SOOEW Chapter 181- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXI

“Why can’t I?” He suddenly asked softly. Like always, his eyes were as dazzling as the stars in the sky. At present, his curly eyelashes were drooping slightly, like the curtain of the sky, showing an indescribable loss. “If you like young men, why can’t I……”

Wen Ying paused for three seconds, her head tilting slightly to ask: “Do you know the meaning of this sentence?” She looked at him with deep meaning.

Ning Xiao was not stupid, not only not stupid, but also very smart, so he understood her meaning in a moment.

Why did he say those types of words?

In fact, she’s just his agent. Even if Zhou Zhou’s weight loss was successful and his competitiveness was stronger than before, he still doesn’t have to worry that she will put all her resources on Zhou Zhou. After all, their temperament is different. Even if they are the same type, he has confidence in himself. She can’t be robbed. So why did he say so?

What does her relations with other men have to do with him? Why is he anxious, angry and betrayed? Whatever they like doing in the office, love or kissing or having sex, what does it have to do with him?

However, as soon as he thought about it, the scene of her kissing with others came to his mind. She closed her eyes as if she was enjoying it, and his uncontrollable emotion poured into his heart. There was a shadow in his beautiful eyes.

“I——” His word rushed to his throat but were suddenly torn apart.

It’s like the scene replay at the beginning, just this time the two exchanged positions. Zhou Zhou, with a cold look, sneered at him: “To understand why you can’t, you should go to the hospital instead of asking her.”


Ning Xiao still haven’t reacted yet, when Wen Ying had already lightly snorted.

The atmosphere he had not easily created turned into a dark moment.

“You you you!”

“Sorry, I can contact your doctor if you need it, but she is now acting in a play with me. Please go out.”

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Wen Ying supported her chin and saw Zhou Zhou suddenly expose a tough style, like a small animal protecting their food. Typically, he seems safe and harmless, but he would rush up and bite your throat the moment you lose your guard!

Indeed, even if it was Ning Xiao who acted without scrupulous behavior, at this time, he was also angered by his shamelessness and calmness into saying nothing. In the moment, he cried out angrily: “I will accept the next play, I want to have a bed play! You have to act with me! “

“Don’t be angry.” She rubbed his hair, “Bed play doesn’t fit your image.”

“I don’t care, you just need to respond to my words, are you going to accompany me?”

She looked at him helplessly, “Alright.” It seemed like she was helpless against him.

Ning Xiao immediately provocatively looked at Zhou Zhou, and the eyes of the two people were like sparks splashing.

The opposition between the two trump cards doesn’t give Wen Ying a chance to have too much trouble. After all, entertainment and all other professions are different. Even in a circle, they are busy and it was difficult to have time to meet together.

Hence, she just needed to plan her time into two, and try to avoid their friction.

Ning Xiao’s rising career has softened the attitude of the top class at Huai Di to her, and the resources at the company level are gradually opening to her. The script received for Zhou Zhou this time went on this aspect of the relationship. And the reason why she tried to fight for the role in the play was that she had hidden other careful thoughts.

“Emperor Cheng” tells the story of a chivalrous man in Jianghu. The hero’s family had his entire family eradicated because of the emperor’s fatuousness. After that, he hid his name and hid his identity. When the emperor died unexpectedly, he was entrusted by others and became the guard to protect the young emperor. He made a plan for the young emperor with the power learned by the family, fought with the enemy officials in the court step by step to the high position. In the end, the young master ascended to the throne, and he assisted the government from the side, and the term “Emperor Cheng” indicated that the young master was now called emperor. However, it is interesting that, like the assistant minister in history, the hero has the power to call the wind and rain in the court. At the end of the drama, the picture constantly flashed through his nightmares at night, which was a scene of people pouring heavy rain and washing blood when the people were killed. In the last act, the sun rose, he wore the clothing of Dai Pin grade, walked to the throne step by step, and knocked down to be the minister. The film was like expressing that he finally put down hatred and took the rise and fall of his family as his duty.

But does hatred really disappear with the wind?

Although the story has ended, the title of “Emperor Cheng” seemed to mean something.

The leading role was naturally unavailable for Zhou Zhou. This play had a powerful eunuch role. He formed a party for private purposes, controlled the court, deceived the young master, and raped the queen mother, and could be described as a heinous figure.

Wen Ying accepted the role for him.

Because it is a TV drama, a TV drama starring the movie emperor Yang Sen. This was his first return to the small screen after he sang all the way on the big screen.

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