SOOEW Chapter 183- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXIII

“Why are you doing this?” Yang Sen found Liu Yi in the company and asked without any euphemism, “Did you incite the Mi fans to make trouble? Stimulating them to let them aim at Zhou Zhou, and also those big V manuscripts. The traces of human operation are very obvious, which will fuel their emotions when Mi fans run out of anger. Why did you do this? ” He frowned deeply. At first glance, he was in a bad mood. He even repeated the question twice.

Liu Yi did not expect that he would pay attention to the things on the Internet. Of course, this was the era of nationwide Internet, but in this respect, Yang Sen has surprisingly continued the style of the old cast. He doesn’t like to pay attention to the agitation of Internet users, which may be related to the many bad comments he received when he had first started on this path.

Seriously speaking, Zhou Zhou was a bit like him back in those days. At that time, because of his outstanding appearance and excellent acting skills, he was bullied on the Internet. At that time, Wen Ying, like him, had just entered the business. She was not a gold medal broker and had no backing behind her. However, she turned the defeat into a victory by virtue of her excellent public relations ability. She exposed the person behind him under the hot discussion of public opinion and treated him by returning his own method.

Because of this situation, Yang Sen doesn’t like her arrangement for Zhou Zhou, which is an attitude that she could understand. It wasn’t that he doesn’t understand the operation of software like the older generation, but he doesn’t like to read it. However, she didn’t expect that this time, he would still pay attention to the bad comments that have nothing to do with him.

Was it because the person behind Zhou Zhou is Wen Ying? She couldn’t help but to think about it like this.

Wen Ying was really powerful at that time. She was able to bring Yang Sen out of adversity, but this time it was different, because her enemy this time was Yang Sen, who she brought up by herself. At the same time, she knew that Wen Ying liked Yang Sen, so she expected that Yang Sen’s future would not be ignored.

“It’s not as you think.” Liu Yi gently comforted him and said, “These things are really what I asked someone to do, but it’s not to maliciously slander the actor. You have to know, his origins are not natural. He’s so young and has no acting experience, yet he can become the second male actor of the drama when the leading actor is you. Even if I don’t say anything, others will criticize him. It’s better to master the rhythm in our own hands than let it ferment on its own. At least, sister Wen Ying used to be my predecessor. I respect her and will control the scale. You can rest assured that I have communicated with the film producers, and doing so can also increase the exposure of the film. You should know that whether it’s positive news or negative news, it’s still a benefit for the star. Stars without exposure are the most terrible. “

In the end, she said, “If you believe in Wen Ying’s vision for talent selection, then you should wait until the show is broadcast. If you believe that Mi fans are competent enough, you also won’t say anything more.”

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Yang Sen was noncommittal about the wording in front of him, until the last sentence, which made him feel thoughtful.

“Forget about it this time.” His deep and sharp eyes made Liu Yi’s palms sweat slightly. After a moment, he nodded, “I’m not like the ones who I met before who only know how to envy the talent of the younger generation, and push others to the ground in order to increase my stage. It’s all because they don’t have the ability.”

Liu Yilian said hastily, “Of course I believe in your ability!”

He nodded, did not chase this topic to say more, but warned: “In any case, in the future, do not incite Mi fans to suppress other people. My mi fans are not your tool.”

“Alright, I understand.” She obeyed as if she would not question any of his decisions.

Although there are many objections on the Internet, it has not affected the progress of the crew. Of course, there were many staff members who curiously focused their attention on Zhou Zhou, but insiders and outsiders were always different. As long as it doesn’t affect their own meals, what does it matter on who played male two?

In this era of national entertainment, the topic of “get out of the entertainment circle” had always been swept up to the main topic. Although Zhou Zhou has been hotly searched, he has not been “red” in the first place. After all, it was Yang Sen’s Mi fans who caused the most trouble, so that people who have some access to it all suspect that Yang Sen’s team is behind the scenes. But the aura of the movie king is too bright for them to say anything.

After the opening ceremony, the original shooting time came.

It was unknown if it was because of the fight online, but most of the scenes acted first were of the main lead, and there were no scenes of the main lead and the male side characters. After a few days of the crew secretly waiting, the actor and the treacherous minister began to play.

At the start it was a very intense drama.

The play “Cheng Emperor” imitates some characters in history and sets up an emotional play beyond the norm. Two male characters, one master and one side character, both liked the female role——the empress dowager, who acted the most parts in the play. The hero was in the process of assisting the young emperor, and had a close relationship with the Empress Dowager. They had a secret relationship, but they dare not cross the thunder pool by even a step.

As for the setting of the treacherous official, in the original script, he and the Empress Dowager were childhood friends, and they are still nostalgic after the Empress Dowager enters the palace. Later, because of Zhou Zhou’s role, they had to change her age and turn her into a neighbor’s elder sister character. They changed the play into the elder sister looking after the treacherous minister many times in his gloomy childhood. However, it made the secret love more sad and reasonable. This setting can be said to be the only human part of the traitor, which enriches his role’s setting.

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