WFILTU Chapter 238 – One Cut II

In the evening, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong lied on the bed, thinking. Li Sitong still sat up.

“Lao Cheng, this can’t be done. I just can’t rest!”

Cheng Shuo turned on the light. They had just laid down and so he hadn’t fallen asleep yet.

“What are you worried about?”

“Yi Tianyu! This boy must like Jiao Jiao! It’s not that I dislike him. It’s just that Jiao Jiao is going to be in year three. How can she be distracted at this time? ” Li Sitong’s voice was anxious.

In the final analysis, she is still a mother who cares about her children’s grades.

In her education, although puppy love is not heinous, it has no advantage at all.

Cheng Shuo also sat up and frowned slightly.

“This is true too. She is almost in year three, and she absolutely can’t have the slightest distraction!”

He thought of this, then glanced at the time. It hasn’t reached ten o’clock yet.

He took out his phone and made a call.

“Hello, Teacher Yin, have you slept yet?” Cheng Shuo said with a smile, and a respectful attitude.

No matter what kind of status, as the children’s parents, they should always maintain basic courtesy to the teachers.

On the other end of the phone Yin Fang was still preparing for the lesson. When she heard the sound, she smiled and said, “Is this Gu Xuejiao’s father? I’m still preparing for my lesson. What can I do for you?”

“It’s like this, after discussing with the child’s mother, I think it’s better for Xue Jiao to not to sit with Yi Tianyu. It’s better to arrange a quiet female classmate for her. Do you 1 *formal form of you think that’s ok?”

Cheng Shuo was also direct, that is, he doesn’t want her to sit with Yi Tianyu anymore. He wanted to find a quiet girl as her tablemate to avoid future trouble.

After all, with Xue Jiao’s appearance……if a male classmate was arranged, who knows what will happen?

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He was at ease with Xue Jiao, but he was not at ease with the boys outside!

If this was someone else who offered to change seats, Yin Fang would definitely refuse.

But this was Gu Xuejiao’s father. She had said before, as long as the other party does not have requests that are too overboard, they can ask her all of it!

Just changing seats, was this request overboard?

“That, Gu Xuejiao’s father, I hope we can wait until next semester to change seats. After all, this semester only has two months left. The students in the class will be adjusted next semester, and the seats will be rearranged at that time. The head of year three will no longer be in charge of the teacher’s seat arrangement. At that time I originally planned to have girls sit with girls. “

Yin Fang pushed her  glasses. As a person who cared about results only, she cared more about the students’ studies than many parents.

At that time, no one would be able to manage how she would arrange the seats. She definitely won’t let the men and women still sit together!

In the period of year three under great pressure, falling in love was also a way to relieve pressure! Such a situation is not uncommon in previous years!

Cheng Shuo smiled. They’ve already sat for an entire year, what was a meagre two months.

“Alright, thank you, Teacher Yin. Good night, Teacher Yin.”

Cheng Shuo put his cell phone aside and laid down again.

Li Sitong asked anxiously, “How is it? Did the teacher agree? “

“She agreed, but they will only change during the third year of high school. There are still two months left.”

Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo thought about this, it was just two more months.


At this time, Yi Tianyu didn’t know that his deskmate was about to fly away.

It was rare to relax after a game. Yi Tianyu and his friends didn’t come back until very late. He opened a bottle of water and drank a few mouthfuls.

The weather was slowly starting to heat up, so he was sweating on his forehead.

“You’re back?” Yi Dafa also slowly came down and poured a glass of water to drink.

“En.” Yi Tianyu nodded while drinking.

Yi Dafa raised his brows: “Are you going out to play as soon as you relax?”

Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes. With his vigorous face, even if he rolled his eyes were still handsome, “Dad, the competition is over.”

As he spoke, he put the water in his hand back to its original position.

“En, the competition has really ended.” Yi Dafa also didn’t care much, nodded and walked into the room, “but the final exam is about to start, and class one will start kicking people again.”

Yi Dafa finished his thoughts, then calmly closed the door.

Yi Tianyu: “? ? ?”

Final exam?

Holy s***!

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  3. Lol 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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  4. I really want Li Sitong to meet Tianyu face-to-face and hear him explain how because of his “puppy love” that he was able to see how important hard work was. It’s like how having someone you know experience a difficult situation and surviving it and hearing someone who has always been successful talk about “hard times” to someone who hasn’t experienced it at all.

    • Li Sitong won’t care. Yi Tianyu had puppy love to get motivation to study but that is because Xue Jiao is dense. She won’t let the risk of having Yi Tianyu blatant “liking” to distract Xue Jiao.. much more that they are finally third year. Our home child is much more important than other’s home child.

  5. People who are able to pull off high school (heck, even elementary school) and have time for extracurriculars will always have my respect. I got good grades but man, I needed every spare second to de-stress.

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