WFILTU Chapter 237 – One Cut I

Yi Tianyu rushed straight over and placed his hands on Xue Jiao’s waist to lift her up.

“Oh ho~hahaha! bookworm! We won! ” Yi Tianyu raised her, cheered and placed her back down.

If he was not too tired, he can definitely hold her the entire time, but this basketball game had overworked him a little. His hands were weak, and he can still hold Xue Jiao only due to his strong excitement.

Xue Jiao’s expression was muddled, silly.

Yi Tianyu was still cheering——

“Hahaha! Bookworm! !”

No one knew how happy he was now or how much he had paid with effort to win this game.

It’s not fake that the sports high school has won the championship for so many years. No matter how strong Yi Tianyu and Cheng Mingze were, they can’t compete with the other team’s five long-term trainees.

For this competition, Yi Tianyu practiced from morning to night. In order to exercise his physical strength, he has been running to class every day for the past six months.

Cheng Mingze also made great efforts, plus the three other team members who burned their bridges……

Only when they win can they enter the door to a good university. If they lose, their life’s starting

point would become much lower.

Yi Tianyu’s family was well-off. Yi Dafa hoped that he could get good grades and get a good college entrance examination score. It’s nothing more than adding bricks and tiles to make up for Yi Dafa’s regret.

If he wants to be the same as Xi Junyang, after graduating from high school, he would go abroad to study economics and come back to work in the company, and his life will also be much better than most people.

But after he knew Xue Jiao, he knew what hard work was, and he knew how it felt to pursue a dream.

He made great efforts. He didn’t want to be left far behind by Xue Jiao and his hard work turned into vain.

This game held the same meaning as a battlefield to him.

The present him, was the winning general.

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Yi Tianyu’s action was so fast that the people around him haven’t reacted yet.

Cheng Mingze, who was the first to return to his mind, almost immediately moved aside the people beside him and reached out to Yi Tianyu with a blackened face.

Yi Dafa: “……”

He turned to see Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong’s faces. Sure enough, the two expressions were prominently black.

Son, it’s not that dad wants to criticize you, but your IQ is so low that it’s not averagely low!

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong originally didn’t want Yi Tianyu and Xue Jiao to sit together. Yi Dafa has been struggling to obtain relations with Cheng Shuo.

Yi Tianyu really doesn’t know how to keep a low profile. He held Xue Jiao up in front of his parents!!

Yi Dafa covered his face. Was such a stupid son really borne by himself?

Cheng Mingze had pulled Yi Tianyu away, and then protected Xue Jiao behind him.

His expression was dark as he glowered at Yi Tianyu, as if he had done something angered the world.

“Student Yi Tianyu, do you and your classmates pay so little attention normally?” Cheng Shuo darkened his face, his pair of eyes sharply staring at Yi Tianyu.

Yi Tianyu was stunned for a moment, scratching his head, subconsciously refuting——

“It’s not like that! I……I……”

He wanted to say that he was only like this with Xue Jiao, but Yi Tianyu was sensitive enough to figure out that his words may make things worse.

Even if Yi Tianyu didn’t speak out loud, Cheng Shuo’s face was still darker.

Yi Tianyu tried to rescue: “I just didn’t have control before!”


What do you want to control? !

Yi Dafa covered his face and felt extremely humiliated.

Whose EQ did this guy inherit?!

Xue Jiao’s face was also ugly, no matter who, being suddenly raised would not put them in a happy mood.

Yi Tianyu was really……a fool!

After that, don’t even speak about Yi Tianyu talking to Xue Jiao, Cheng Shuo didn’t even give him a chance to get close.

After the whole awarding process was over, Cheng Shuo immediately brought Xue Jiao home, leaving Cheng Mingze to celebrate with them.

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  3. That was actually kind of sweet or at least it was funny. They’re 16-18 yrs old ryt. Thats not very young…

    • Well, it’s just the usual, the Chinese tradition of no puppy love until the university if you want to be high-achieving. The pressures of student life there is really heavy.

    • This is how Eastern true value once upon a time. Not only about puppy love, but inappropriately/casually touching of opposite gender. Even JiaoJiao is a bit angry to be raised like that suddenly. Just like the antic with carrying her across the shoulder right after eating before. This value is definitely eroding now. Hm

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