WFILTU Chapter 232 – Fainted in Anger I

When seeing Gu Shiyun off, Gu Jingxu didn’t feel anything. When she leaves for a few years, people who knew her in China would forget about it. At that time, Gu Shiyun could come back and directly enter the company.

In the past, Gu Shiyun pretended to be simple in front of him. Gu Jingxu also worried about how her temperament would mix in the business.

On the contrary, after this time, although Gu Jingxu was angry that she was harming Xue Jiao, he also had the idea in his heart that his second daughter was most like him.

More ruthless than him, to be exact.

When was the first time she told Li Wei that Gu Xuejiao was rich and generous?

When she was only 11 or 12 years old!

That is to say, she left evidence when she met Li Wei and paid money, but she also left a hand in the most important place.

When things were exposed, there was even rational thinking. This type of plotting was not one that he could do when he was a teenager.

Business fields are like battlefields. Gu Jingxu never thought it was a simple place.

Since Gu Shiyun has this idea, if he guides her well, she may be able to accomplish a great cause in the future.

So when he sent Gu Shiyun out, he was still looking forward to it.

It’s just that Xue Jiao’s face appears in his heart from time to time. Xue Jiao has a better appearance than Gu Shiyun. She looks as lovely and obedient as Gu Shiyun, but she is not close to him……

Gu Jingxu shook his head and scattered Xue Jiao’s face from his eyes.

Now that he has made a choice, he can’t regret it!

Gu Shiyun……has more potential than Gu Xuejiao!

Back to the company……

“You say that again?” Gu Jingxu couldn’t believe his ears.

The Secretary stuttered and his face turned pale: “The sto sto stocks……had plummeted……”

Gu Jingxu couldn’t help rushing over and grabbing the secretary’s collar: “Meeting! Everybody in the meeting! “

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The meeting was held until after one o’clock in the afternoon, and no one in the whole company had lunch, and the directors rushed over one after another.

This had involved their interest!

“This is malicious manipulation! Absolutely malicious manipulation! ” Gu Jingxu’s eyes were wide open, blood-red, the veins on his forehead came out, and his temples were jumping, like something rushing into his brain and bursting in an instant.

All of a sudden, everyone bowed their heads and did not dare to speak.

Only one major shareholder frowned and looked at Gu Jingxu and asked, “Who did this to us?”

Gu Jingxu was in a bad temper at this time, and his fingers were trembling with anger. Hearing the words, he suddenly roared——

“How the f*** would I know and not say? ! Wang Gui! What do you eat for! Who did it? “

The man who sat down and kept his head down shivered for a long time, then stammered and explained: “No……no……I don’t know, I don’t have any news. It should most likely be someone with a big capital…….I’ve already… inquired everywhere, and there’s no information……”

“Bang——” Gu Jingxu threw the information in his hand over and hit Wang Gui in the face.

He didn’t care about Wang Gui’s anger. He just let out his dissatisfaction: “Who doesn’t know it’s someone with a big capital? ! Buying so many stocks so quickly and throwing them all away, if it’s not a big capital, then what would it be? ! I’m asking if you had found out who it was yet! Who did it! Speak up!”

Wang Gui didn’t dare to look up. If he could trace who it was, he won’t have to wait here.

Gu Jingxu’s anger could not be extinguished when a shareholder next to him suddenly questioned——

“President Gu, have you offended anyone? This kind of big capital will not do such thankless things to defeat us. Even if it is profitable, it is not enough for them to plug their teeth. So why do people attack us? “

“Offending people? How is that possible? When did I, Gu Jingxu come into contact with those big capitals? How can I be so stupid as to offend them? ” Gu Jingxu was even more angry. How can these things be doubted about himself?

However, it is obvious that other people agree with this statement, and another shareholder frowned and said: “I don’t think a big company will do these things for no reason. They can buy so many of our shares so quickly, and their working capital is extremely huge. How can such a company bother us? Obviously, it was premeditated! “

The shareholder sitting next to him agreed: “President Gu, this is not a time to shirk responsibility. The most urgent thing is to know which big capital has been offended and who is doing it, so as to adjust in time. Otherwise, with the capital of the other party, our company is……dangerous! “

How could Gu Jingxu not know that the company was in danger?

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