SOOEW Chapter 180- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XX

The man tugged her hand and made Wen Ying lean forward slightly, close to his lips and teeth. Even though she repeatedly “provoked” him, Zhou Zhou’s kiss was still as light as a feather when it fell down. It was a gentle and delicate peck.

Because she was not like others. She let him bloom with her own hands, and her position in his heart was one that no one could compare to.

However, such a picture undoubtedly has a strong impact. It let Ning Xiao’s pupil suddenly shrink, and a feeling of betrayal suddenly hit.

He slammed the door against the wall with one blow, making a loud noise.

“What are you two doing?” He was impatient and angry, and his chest was heaving up and down.

“Xiao Xiao?”

She just questioned in surprise, when in the blink of an eye, he had already rushed to her side with several strides. It was unknown where he had burst out his strong power and the entire person was pulled from that man. However, Ning Xiao didn’t care to explore where his anger came from. He just felt that the whole person was almost engulfed in flames, “Who is he? Why would he appear in your office? What’s your relationship? “


Wen Ying had only said a word in explanation, but Zhou Zhou, who had just been torn apart by Ning Xiao, took the lead in saying: “What does our relationship have to do with you?”

Ning Xiao suddenly turned around, and saw that the man had a very provocative attitude, and he slowly sorted out the wrinkled clothes.

“……” this sentence was like a splash of cold water, which made Ning Xiao’s anger have nowhere to go, but calm down. He fixed his mind, looked up at him quickly, and said to Wen Ying in a critical tone, “So this is the object of the hidden rules you have chosen now? His appearance isn’t much……”

Even the words were said like that, after this sentence, he continued to look at the man with hostile eyes.

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His figure was thin, his facial features were gentle and handsome, his nose was straight and his lips were thin. The most striking thing was his eyes, which were dark and bright, deep and dark like a black hole, making people unconsciously indulge in them. His whole body exuded a kind of cold and alienated temperament. When his eyes turned, he couldn’t help but make Ning Xiao’s whole body feel cold as if facing the enemy.

“Where did your thinking go?” Wen Ying’s voice interrupted the hostility between them. She wiped her lips with a tissue. Today, she had put on lipstick, but because of the man’s wanton kisses, even the corners of her lips were stained, causing her always extreme perfection to detail to give birth to a irregular, messy sense of temptation. The two men nearby all produced a subtle emotion, subconsciously looking at each other.

Ning Xiao stood near, and immediately blocked in front of Zhou Zhou, not allowing him to see.

He only heard her continue to say: “Zhou Zhou received a script. He hasn’t acted out a kiss scene before, so he found me to practice.”


Ning Xiao “hnged”, this kind of excuse was used to cheat three-year-olds. But……wait——

“Zhou Zhou?” He exclaimed, “That fat man? !”

Zhou Zhou glanced at him obliquely and didn’t argue with him about this title.

He was shocked by the great changes in front of him. Ning Xiao murmured: “I’m dreaming right now, right……”

Wen Ying : “So you understand?”

“……No! I don’t understand. I don’t understand at all! ” He bit his teeth and glared at Zhou Zhou, “Acting with him? Why don’t you act with me? I have a kiss scene in my next drama. I haven’t acted out a kiss scene before either……”

She picked up the script on the table and knocked it on his back. “You haven’t kissed before?” She knocked it against her back again, “Who acted out that scene with Qiao Ke?”, She knocked once again, “Could it be that it was me, en?”

Ning Xiao hid up top and down low, losing his momentum, but when she waved again in the next second, he grabbed her arm.

His action was so sudden that even Wen Ying was surprised.

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