SOOEW Chapter 182- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXII

In fact, this play was not popular in the original track. After post-editing, the expression was slightly chaotic, and the hero was both good and evil, which does not reflect the image of the man in the script who has gone through vicissitudes, but was still upright and standing. This work, which Yang Sen stooped down to take only for the purpose of making money and for his fans, but instead it slightly shook his status after he became the film emperor.

Wen Ying was ready to help him. To be precise, she wanted to step on Yang Sen’s shoulders and hold Zhou Zhou up.

Although the role of the traitor had almost no water, but in the last life, this role was played by an experienced actor. Zhou Zhou may not be better than him, but cruelly speaking, his only winning place is his youth.

When Zhou Zhou’s makeup appearance was exposed, the people on the set all stared in surprise.

In fact, his appearance was lighter than that of ordinary actors. That is, he has no star flavor, handsomeness, and lacks the ability to capture people’s breath in an instant, just like the color of a distant mountain. But such a look has another advantage. Like this time, after putting on makeup, his eyebrows were drawn to his temples and there is a trace of evil at the ends of his eyes. The right shadow makes his facial features more three-dimensional. Combined with his natural understanding and interpretation ability, almost at the moment he came out, he had conquered everyone present.

This is the treacherous minister.

Even Yang Sen was compared with him, because the shape of the hero in the early stage was in quite dire straits, but it was not as eye-catching as the traitor. According to reason, if the agent’s control was in place, they would not allow their actor to act in a role that threatened their own actors. However, this time the battle between Wen Ying and Liu Yi was undoubtedly a victory for Wen Ying. She successfully stuffed Zhou Zhou into the crew. No matter which relationship she had used or the ability of the actors themselves, this was a victory in the “broker war”.

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Of course, after such a long time, Liu Yi had already forgotten Zhou Zhou and was not moved when hearing the name again——the gap between the before and after was too big for her to remember——she had only thought that Wen Ying had signed another newcomer. Although the newcomer was not famous and does not threaten Yang Sen’s status. Wen Ying’s wrists can be said to be quite sharp if she can stuff such a No. 1 person into the position of male number two.

Compared with Liu Yi’s anger, Yang Sen seemed a lot calmer.

He reminded Wen Ying: “It’s not a good thing to be eager for quick success and quick profits. If he has never worked in this industry, and is pushed too high at once, even if his acting skills are competent, I’m afraid the audience will have opinions.”

“So, what kind of identity are you using to remind me?” Wen Ying lifted lips, and waited for his answer in time.

“……can you not be so aggressive?” He rubbed his forehead, as if he was helpless and tired.

For a long time, her ubiquitous sharp thorns always appeared to sting people. He reminded her in accordance with their old friendship. Since she didn’t listen, he would not persuade her much.

As Yang Sen said, after the cast and fixed makeup photos appeared on the Internet, with the popularity of Yang Sen, Zhou Zhou was almost one sidedly cursed at. At first, the makeup photos made some passers-by think that he was good, even surpassing Yang Sen, but such a tone immediately ignited the anger of Yang Sen’s fans!

“This Zhou Zhou has no acting experience at all! He could actually be the second male lead and partner with Yang Sen? ?”

“F***, where did it come out from. He grew up into that and has the face to say that he looks more handsome than Sen Ge? !”,

After learning that his agent was Wen Ying, many people sighed profoundly: “So it is actually like this……”

“It’s no wonder that the unspoken rules are superior.”

Meanwhile, a big V sent out a seemingly sentimental announcement: “I have been silent the entire time regarding the news of the gold medal broker, Wen Ying. Because of the news of seed eaters, and the inexplicable groups of people who praise lily, and the fans of the queen’s fresh meat. But is it really good to acquiesce in such things as unspoken rules? In any case, his superiority indicates that others are squeezed down. He has seized the position of others. I cannot condone this unfair phenomenon because of social injustice.

His announcement incited the public mood, and for a while, #Boycott Zhou Zhou##Get out of the entertainment circle Zhou Zhou# resounded on the Internet.

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