingly dark.

“All right.” The lawyer nodded, “Then I won’t disturb your rest. Please call me if you have anything.”

With that, the lawyer left in a hurry.

The secretary looked at Gu Jingxu with complicated eyes.

“You’re leaving?” This obviously meant job hopping.

“En” Gu Jingxu can’t afford to pay him any more. What should he stay to do? Charity?

If Gu Jingxu had been more benevolent, maybe the secretary would have stayed with him for some time before leaving.

But obviously, the other party was not only unkind at ordinary times, but also became angry at the secretary from time to time.


“You take care.” With that, the secretary turned and left.

“Bangbangbang——” Gu Jingxu smashed the things on the other side of the cabinet.

He glared and said angrily, “One day, I, Gu Jingxu will get up again. I won’t let go of any of these people who throw rocks on those who had fallen into the well and also those who had broken their faith.”

Wu Wanjun shrunk her neck back and thought Gu Jingxu was a little scary.

“Sell all those jewelry, famous brand bags and other things on your end!” Gu Jingxu suddenly looked up at Wu Wanjun. Now there is only this place where he can raise money.

“What?! No way!” Wu Wanjun refuted subconsciously.

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    • Tbh, Wu WanJun is a slow-in-the-mind kind of mistress. She didn’t try to join the madam circle. She also didn’t know the business trend to save her life. Like Gu Shiyun said, why let it go to the bankruptcy without transferring assets lol. If she had a little bit smart, she should have filed divorce while the man is in the hospital. Now, I guess she will be milked back whatever she was given and maybe become victim of domestic violence.

      • 1. The high society madams know she’s a homewrecker. There’s no way they genuinely accept her in their circle.
        2. Chu Sheng’s father work in audit department. Both Chu Sheng and his mother are completely disgusted by GSY and her parents. They immediately suggested Father Chu to “clean up their properties” (a.k.a freezing their money, bank accounts, properties, assets, etc.) right after they heard about the bankruptcy (it sounds like just a day or two after LZH made his move).
        3. If she’s a normal wife within normal marriage, they should know they marriage is sharing life and a kind of teamwork. When disaster strike, every member of the family (especially the married couple) would normally gather every fund (including their private/personal goods and assets) they could and used it as capital to work together to… First, stay afloat; then, to rise back.

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