WFILTU Chapter 235 – Fainted in Anger IV

Wu Wanjun heard her words and returned to her senses. Six God without Lord: “that’s right, yes, Don’t know how they went bankrupt suddenly! How could it be! Wasn’t everything good before? Now the bank card can not be used, everything is frozen! Shiyun, does our Gu Family really have nothing at home?”

The other end of the phone growled: “Why didn’t you tell me! Why does everything have to be sealed before telling me!”

Gu Shiyun was very angry. Gu Jingxu went bankrupt. After knowing that, she quickly verified that the company really was bankrupt.

At that moment, her first idea was to transfer the existing property!

She just went abroad. As long as they transfer the money, their family would not be exhausted!

But now Wu Wanjun actually told her that all was sealed up and frozen?

How could it be so fast?!

Ironically, Gu Jingxu would not know that the daughter he chose would call back and only talk about property, without a single word to care about his health.

“Shiyun, Shiyun, what should we do?” Wu Wanjun was still panicking.

“How do I know it!” Gu Shiyun roared, and her anger was no less than anyone. “Our family is bankrupt! There is nothing in the future! “

Gu Shiyun roared, and “pa” hung up the phone.

“Dududu——” Wu Wanjun listened to the beep, and looked at the front of her without paying mind.

Gu family is going bankrupt? After this Gu Jingxu would have no money?

Then why did she follow Gu Jingxu in the past? !

Admittedly, Gu Jingxu has a very good appearance, but his arbitrary temper was unbearable. If it were not for a rich life, what would Wu Wanjun follow him for?

She was a little confused, glanced back at the patient ward, and suddenly cried.

The sky is broken into pieces. Does she, Wu Wanjun have to live a bitter life again?

At this time, a nurse came.

“Gu Jingxu’s family member, hurry to the hospital department to pay for the charges!”

The sight in front of Wu Wanjun turned a little black.

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When Gu Jingxu was hospitalized and Gu’s family was in a state of collapse, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong went to the gym with Jiao Jiao and Cheng Mingze.

Today was the final of the provincial basketball game!

Gu Jingxu went bankrupt, Gu Shiyun went abroad, and all annoyances in the heart were relieved. Even Xue Jiao was in a good mood after the bad things were solved.

After all, it was the finals, and the first time Qizhong had been in the provincial finals in so many years. In addition, some players and parents want to have second-class player qualification. This basketball game can be said to be quite popular.

They did not arrive late, but they would not be able to find the right seats if it weren’t for the team to leave seats for members of the family in advance.

It can be seen how many people have come today.

As soon as the three sat down, Cheng Mingze was called away.

He was a player, and has to change clothes, warm up and listen to the coach.

Ever since the forum event, the status of Jiao Jiao has been increasing unprecedentedly. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong took care of her emotions carefully.

It was like at this time, they sat on both sides of her, watching her lovingly.

“Jiao Jiao, do you want to drink water?” Li Sitong asked.

“Is Jiao Jiao hungry, there is bread here.” Cheng Shuo was concerned about Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao: “No need, No need……”

Then there was another silence for a while, and Cheng Shuo said: “I heard that Jiao Jiao had a mentor. I had been grateful for his teaching in the math contest before. I don’t know if it is inconvenient for the other to come to our home to be a guest?”

This was Cheng Shuo testing the waters.

He thought about it for a long while but still felt that it was unsafe to leave an unknown character around Xue Jiao.

Especially this person……feels to be quite different from others!

Gu Jingxu fell down too fast, but nobody realized who moved against him first!

Can Cheng Shuo not worry about this situation?

Although the person seemed to be harmless to Xue Jiao, who knows?

Xue Jiao paused, Lin Zhihua?

She looked up to Cheng Shuo, and saw the other as if he had said something inadvertently, and shook her head.

She also did not know whether to expose Lin Zhihua’s identity or not……

“Gu Xuejiao classmate!” A surprised tone transmitted over.

Xue Jiao immediately relaxed her tone, and looked up and over: “Uncle Yi, Auntie Yi.”

“Ah!” Yi Dafa and Mother Yi responded at the same time, looking at Xue Jiao while laughing happily.

Yi Da saw that there was still a vacant seat next to them, and it was even in the first row, so he sat down next to Cheng Shuo, and Mother Yi sat down next to Li Sitong.

“President Cheng came to see your son compete?” Yi Dafa asked with a smile.

Cheng Shuo replied: “That’s right ah, President Yi always comes to view Classmate Yi’s competition?”

“You know my son?”

“Of course……”

The two people began to discuss excitedly. Yi Dafa reached a hand out when he was pressing Gu Jingxu, so Cheng Shuo was naturally grateful to him.

Plus, they do business in the same city, naturally there would be custom politeness.

On the side, Mother Yi and Li Sitong also started to talk.

Don’t look down on Mother Yi who has no culture, but she and Yi Dafa fought together from the bottom, and naturally, she has her way of speaking.

Both of the people deliberately got along well, hence the people next to her chatted up a storm while Xue Jiao sat in the middle, feeling helpless.

But very soon, the basketball game started.

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  1. This mother and daughter pair…I’m not one bit surprise 🙄🙄 they’re both selfish human being, only caring about their own benefits.

    • Oddly enough the wife isn’t actually “selfish”. There was never any affection between the husband and wife, she only dated him for his rich lifestyle: he first took her as a mistress to satisfy his lust and then promoted her after his first marriage fell apart for business appearances. It was a contractual relationship.

      His going bankrupt invalidated the terms of the contract, so why should she have any feelings towards a man who never loved her (or anyone other than himself) and was quite abusive (as stated above)?

      Now this doesn’t mean she isn’t pathetic and loathsome (as anyone who prioritizes being “rich” above everything else is), but that doesn’t make her “selfish” per se, at least nowhere near the level of her daughter and husband. With those two as family members, she absolutely should cut bait and try to find someone else. It’s not selfish, but rational.

      • Not selfish, but definitely narcissistic, especially parenting style where daughter has to do well because her own reputation is on the line, not because daughter should do well for her future.

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