WFILTU Chapter 234 – Fainted in Anger III

Madam Qin comforted her: “Who can live in this world and have no fault? We can just change it later. Jiao Jiao had been so much wronged before. You should dote on her well and let her live in honey! Gu Jingxu is just silly, mistakenly treating fish eyes as pearls. He even cares about the girl with such a deep heart! “

Li Sitong sneered: “Fortunately, god has eyes, and Gu Jingxu is bankrupt!”

“Bankrupt?” Madam Qin was shocked. She heard her husband say that Gu Jingxu’s company was not good yesterday, but he went bankrupt so soon?

“Yes! Retribution!”

“That sure is retribution……”

Hanging up the phone, Madam Qin exposed a smile. Turning her sight, she noticed Chu Sheng next to her.

“Yi? You actually aren’t upstairs reading? “

“Gu Jingxu is bankrupt?” Chu Sheng drank water and questioned in doubt.

Madam Qin nodded with a smile: “Yes, it’s truly retribution. Let him cover up for his darling that has a black heart!”

Parents also read the school forums. When the post first came out, Madam Qin was surprised. No matter how she thought she couldn’t believe that Xue Jiao was such a person.

Sure enough, the second post made others angry and furious.

There were no wives who had kids who wouldn’t become angry at this. It’s enough to just intervene in another’s marriage, but the daughter of the Xiao San had actually harmed the daughter of the original like this?

Sure enough! He has received karma right!

Chu Sheng was also surprised, and immediately said: “since he has already gone bankrupt, shouldn’t it be possible to clean up the assets as soon as possible? “

Madam Qin was stunned and laughed and said, “As a nerd, you can also think of this? Yes yes yes, I’ll call your dad and urge him to clean up the assets! “

After she finished speaking, she left feeling beautiful.

Chu Sheng also put down his cup, and went back to the room with a book.

Student Gu Xuejiao has been troubled during this time and suffered from such a blow. It was unknown if she could stably take the final exam?

He hopes she can play stably, or even if he won, it would be an unequal contest that brings no victory to him!

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Lin Shi.

“Boss, Gu Jingxu has no hope of turning the tables. Cheng Shuo and Yi Dafa had played their hands.” Chen Yan was respectful.

When hearing the latter name, Lin Zhihua frowned slightly.

“En, follow their movements.”

“Then the following step……”

Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows: “Withdraw the funds and put them on the project by the lake.”


After Chen Yan answered, he lowered his head, slightly confused: “Boss, we are moving in on Gu Jingxu because……”

The secretary wanted to understand his boss’s idea. The big boss’s idea this time……it was really hard to guess.

What was the reason Gu Jingxu was being crushed for? For that little girl?

Lin Zhihua looked up and said carelessly: “He deserved it.”

Chen Yan: “……”


“Jingxu, what should we do! This is too fast, how can we go bankrupt? The people who cleaned up the property have come. I just went to collect money and paid the medical expenses, but I couldn’t even get it! On what basis should they freeze the bank cards? ” Wu Wanjun was still angry and spoke aggrievedly.

“You get out——” Gu Jingxu swept all the stuff on the cabinet beside him to the ground, staring at Wu Wanjun angrily.


No! Impossible!

He will not believe a single word!

Wu Wanjun was frightened by him, and stood up, a little anxious: “Jingxu, you are fine! Jingxu!”

“Coughcoughcough——Get out——” Gu Jingxu’s eyes turned over and over. Wu Wanjun was scared silly and she dared not move.

The doctor rushed in at this time, and gave Gu Jingxu first aid, while saying, “All unrelated persons please leave! Don’t stimulate the patient! “

Wu Wanjun was pushed out by the nurse, and stood dumbly at the door.

After a while, the doctor came out and frowned: “Don’t stimulate the patient. The patient is not in a stable mood and his health is not very well. You definitely can’t stimulate the patient right now.”


Wu Wanjun numbingly responded. At this moment, she suddenly had a strange feeling, her own life……may have a great change in the future.

At this time, the phone rang, and Wu Wanjun picked it up.

“Mom, Dad actually went bankrupt?!” Even the calm Gu Shiyun also panicked. All her arrangements and plans were based on the fact that she would return home to inherit the company of Gu Jingxu! How could she just leave the country and the company went bankrupt?

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  1. Ahhhh, this chapter is so satisfying even though there’s no Xue Jiao. Thank you for the update!

  2. The good life that Gu Shiyun thought she was going to have…poof! it’s now gone 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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  4. I really like the character of Chu Sheng, he is competitive for the first place but he also do not want to win against Xue Jiao in an unfair way. Since most characters in other novels will bring their opponent down just to be in first place.

    • I know, shame he isn’t an ML or had much contact with Xue Jiao, they could have been bosom buddies. Madam Qin must feel glee at the idea that her son is caring for someone else besides his studies for once.

  5. Man, I really had hoped she’d turn for the better and repent a little for her own sake. Sadly it’s cannon foddery all the way.

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