WFILTU Chapter 236 – Fainted in Anger

At this time, Yi Dafa and them did not talk much and they all stared at the basketball court.

The whole of Qizhong seemed weaker than the sports high school, especially since the other party has won the championship for many years.

Qi Zhong school was considered the Trojan that killed out a path from nowhere. The ones who came to the competition besides the family members of the seven players, almost no one was optimistic about it.

Very soon, the final competition officially opened.

The sports high school was really strong. The most brilliant in this field attending Qi Zhong were Cheng Mingze and Yi Tianyu.

The two played the best and looked the best.

Whenever Yi Tianyu shot a ball, Yi Dafa and Mother Yi would wave and cheer.

Li Sitong covered her ears, which were broken by Mother Yi, and confusedly looked at the other screaming.

When Cheng Mingze scored, Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo restraintedly clapped their hands.

At most, Cheng Shuo only followed with a word——


Very soon, Yi Tianyu scored. Mother Yi and Yi Dafa both cheered.

Cheng Mingze scored. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong cheered.

In another moment, Yi Tianyu scored, and the four cheered together.

Cheng Mingze scored, and four cheered together.

Finally, Qi Zhong was ahead in goals. The four began to cheer together.

Xue Jiao: “……”

She reached out, feeling her ears. This time, both sides were truly……going to be shattered.

Although Cheng Mingze and Yi Tianyu were not bad, the sports high school was really strong. Their score has always been leading.

The game was intense and the movements were very large.

The results of Qi Zhong’s competition with the sports high school short board came out——the endurance is not good.

No matter how amazing Cheng Mingze and Yi Tianyu were, they could not play for the entire game, especially when the other party constantly changes their energetic candidates. The speed of the two people seemed to be slower.

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Qi Zhang could only change for a replacement. Unfortunately, the change would cause the loss of points.

In the second half, Cheng Mingze and Yi Tianyu basically lost their game, and the other side also guarded against them tightly.

Don’t say Cheng Shuo, Li Sitong or the Yi couple, even Xue Jiao was absorbed, with her heart tightening when she watched.

If a game was seriously watched, it doesn’t last very long, and the competition was over very soon.

The score was bitten on tightly, with only a point gap.

Cheng Mingze and Yi Tianyu were both listless, but the coach dared not change the people at all. Before, they have tried, but against the energetic sports school, others were not as good as the dirt-tired Cheng Mingze and Yi Tianyu.

Finally, the countdown started, and the whole field was counting together.

Jiao Jiao still couldn’t understand basketball very well, but she knew that there were five seconds left, but basketball was still on the other side of the court. This probably was……

“Jia You——” Mother Yi and Li Sitong were already crazy, and they were louder than anyone.

Xue Jiao could not resist, shouting: “Jia You——”

It seemed that he could catch her voice in midair. Yi Tianyu looked at her and then exchanged looks with Cheng Mingze.

“Roar——” Yi Tianyu roared, throwing the basketball directly from this half of the court to the opposite basket.

Having such a person will give you unlimited joy and unlimited motivation.

In youth, for a person, they were full of strength and courage.

Those simple and beautiful moments may disappear in the long river of time, or will be worn away by life.

Life will grind away corners, and also smooth away the simple, and naive beauties.

But once had, is the most extraordinary memory in an ordinary life.

The basketball did not reach the frame and it fell.


One hand caught it in midair and dunked in.





Don’t say the audience in the back, even the two parents beside Xue Jiao shot up and screamed.

Yi Tianyu threw out the ball and then collapsed on the ground, but was soon lifted up and thrown into the air.

He and Cheng Mingze were the winners in this competition.

One took down 22 points, and the other took 20 points.

What Yi Tianyu wanted probably would be realized.

The players came over with a smile, and their parents were basically sitting in the front row to watch the competition. This exciting moment needs to be shared with their close people.

Yi Tianyu and Cheng Mingze walked up with a smile. Probably because he was too excited so he had a short circuit in his head.

Yi Tianyu did something that stunned the surroundings——

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