SOOEW Chapter 179- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XIX

Zhou Zhou moved his eyes away slightly and nodded.

He sat and looked at the information, but he actually absentmindedly thought about what she said, and his thirst after the exercise made him subconsciously take the water cup and drink the water.

But just ten seconds later, he suddenly returned to his senses from his thoughts and immediately went to look at the water cup.

The transparent glass was marked with a woman’s red lip print, and he just now……drank from the water on this side.

Suddenly, he found that his eyes could not be removed from the lip seal along the cup. His mind seemed to have thought about its scent. He unconsciously licked his lower lip. He approached the cup quietly.

“Zhou Zhou? Your hair dryer is placed at……”

Wen Ying came out from the bathroom, and said half, and just happened to see his behavior. She had just paused, but he was suddenly shocked, and subconsciously dropped the water cup.

He was stunned to see Wen Ying approaching, with the feeling of being caught doing bad things, and his heart banged and jumped as if it were ringing in his ear.

He only saw Wen Ying gaze at him for a moment, walk over to his side, lean over the armrest , and suddenly touched his lips, then left.

He seemed to be deprived of his speech right away.

“Like it?” She asked.

He held his lower lip.

The water cup was thrown on the sofa not far away. The water poured out with an ambivalence, and it meandered to the ground with the sound of “di di”.

Zhou Zhou has been rolling and turning around at night recently. The day’s schedule was also tight, and he was turning thin very quickly. However, no matter how he avoids, he still could not escape the supervision of Wen Ying.

Recently, Wen Ying truly did like to play around with him. For example, he ran in the community in the morning, and he would stop to rest after more than ten laps. She would suddenly say, “How about we make a new rule, after every ten kilometers, we can kiss once, how about it?”

He immediately pulled his hood forward and pulled himself back in the shadows, and ran away.

The apprentice left the Wen Ying who was smiling meaningfully behind.

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After she played around too much, she found that he hid too much, and she converged. She found an opportunity to catch him, and said with a headache: “You will receive a kiss scene sooner or later, can you keep running like this?”

“……that’s not the same.” He suppressed his emotional rebuttal.

“Oh, what’s the difference?” She asked.

“……It’s just different.”

He was persistent in his answer, but after that, he did not avoid her.

Whether it was the training or the weight loss plan, both were nearing its end. Wen Ying has accepted a drama for him. It was a villain role and the second male lead in the drama. Zhou Zhou waited so long that when he received the script, he couldn’t believe it. He grabbed the script, turned it over and over, page by page, stroking his signature on it.

Inside Wen Ying’s exclusive office at the company, Wen Ying asked him to give the script a once over first, giving his own views and understanding, and then she explained it. She told him the most important places he should pay attention to. He showed great concentration and they had a warm discussion before they stopped.

Zhou Zhou was still recalling the discussion, but Wen Ying had stepped off her high heels and leaned lazily on the back of the chair to show the end of working hours and her relaxation.

“So, did you see that kiss scene, where as a villain, you forcibly kiss the heroine.” She asked.


“You really don’t want to try?” She lightly touched her own lips, and smiled a little. “I hope I can be the one who accompanies you to act.”

Ning Xiao obviously noticed that his agent had been accompanying himself to the event less and less recently, which made him a little upset, so he went straight to her office after he learned from Yun Ou that she was in the office.

The door was unlocked, and he pushed it in with a light turn.

Then he saw the scene of his agent kissing another person.

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